Friday, December 29, 2006

The new Dom

So I got together with the potential new Dom today. We were supposed to go out and explore hisn eighborhood, but instead I dragged him into bed with me--for hours. We had an amazing time--by agreement, there was no D/s, no penetration, but he spanked me and I had some very powerful orgasms--drove away with a BIG smile on my face.
Some random bits from the day:
--He reads D/s sex was a trip to see his bookmarks for blogs by bloggers I read as well--some of whom had posted here! (I did not see this blog on his list...and I did tell him I had one...)
--He gives a mean spanking. God, it felt so good! His hands were heavy on my ass, and warmed it right up.
--We had good chemistry. More to come on this new development and where this connection goes.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Now, this is hot

Twisted Monk has a post about fetish photographer and goddess Michelle Serchuk, who's written up in ErosZine. This picture blows me away. Beautiful creature!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I think I met someone

So I wasn't looking, but I looked--one of those ads on Craigslist I read when I am lonely.
Only this time, I answered it.
And I talked on the phone to the man last night.
And I met him today for coffee, face to face.
And he may be someone who could fit into my life--much to my surprise (and of course it is too early to tell).
What I like about him:

  • Dominant, but not sadistic
  • Polyamorist, but not committed
  • Without a significant other
  • Seeking an LTR with a sensual sub
  • Open to exploring
  • Communicative and funny
  • Seems honest
  • Knows a (fairly large) number of people I know--shared frame of reference is always a good recommendation for friendship and connection

Where we go from here remains to be seen..I don't know him at all--but the potential for this to work, the sense we both want similar things, is really there--the thing to see is if we will want them with one another.

For Toy: How I became submissive

When I was 2o, my future husband and I were in a hotel room in an inn, sleeping in a room with a cast iron bed. "Blindfold me and tie me up," I said, gazing at the bars.
He did, we made love, and my screams of pleasure roared into the night (as we heard at breakfast the next morning).
The Story of O got me so aroused I was afraid to own it, least I read it obsessively, over and over.
When husband and I made love, I used to fantasize: men in hoods, strangers, holding me down as they used me for their pleasure. Being kept in a locked room, a slave, and brought out and given food only in exchange for sex. Fantasies so dark they terrified me and made me ask my therapist what could be the matter.
Husband and I went to a sex shop together at one point, and although we bought a butt plug and a flogger, he would never use them.
Then as my marriage was failing, I tried to be more of a slut--I invited anal sex, invited him to have sex more often, perfected my blow job skills and learned how to deep throat. But every time I suggested we role play, I was rejected. And my pleas for spanking, blindfolds and restraints were deemed....repulsive, brutalizing and unacceptable.
Even as we broke up, I had no clue that I might enjoy being submissive--after all, I'd only slept with one person for over 20 years--and we'd committed when we were both so inexperienced we had no idea what we might be missing.
To me, BDSM was some kind of fetishistic role-play in something called a dungeon where men with hoods and chains objectified and whipped women, used them as interchangeable objects. Nope, that didn't seem at all appealing.
And then, as my marriage was failing, I met Z on a dating site. He was a dominant, looking for a submissive, and he wanted someone he could love. He was bright, witty, literate and as we emailed about what he was looking for, I realized that, for me, this might be it.
All of a sudden, like the proverbial bolt of lightening, I got that my interest in being bound, controlled and restrained had a name and that it was an interest others--besides the guys in black hoods--shared.
It wasn't till a few months later that I had my first S&M experience with Z: blindfolded, hung on a door, whipped and flogged and beaten, probed and vibrated until the stimulation made me scream, until I was taken down so shaken my legs were trembling and he had to walk me to the bed, where he turned me over, tied my hands behind my back and jammed his hands into my soaking pussy.
And it was later, much later, that I started to fantasize about Z owning me, about the pleasure of giving him exactly what he wanted: a wet, submissive slut.
Between April and January 2006 was my awakening as a submissive; the passion peaked in January when Z had personal problems that made him less available and my connection to D began to grow.
Today, I am comfortable with and enjoy my submissive nature and hoping to find another man who can inspire the passion and intensity Z and I shared.

(I also like to joke that S&M is the mid-life sexual equivalent of a new-found liking for hot sauce; it awakens the taste buds as they die off.)

This post is for Toy, in thanks for her gifts and sharing

Making myself come

It's Christmas weekend and the boyfriend is gone, I have sworn off others and I am horny as hell--isn't that what vibrators are for? When no one else is available, the best thing to do is make glorious love to oneself, so here's the story of my little interlude of passion earlier today.
First of all, there's the vibrator--the big one with the nice soft tip, and then there's the lub--cool and slippery and pseudo-wet. Then there's me crawling naked under the sheets, deep into the nice clean bed, with the blinds pulled shut and the light diffused.
I lie back against the pillows and open my legs, letting my hands creep down to my crotch, to the smooth skin and soft curls and the moist tender flesh, lips to be parted and gently stroked with one finger moistened with spit from my mouth, tracing a trail along the lips. I arch my back and close my eyes, knowing what will soon come, how I can pleasure myself into an orgasm of the most intense sort, as gasping and headbanging as anything D can deliver (but not as much fun by myself).
Before I get started, I reach for the lube, wet myself up and get the vibrator buzzing before I slowly insert it, pushing the tip so it hits the g-spot just right. As the vibrator buzzes inside, I reach down and circle my clit with my fingertip, stroking softly till I feel aroused. Then, I start to fantasize, to dream:

  • A man comes into my living room. He's my master, but I don't know him very well. "On your knees," he says to me, and as I kneel down he feeds me his cock, thrusting it into my open mouth until I choke, overwhelmed, and until he's made me drool and drip with spit.
  • And then he's grabbing my breasts, sucking the nipples hard, handling the sensitive tips, pulling and twisting until I want to scream with pleasure, until I am gasping.
  • And then there's the moment he reaches over between my legs, a thumb parting my legs, his hand reaching inside me, pulling me open, shoving fingers into that ready spot, wet and throbbing and wanting more.
And then I come, over and over again, hard against my hand, hard against the vibrating rod, hard against the soft padding of the bed, hard and hard and oh so good.
And then I'm done, and I put the vibrator aside, and turn my head and smile and sleep, knocked out and ready to dream.

Holidays for sluts

Pixie, over at, posted something that spoke to me about sluts and these winter holidays:
"Am I the only one that goes through the "whose-family-are-we-spending-THIS-holiday-with" stuff? This year for Thanksgiving, we decided to spend it together at home and told all extended families, "We love you all - and we're staying home & not visiting anyone for Thanksgiving this year". Hannukah/Yule/Christmas got a little more disjointed, with visits to various houses. Even so, there were family members who felt left out, didn't get visited, only got to see one of us or whatnot. And then one of the kids at a family gathering this year asked why two of us had matching collars... "

I'm san lovers this week, home alone and horny as hell while D is off visiting his other partner's family--and some of his own family--neither of whom know about me. The temptation to call up some old date, like the nice older man I went out with--twice?--5 months ago--is powerful.

I would love to be spanked and restrained and flogged and plugged and fucked tonight, oh god, would I love that! But I don't want to have a one night stand, and I do not want to start something I am not interested in continuing--I want to meet a younger Dom, someone more compatible with me, and build a fire with that person. But hey, it feels like a waste, I am so horny this holiday, I keep giving myself these killer orgasms!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Water, one year together

It's evening, later, and D and are are in the hot tub in his backyard. The stars are out, glazing the night, and it's very quiet in the 'hood. D's in the water, waiting for me, so I drop the robe and hurry up the stairs, easing myself into the water and next to him.
It's been a year we've been together, a year ago we sat in his tub naked on the night we met, full of wine and sushi and curiousity, a year ago I decided this man was someone I'd like to see again.
And now we're naked in the darkness, back in the water, moving toward one another for yet another touch.
D pulls my body toward his, lightly touching my waist, his hand stroking my hips and thighs. We move toward one another, bouyant, afloat, my breasts brushing against his chest, my legs brushing him. Gently, I brace my hips against the tub, offer my breasts and pussy to him.
D brushes his cock against my lips and I run against him, the dark coming down on us like a cover, like a kiss.
We hold one another and kiss. "I love you," we say, but what is really meant is, "I still think you are so fucking hot."
D leanes back in the water, eyes closed, and thrusts his cock against my legs, We're rocking, weightless, and then he is inside me, my body opening, as always, for him.
"You want me to stick my cock inside you, don't you, you slut." D says, moving closer. "You always want me to fill you up, huh?"
"Yes," I say, and open myself further, moving so that D can have all the access he wants, can shove his cock deep into my body, can move against my g-spot and make me squirm, can use my pussy the way I always want him to, can dominate and own me through the force of his hunger, his need.
We are in the water, in the dark, and we are fucking. We're slamming into one another, my pussy closing like a glove around his dick, his cock shoving into me, wet and slick and hard and good, magical and reality at the same time. D's head is thrown back, his face transfixed, we pant together as I come and come, the orgasm blooming like a firework going off, a small moment of controlled frenzy in the hot tub we have all to ourselves.
"Huh, huh, huh, huh," we are breathing, panting, a moment of tantra together. One breath, one purpose, a hot sex dream.
"Oohhh, ohhh," D's face is agonized as he comes, so hard, so deep inside me, the orgasm lifting him out of himself and into a place I cannot go, a place safe from all the bad things happening right now in his life, safe from the losses to come.

I come hard as well, so hard I know I would be squirting if we were on a bed, so hard I lose myself for a moment, at once both stilled and in motion in the lapping breeze.

What does it mean, to know you are so together but to feel so apart?To be joined in this intense embrace, but to believe--at this time next year--we will be apart?

We're in the water, and we're together, but somehow, hot as it is, I feel we are distant, not truly joined.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Where I am right now

So I have one boyfriend, D--and the lovely, across the world Bear--but that's it in the man department for the moment. On one hand, it seems like I should be having lots more fun--and lots more exploring!--On the other, I haven't met anyone else that has really caught my attention.
Hmnn, maybe I need to start writing about masturbation.

Deeper Better Deeper

I've been sleeping with--and seeing D for about a year--and the sex just keeps getting better. We know each other now--know the curves of our bodies, the magic buttons to push--but somehow that familiarity has become exciting.
The way D presses against me, rubbing his body on mine till his cock is as hard as a rock. How his hands grip my hips, caressing the curves. Our lips as we kiss, over and over. My hand on his neck, tracing the muscle's swell. How we hold one another, hugging and touching, so close we have to fuck.
And then there's how D's weight pins me down as he climbs on top of me, how pressed into the mattress I feel, how pinned, as he grunts and pushes his way into my pussy, into my heart. "Look how wet you are, you little slut," he likes to say. "You're always so wet and juicy for me. You want my big hard cock inside you,don't you--don't you?" (Those words always accompanied by a mind-bending thrust that puts his cock right against my g-spot and makes me gasp.)
"Oh, yes," I say, head thrown back. "Yes."
I love his cock and the way it feels inside me.
His heavy weight towering over me.
The way he flips me over, fast and hold my hips just so so he can drive it in, deep, once again.
And how open to him I am as he thrusts, deep and deeper.
Ahh, there's so much pleasure between us.
So much joy and so much fun.
"You make me crazy," he says as we lie there, cuddled together.
"Spontaneous combustion," I think, but say nothing, savoring that moment in his arms.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dominated in a different way

D isn't that tall, but he's brawny, powerful, with a thick chest, wide torseo, brawny shoulders, strong hands. Is it any wonder, then, that I love the feeling of him lying on top of me, shoving his cock against my legs. Like a battering ram, his cock shoves against my pussy lips, thrusting to get inside, to feel my lips smoothly part.
Our game is that I will never refuse him, that I will make love to him or just let him fuck me anytime, and he delights in rubbing up against me till his short, thick cock gets hard and till his stabbing, shoving motions push him right in to what is quickly a moist and welcoming cunt.
"You little slut, look how wet you are," he likes to say as he looms above me, thrusting hard. "You like it when I shove my cock in you, don't you," he stammers, as he flips me over, doggie-style and drives it right in.
I love the feeling of his body relentlessly pounding mine, his thick torso pinning me down, his heavy hands holding my hips just so as he drives his cock home. At those moments, I feel as dominated, as possessed as I sometimes did with Z, but the currency here is fucking and passion, not pain.
We have spontaneous combustion, we like to joke, and after D's final orgasm, when he's curled in a wet and sticky heap beside me, I like to daintily clean him off with my tongue, a sleek cat delicately lapping, a submissive looking for a(nother) service to provide.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Without a Dom--no idea what is next

So I have been seeing D for almost a year. And my relationship with Z went on for a year until he became unavailable, 10 months ago. And now Z is out of my life once more and I have no one with who to do D/s.
And boy, am I confused about what I want.
A new Dom?
No new Dom?
I dunno.
Everytime I make love to myself I think about a master pulling me by a collar, dragging me down, strapping me down on a bed, making me submit as dozens of strange men fuck and lick me with my eyes blindfolded and my head set so I can't see--and then I imagine him making me greet, serve and smile at the strangers he has me service--and then I wonder to what extent this is a great masturbation fantasy--and to what extent is it something I might ever want to do (and would I want a man who waned all this? And how much would I worry about ut?)
I dunno.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The best quote ever

"Don't stick your dick in crazy."
--Mistress Matisse, writing on poly people--but this is true for everyone.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Trading Love for Sex?

Sometimes I wonder if my relationship with my dominant lover Z is really about trading love for sex.
I love Z, but I am not in love with him, and I have increasingly come to face the truth--what I most love about Z is our D/s relationship and how much the bird in a gilded cage/caught princess thing turns me on.

On some level, I think Z knows all this and part of his tactic with me is to fuck me into submission, to make me so satiated and enthralled that I'm content to continue the relationship.
In other words, he uses sex--the way he touches me, the way he controlls me, the attention he pays to me--as a way to get--and keep--my love.

But is it a fair exchange? And is it an exchange I want to continue to make?
On Z's side, the tradeoff is to keep his lover sexually and emotionally enthralled so he can have what he wants--a real, submissive girlfriend.
On my side, it feels like I'm agreeing to be the girlfriend--to act that role--because I want the sex.

I enjoy being submissive. I also enjoy having multiple relationships. I don't see how I could have an intense relationship with a dominant who would let me decide who else to be involved with.
So I feel like I want to have a couple of mutually exclusive things--an intense D/s relationship some of the time, and the freedom to see D (and occasionally others) other times. That just feels like something I am NOT going to get.

So which part do I really want the most? A Master who can control me love me dominate me or a boyfriend or two where any D/s is just a little play?

I don't know. That is why it is easier to submit to Z, to fall back into his world, but when I am apart from, in my own life, it just doesn't feel right.

I know I am trading one thing for another, not totally acting from the heart, and that bothers me. And yet...Z is such a wonderful dominant....this is difficult.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

One day, sex with two men

8 am: D's house, in bed. We had been sleeping, then, quickly and quietly, D rolls over against me and starts playing with my breasts. I feel his cock growing hard against my legs and I get turned on. His wife is asleep down the hall, so we want to be quiet (we're polite). Soon I am under the covers, sucking D's cock, taking him as far down as I can, then he's on top of me, driving it in, hard and thick. Soon, he flips me over, and I am taking it hard, my ass in the air as he slams his cock into my pussy, a pillow muffling the noise I want to make. When we finish, we come together, and it's good. Wet and good.

11:30 am: Z's house, on the bed. I've come over for some emotional support for something unrelated to sex, love or men and Z strokes my neck, looks into my eyes, and says "I think you need to squirt." How could I disagree? Soon I am naked on the bed and his magic hands are rubbing my clit, gently making their way inside my pussy. He kisses me and his tongue is a poem, his mouth a song we both are making.
No one can touch me like Z, I think, and just give myself over to what he makes me feel--to the feeling of his hand inside me, pushing hard and hard against my g-spot, till I feel like I want to scream, like I could somehow burst, a small explosion roaring inside me as the wetness builds and my pussy gets all wet, sloshy, wide and opening, opening against his hand like the core of a peach, the ripe wetness of the clinging fruit.
And then Z wants to fuck me, too. Just like D he doesn't want to wait any longer. My pussy is so wet, so ready, so ripe there is nothing to do but put it right in, plunge down into that velvet tightness and shove himself between my legs.
I lie back on the bed and Z thrusts inside me, my legs up in the air around his neck and shoulders, his cock another exciting poem.
And then there is the moment we both come,one after the other, a tripwire of passion and lust, and then there are Z's hands, making me come again, so drained I cannot move any longer, so satied I am done.
You are the best lover I have ever had, I tell Z, and I wonder if the fact this is true will make me his forever.

On the way home to the rest of my day, I think about what a slut I am for screwing two men in just a few hours and that thought itself is another gift to myself, a little secret that makes me (totally) smile.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

D/s and the Movies

Saw My Fair Lady tonight, and decided Phanton of the Opera isn't the only movie/show whose story had D/s elements I didn't see until I learned a little more about BDSM.
In MYF, Higgins desires to create a perfect object, to mold a woman to meet his requirements, and Eliza complies perfectly, letting the master be her teacher in all things.
Is there a D/s component in other films I missed?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Z, once more

I saw Z last night and for the first time in, oh, 7 months, he dominated me. He didn't feel up to making love, but we kissed and cuddled and touched.
Feeling the man who has given me the most intense sexual and emotional pleasure in my life put his hand around my throat and hold my head as he kissed me was thrilling.
When he unbuttoned my shirt, took a breast out of my bra, and sucked and chewed on the nipple in a way only he does, I wasn't surprised to hear myself moaning in the back of my throat.
"I want you to come back this weekend and suck my cock," he said, and of course, I said yes....enthralled by the idea of being enthralled by Z., again.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A date with the Ex

So you know I was married for a long time, we were completely monogamous the whole time, and then my husband dumped me, right?
And that I meaningfully became a cheerful pervert, aka an ethical slut, and started experimenting after we broke up, yes? And that although I had sex with my ex once--okay, maybe twice--after we parted, he's basically been out of my life.
Well, today I had a date with my ex. It didn't start out as a date--he called and said he was going to be in my area for a street fair, and I happened to be home and said I'd like to go with him. So he picked me up and we spent the afternoon wandering the streets, eating, looking and talking. All that was very nice, very friendly, in truth.
But then, after he took me home and came into the house, there was a definite sexual intensity I felt from him.
He looked at me. "Plum, I have a request. Would you flash me?"
"I just want to remember....would you flash your breasts for me?"
I was shocked. I said, "You know, dude, I am definitely interested in sleeping with you, and sex with the ex is not a good idea so I am not going to do that. And I probably shouldn't show you my breasts, but if you get that this is is--what the hell."
So I turned around slightly, took off my black tshirt and my black bra, and faced him naked from the waist up, clothed only in my jeans.
He moved closer, looking intently. Lightly, he touched one breast, tracing the curve very gently.
I tried to read his eyes, imagining what he might be feeling, but had no idea.
He smiled slightly and said, "You always had the greatest breasts. These are the best."
I laughed. "I do have great breasts, thanks."
As I bent to get my clothes, he motioned to his crotch--"You want me to show you...?"
You do that and I will be sucking your cock in an instant, I thought, but I shook my head and said "No, let's not go there."
I put my clothes, then moved closer and hugged him, saying "I've learned it's possible to have close, intimate touch with people you care about without having sex--let's leave it at that."
I think he wanted to kiss me as we walked out to the car, but I didn't give him a chance.
And then, as he left, my heart exploded.
Was this basically a date with my ex? (Sure felt like it.)
Did I want to sleep with him (Yes, absolutely.)
Was I going to let that happen--absolutely not!

I treasure the idea of getting this man in the sack--his body is beautiful and I loved him for so many years. But the emotional fall out I have NO DOUBT I would experience after I slept with him would be almost as painful as getting divorced all over again--and I will go to great, great lengths to protect myself from that kind of pain.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Fuckalicious good

He is naked in bed, and I come in, also undressed.
I know how big and round my breasts look in the dim light, how the swell of my hips from my smaller waist is an enticing curve.
"Would you like me to rub your back?" I say sweetly, knowing he will not refuse.
"Oh, yes," he says, and I take the sweet oil and warm it in my hands before touching his back,
giving him that slow, soothing touch he has taught me to offer, my warm, feeling hands that find and rub out the tight points and the knots.
As I bend and stroke, my breasts fall and flick his back; my thighs cradle against his.
His eyes close tight,his face looks soft, relaxed, as I give him this touch, this pleasure.
My hands move down, over time, from his back to his hips, his hips to his legs, the sweet oil anointed across his thighs, his calves, the soles of his feet, his ankles. His skin is warm, no, hot to the touch, my fingers move lightly, but with strength and depth, as I press carefully into the muscles, smoothing out the knots.
Soon, I turn him over.
I warm my hands and put the sweet oil on my breasts, take more and add it to his hard cock.
His cock against my breasts feels so good, I know I am making him so excited he will not want to wait much longer.
A few seconds later he says "Would you like me to rub your back?"
"Oh yes," I say, turning over, knowing that he will run his careful, strong hands up and down my back, his strokes longer and longer, until his whole body is pressing against mine as his fingers draw up and down my back. I know, in a minute, I will feel his cock getting hard and harder, as he rubs my back, and that the moment will come as he rubs me, that my pussy lips will part and he will come right in, thrusting into me at the end of my massage until it's like he is rubbing from the inside. And I know it will feel so good, I won't want him to stop, and I'll come, hard, over and over, from the way he pushes himself into me, the way he holds and angles my hips, the way I open so wide to him so he comes right into my center.
And that's exactly what happens and exactly what he does, and exactly what I do too, until we are together on the bed, coming hard, one's orgasm setting off the other's, and it is fuckalicious good.

More on sex with other people

Did I mention that D is attached? Has another relationship, one that started way prior to our meeting? Or that he's slept with tons of people (but not since we've been together)?
We were walking and talking yesterday and we started discussing my interest in sleeping with more people.
"It's not that I want another committed relationship," I said. "It's that I'm super-curious. I want to figure out how I can have fall in love right now and not have it be meaningless no strings attached sex--but not have it be a big relationship--I don't have the bandwidth for one of those."
D laughed. "Well, it's something we could do together. I can take you to some play parties, maybe some swinger parties, and you can see what you like and what you might want to do more of."
"Sure," I say, and I like that idea, but I am also thinking "Hmmn, what might I want to explore without D (as opposed to with), and how do I make that happen without screwing this relationship up (literally)?
"You know, when I met you, I was so into you and so into making this work, I couldn't consider sleeping with anyone else except you (and Z, my original partner), but now, after all these months, my curiousity is coming back."
"I'm good with that," D says, "I just don't want you to run off with someone else. I worry you will meet someone you like better."
"You never know," I say, enjoying the moment, but also aware this is a good moment to process carefully.

(Inspired by a comment by Cherrie, the senuous libertine and a woman after my own heart)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sex with new people and talk and telling truth

D and I were up at 5 am, talking in the dim morning light about sex, love, and fooling around. The theme for the morning was sexuality--After our months together, I'm getting interested in having more sex with new people--I want to experiment-- and I want to make sure our relationship keeps working.
"I've resisted the temptation to have sex with new people and not tell you about it," I say (which is mostly true, but not enough true for me to want him to read this post.) "I want to experiment, to just try different things...but I want to be honest with you as well."
"I took it pretty well about Bear, didn't I?" he says. "I didn't freak out that my girlfriend was sleeping with a younger guy in another city..."
"Yeah, you did great," I say, but what I am thinking is How can I have sex with other people and make that work? Do I have to tell you I want to find a woman to sleep with? That I wish I could go to the women's section of the Leather Fair all by myself?
It's good with D, shatteringly good, but I want to explore--more--and want to start talking with D about making it happen.

Monday, August 28, 2006

On the white sheets: For D

You push me down and kiss my breasts, your tongue flicking, your lips sucking.
We grasp and clutch, on the bed, entwined and kissing.
Two weeks apart, and now we are together.

I am so hungry for you, I lick your skin and suck your cock.
You, so eager for me, your quick hands make me shudder.

What is the best part?
The way you touch me till I moan and squirt?

Or how you plunge into me, deep and hard and deep,
your breath a sigh, screaming as you come,
the two of us so hot together
the white sheets we rest on so wet.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hood, blindfold, collar, leash, you

“Come here,” you say, and I pull the leash.
I come closer, blind, feel my nipples in your hands, feel your teeth scrape the tender skin, feel your mouth give suck as your fingers crawl inside me, a fierce, loving touch.
My knees are on the bed, my hands twisted in the pillows as you come closer and make me suck.
I open to take you all in, to salve that sweet tip, to swallow and gag and be your slut.
“Very good,” you say, “Very good” and you pull me close, again and again, until the saliva dripping from my mouth leaks down your legs.
And then it’s your cock inside me, hard, as you pull the leash on my neck.
Your hands pushing me down as you drive yourself in and plunge down, again and again.
I see nothing, but I feel it all
My head exploding as I come and come
My passion flowering as your hand rests against my neck.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Comming up on Bear

Haven't seen Bear for several months, though we talk on the phone.
Changing that this week.
Hello, bear.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Passion and D

I've been sleeping with D for more than 7 months, and I can feel how my body is becoming conditioned to his. Last week, when we slept together, we hugged and kissed and then, impatient as always, he climbed on top of me and started rubbing his cock against my soft parts, growing hard as the lips parted. Not long after he was inside me, I got so excited, I squirted all over him, come dripping onto the bed.
He's not the most intense lover I've ever had (and I miss the D/s), but he's a master at fucking, a king of cuddling and someone I treasure sleeping with--we just fit. And I love the excitement my body feels when I'm with him, and the passion we share with one another. "We have a real heart connection," D says, explaining why making love together is so good. I know that's true, but I also know that it's the way he rubs my g-spot with the head of his cock, and the way his body slaps into mine, and the way he thrusts himself into me, with that relentless male energy that feels oohh soo good. And then it's the way we cuddle and talk, hug and share, until passion and greed overcome us once more and we want to make love again.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

open to one another this moment and always

D and I were talking in bed a few weeks ago.
"One of the things you told me, that I never forgot, was that I'd never have to ask you for sex; you'd never refuse me," he said. "That meant alot to me, and made me feel really safe with you."
I've thought about that in the past few weeks, how powerful giving myself to him unconditionally has turned out to be, and what a bond that's helped grow between us (and of course, the fact we are both secret wild sluts really helps).
I thought about it again last night when we were in bed, when, after we made love, and I came and came, and then, as I was falling asleep, he couldn't stop touching me.
D ran his hands up my legs, along the curve of my hip, along my breasts, along the muscles of my back and when I woke up he was cuddled against me, touching as I slept.
And then it was later, and he was awakening me again, his touch more urgent across my body as he rolled me over and pushed me back against the pillows, then plunged himself into me, shoving his cock hard into my pussy, and as I woke from sleep, I remembered I'd said he could have me whenever he wanted, and I opened myself to him, embracing that deep touch, curling my arms and legs around his neck as he shoved himself through me and deep into the bed, moving himself to a place we both wanted to be, a place where we could be together whenever we wanted and where we always had the desire to touch and make love.
It was beautiful, sexy, hot, a very good place to be with my lover in the middle of the night, in his room, in the middle of his bed, the skylight glowing deep blue in the 2 am darkness, our touch as silent and secret and velvety as the night, open to one another this moment and always.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dom and slut

"I'd like to see your cleavage," he says, and draws me to him on the couch.
We kiss, and his hand trails down between my breasts, along the silver chain collaring my nexk, the ends trailing down my chest. Soon, his hand is inside my chemise, fingers delicately flicking the nipple, ever so gently appraising its stiffness, its arousal.
"I want you to take off your clothes," he says,and thenI am naked and he is dressed. I stand before him as he sits on the couch and holds my hands behind my back, pinning them down, then puts his mouth on my full breast, biting the nipple with his teeth till I utter a little scream, then moves his attentions to the other one, stillholding my hands back. It is delicious, so good, so nasty.
He puts his hand between my legs, up into the slit, andI learn back to give him better access. "You are a slut," he says happily, his hand working its way between my legs, deep into the tender places
We go into the bedroom and take off all our clothes, and soon he's eating my pussy, rubbing his fingers against my g-spot till I almost squirt.
I've met this man once before, but now we're intertwined, bodies pressed together, partners in crime, touching and talking and sharing and it is good, it's fun, and I'm wondering how long he will interest me before my attention flags.
What if it turns out he is the one? The new dom?
What if he is the one I seek?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

D is for dominant

I am looking for a new one. Not virtual and not through this blog, so don't bother thanks very much.
It's amazing to me how much I miss having someone to whom I can be submissive.
D can do it a little, but it is just not his true talent--and it is something I miss so much.

So, I'm meeting men.
Two new ones this weekend.
What if one of them worked out?

D, again

"Plum," D says. "I want you to go stand over there and strip for me." He points to the corner of the bedroom."Give me a show."
"Okay.." I tell him, and soon I have some music on and I am taking my clothes off, piece by piece, shaking my ass in his face and staring into his eyes as I coyly seperate my breasts from their coverings.
"Give me a lap dance," he says when I am nude, and I, who have never had a lap dance, try to oblige. I sit on D's lap. facing out, and rub against him, then turn around and grind myself against him, enjoying the heat rising from his skin. His hands close on my breasts, pinching the nipples, and I laugh...Is that allowed?
Soon, I draw him to a standing position and help him take off all his clothes. When he is naked, his thick, stubby cock pointing up at me, I kneel down and take him in my mouth. God, sucking his cock feels so good. And the hand at the back of my head, the one he's learned I like, feels amazing as he shoves himself deeper into my mouth, fucking my throat till I choke and then, still more, past that feeling.
We make love for what feels like hours, until our bodies are slick with sweat and the sheets are wet. We do it doggie style and with me on my back, legs way in the air, and with me on top of him, a cowgirl and her (human) horse. He pounds my pussy with his cock, rubs my g-spot with his fingers, slams himself into me in a way that makes me nuts. I come hard, again and again, marveling once more at how quickly I grow wet and open to him, how totally turned on he makes me, and how much I want to please him.
I also think about how making love with a submissive woman means that some things never change, even if you're not really a dominate, like me, face down in the pillow, declaring between moans, "Do what you want, I'm your slut," and getting all excited when he pins me down hard, knowing that's exactly what I want.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Last night, D stayed over. We'd been talking about something difficult and neither of us felt passionate. But then, as we continued to talk (and share feelings), something shifted. The minute D turned off the light, he was all over me, gathering me up in his arms, kissing me, hugging me, his tongue deliciously pushing into my mouth, against my teeth, with wet, senuous kisses.

I kissed hin back, becoming aroused, and as he kissed me, he positioned himself over my naked body and began to move against me, his full, thick cock pushing against my thighs, growing hard as his tongue explored my mouth and his hands caressed my shoulders. Soon, I could feel myself growing moist, opening as he shoved his cock into me, and then we were fucking, hard,his cock moving in and out of me, slamming against my g-spot, and it felt so good I just couldn't take it and as he leaned down into my body, shoving his cock inside, I threw my head back and shuddered, feeling myself squirting, feeling the wet fluid course out of my pussy, around his cock and right down my legs onto the bed, puddles and puddles of come.

Excited beyond belief, D flipped me over and shoved himself in again as I arched my back against his hips, savoring his balls slapping against my inner thights and his hot cock moving in and out, faster and harder and harder and faster until he shot his come into me, arching his back and leaning in until there was a second where I didn't know where he left off and I began.

"I didn't feel like making love tonight," D said soon after. "I was feeling said."
"Me, too," I said. "--But after we talked, I got over it."

Oh, and did I mention--in case you didn't know--that squirting is one of my very favorite orgasmic things? And that I don't do it all that often--especially with what must have been a fairly limited (but clearly intense) degree of stimulation. Wow!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New experience 2: The nudist colony

So I spent the weekend at a nudist resort (Yes, D went with me).
If I was going to chart my exposure to groups of naked bodies, this might be the apogee of my bell curve--from taking my clothes off in a group to jump in D's hott tub with a group of people, to dancing naked at my new community event, to stripping down in from of dozens of (naked) strangers in a closed setting, I'm certainly moving down the modesty continum--the next step will mostly likely be taking it all off in a more public setting, like a local nude beach.

Of course I enjoyed ogling some of the beautiful bodies, and the endlessly interesting array of cocks, breasts, asses and tattoos, but it was a chaste as could be, at least in public--which meant that I took great pleasure in yowling behind closed doors--specifically, as D and I screwed in our corner room overlooking for swimming pool, I gave myself the pleasure of some heartfelt--and loud--screaming and moaning as D fucked me silly, pounding his cock into my pussy doggy-style, just the way we both like it--deep, rough, and hard.

Nothing like imagining the whole pool area--and the single guys lingering alone below--as my screams floated out over the pool area, letting everyone know someone was getting it, and getting it good.

New experience 1: The sex club and the girl

This past week, I went to a munch and then to a sex club. I dressed carefully, in an outfit that allowed me control over what I kept on/took off--black high heels(a comfortable pair), a low-cut black bra and a black g-string, a sheer, pretty black slip with an embroidered bra top, jeans and a black wrap top.
The dinner was nice: a motley crew of couples (I knew one couple), a lesbian triad, a stunning dominatrix, tall and red-headed, visiting on her honeymoon from out of town with her (gorgeous) submissive husband, a trannie and her boyfriend, and a chubby, super-cute young woman named Vanessa, who sat beside me and spent much of the night talking to us.
After the meal, we tripped off to the (public) sex club and headed down to the dungeon where the dominatrix stripped the clothes off her boy, put him on a horse, snapped down the cuffs, and proceeded to give him the most amazing and controlled flogging, brushing his ball and ass in the most elegant, sexual way, punctating the play with hard little smacks on his ass and pointed, but quiet directions.
A the same time, Marta and Cory, the BSDM couple I know, got busy with a big cross, fastening Marta against the pegs and getting into flogging.
D and Vanessa and I sat on the couch, watching, commenting on the play. Soon Vanessa turned to me: "Would you mind giving me a back rub?"she said.
"Sure, " I answered, and starting giving this adorable 21 year old with long shiny hair and a self-professed preference for women a nice, slow back rub, making sure to put her pressure into my strokes, leaning into her back so she could feel the warm of my breasts behind my hands. She arched her back with pleasure, graceful and cool, as I grinned over her head at D, watching hungrily as I stroked the pretty girl.
"Hey, would you like D to take over for while, or should I just keep going?" I asked in her ear.
"Oh, you should keep going," she answered, and I nodded assent and mouthed at D "She likes girls!"
Did I have fantasies of taking Vanessa home with me and D and doing the nasty with her?
And did I wonder if this sweet--but clearly brave and passionate-young woman was actually a baby dominate? (After all, my fantasy was to kind dominate her.)
Anyway, nothing happened...the sex club was filled with prowling single men, cruising and watching hungrily as other people had their fun, and it creeped me out in a major way. I went off in a corner, in my slip and panties, and instructed D in how to give me a proper flogging--something he persisted in, but didn't do as well as I had hoped.
And the side notes:
--The top, AGI, observing that Vanessa had beautiful eyes, and my retorting "Are you sure it's not just that she's 21?" as the trannie snorted with laughter.
--The lesbian twosome strapping down their third over another horse, and going to work, hard with a set of floggers.
--The couple fucking out in the open on a big red bed as the Japanese tourists and cruisers crowded hungrily around, then splitting after they were done.

Conclusion: Vanessa was hot, the munch was fun, but the sex club is only good for the f0llowing things:
--Dominants with subs they want to humiliate, particuarly with trannies and ugly single male strangers
--Exhibitionists of every single stripe
--Single, horny tourists hoping to get lucky

Monday, July 17, 2006

The slut's credo

Always be ready.
If a man I am with wants sex, always provide it.
Let him know I am always open to him, that I will never turn him away.
I can and will be his anytime.
Let him know all my holes are and for the asking.
Enjoy the privilege of being used.
Enjoy the power of my own sexuality and desire.
Own myself, then give myself to my master.
Be a slut--but never a slave.
Live it. Now--and later.

The Love Doctor is in

D and I are in bed at his house. "Let me message your legs," he says.
"Sure," I say,
He puts the message oil on his hands and greases up my legs.
Soon, he is rubbing the long muscles in my legs with his strong hands,
moving his fingers up my thighs and pressing the knots smooth,
working his hands along my hips, touching the soft flesh of my ass
on his way to my lower back.
As he rubs the muscles, he presses my whole body down into the bed
so I feel his strength on me, the long strokes of his hands holding me
down into the mattress. I feel his cock hanging, hardening between my thighs
as he works his strength along my back, feel the hard stiffening as his hands warm my flesh,
feel him grow erect and I want him inside me.

And then there is the moment I raise my hips ever so slightly as he scours his hands on my
muscles, and there is a push and he is in, inside me, moving hard, his cock beating inside my flesh like another bit of my skin, pounding softly into me, hot and wet, as I feel so liquid with him.

We fuck like two happy animals, softer and gentler than sometimes, but with the greed of two people aroused and attuned to one another's flesh. He pulls me up, hips in the air, and we do it doggie style like we both love and it feels so good as I come and come, and as he shoots himself into me, squirting and squirting like a goddamned gush, an explosion of joy and come.

And then we lie together and rest, hold one another after we clean up the wet. I love the smell of him, love the feel of his heavy arm thrown across my chest, love the way he curls into me as we get ready to go to bed and I just feel so happy, so lucky, so wanted by him and as I fall asleep I think "I want to do this again."

A new Dom

Drinks last night with a potential new man.
A new Dom.
Dinner to follow later this month.
He's older, a scientist, smart, funny and dominant his whole life, tho he didn't know what that means for a while.
After we met, I went home and thought about him, imagining us together, imagining him mastering me, and I got really turned on.

There was a time, I thought I'd never *really* do D/s with anyone but Z...not anymore.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

4am, in bed with D

His hands are on my breasts, his mouth is against my neck, and he's spooned into me, cock hard, the front of his body fitted around my back. Is it possible to sigh with pleasure in your sleep?
To awaken thrilled and aroused by a loving touch?
Soon, I can't take it any more and I turn my my back, needing him inside me, needing to feel that hard cock hitting my g-spot from the inside, to feel his skin warming against mine. "Are you going to come again, you slut? Come on my cock?" he says, and I feel my body madly tighten as he speaks, wanting only to feast and please.
"Oh, it feels so good," I whisper as he pounds into me, feeling every last thrust and buckle, every second his hard cock pulls in and out.
We make love for an hour, smothering one another with kisses, slamming our bodies together in flurry of warm love, then curl back together, cuddled, and spend the next 2 hours talking.

And then it's morning, and then, he leaves, and all day I think about about us, awake in the night.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The woman

I met a woman today who totally caught my attention. Starfire is perhaps 40, slim and dark, with spiky hair and white teeth...She's Francois, a designer, once married and now with a female lover...and into BDSM. I found her entrancing...charming...and have been imagining whether there's anywhere this might go--and hope the answer is yes.
I've never slept with a woman, you see, not even in my HS days, when I tried to have sex with a female friend and flipped out over it. Lately, women have become more interesting to me, but I haven't met anyone that struck a chord--not till Starfire.
God, she is fine!
Small round breasts, lean thighs, beautiful, greedy energy--feeling and lovely and bright.
And she's madly in love with a FemDom--but not in a way that stopped her from giving me--and a couple of other folks--some lovely kisses. Lovely warm kisses.
Maybe she will be the one..or not--I hope to get to know her better either way-she could be a wonderful friend.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Horny, and then some

Did I have a chance to mention the endless horniness I have been feeling?

Having sex with D once or twice a week just isn't enough, especially since we typically make love, exhaust ourselves, and then just cuddle and touch the next morning.
But Z is not available, and involving someone else in my life just seems too complicated--I wish there were a friend with benefits nearby, someone I didn't feel obligated to tell D about.
Meanwhile, I think about sex much of the time.
I feel my pussy tingling and ready, but for what?

And of course, that isn't even getting into how much I miss being dominated, or how long it has been since I've had a good spanking. And it's been months since I squirted(and I REALLY, REALLY miss that).

For someone who wanted multiple lovers, my options seem to have dwindled..And yet, unless I end things with Z, I won't have the space for anyone else--not unless anyone has some advice I am not seeing (Note: I have cyber sex so that doesn't help...)

Monday, June 26, 2006


It's the collar around my neck, and the cuffs.
The blindfold and the leash.
You clip me down so I cannot move,
blindfold me so I cannot see,
gag me so I cannot speak.
And then you begin to touch.
Your touch is light against my skin,
caressing my back, my legs, my thighs,
moving in to stroke my mound, the flesh
warming to your touch.
Your fingers spread me open, enter and probe,
rub my clit, stroke and pat and pinch until
I open to you like a tunnel
and your hand is a train you can ride right in.
And then you're touching me, and it's hard,
and I want to scream and moan, but I'm held down
and gagged and then you start to slap me, firmly, hard,
and it's the cyclone, the magic carpet ride, the circus where I
come and come again until I am spent, until you are ready
to use me
for the next thing
you decide you want.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hot, sexy and (almost) out of control (dancing naked in public)

I'm naked and so is almost everyone else in the dark room.
We're dancing, one by one and in small groups, filled with the spirit of earth water fire air.
The music shifts to "Thank you for letting be myself" and I am shaking it, enjoying the new fluidity in my body, the ease with which I can bend and stretch and move, the vibrant flexibility that lets me shake my ass all the way down to the floor.
For the first time in my life, I am dancing naked--without a stitch on--in front of 30+ other people, in a closed-group network I recently joined, moving quickly across the room, filled with energy. It feels amazing, I feel grounded and center in my body and I feel sexy as hell, aware of all the men--and women--taking looks at me, at the full-bodied woman who can bend to the floor and shake her ass like she must be great in bed, who is smiling with pleasure as she feels the hot summer sweat bead along her back and the dancing edge of her legs.
After the dancing, all these men come to talk to men; men I have met before and men who are new to me--men who have partners and men who do not--men who are broken up about past hurts and as guarded as one can get and men who say they are happy and open and whose calm faces suggest it's true.
It feels so good to get all this attention, this energy, this interest--it makes me feel so hot, so powerful--and I like the interest directed my way...even if I'm not planning to do much with it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lover--and Master

If the Collar Fits has a post that speaks to me-in part:"We are still together because everything we have now is always good. In fact, it’s solidly, consistently great. But he can’t give me more. In a lover of mine this would be unforgivable. But he is both lover and Master and to lose one is to lose the other. I stay because I am his. I would give up a ring much more easily than a collar."

With Z not available, our BDSM relationship is so quiet, and yet, I am hanging on, hoping it will come back and change everything in my life.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The L word, and not using it

There's passion between myself and D, real passion that means we make love at least once almost every time we see one another, passion that means we can't keep our hands off one another, passion that make him hard and makes me wet and open so easily for him. But I notice that our love-making, close and passionate as it is, rarely includes the L-word,aka the statement "I love you."

I think that is because I like it rough, and the intense sex and tussling we enjoy is more about moans, grunts and dirty talk than romantic declarations.The hard slapping of D's body into mine is so pleasurable, so intense, it makes me want to scream, not talk. What does say I love you to me though is the way we sometimes grip one another and hold hands as we fuck, and the openess of the cries D utters as he comes, and the way my body convulses and comes, again and again, as he touches me. And of course there's the cuddling and the talking after sex, and how we sleep spooned together, shifting in the night but usually touching, and then there's the moment one of us wakes, feels the other's body, and grows greedy and excited all over again.

Louis Begeley, in his book Shipwreck, talks about characters confusing love with the tenderness that is felt after good sex, and I've asked myself if that is what I really feel for D--or for Z--but I don't think tenderness is the only thing that draws myself and D together--or the replacement for love--and yet I think Begeley is right--sexual satisfaction does lead to tenderness and tenderness can lead to--but can also exist independently--of love.

I wish there were more ways the L-word made it into my passionate sex with D--sometimes I tell him I love him as we make love--but the heat of our encounters, the way we are together, and what we say at other times have to be the stand-ins.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BDSM and lack there of (also a small rant on geeks)

So I am starting to (slowly) realize that alot of geeky, poly, alternative people are also into BDSM. Only it seems like some of them are into it to kinda show off how cool they are, and some of them are into the fun, playful idea of BDSM. As a sub to a Dom who was always very private, cheerful party discussions of flogging always stop me cold--for me, BDSM was playful, but only between two people with a very intense relationship.
Now I am in this weird space where I don't have much BDSM in life, especially the *real* kind, the kind I have with Z which is about control as well as S&M--not only do I really miss it, but because I promised not to do BDSM with others, I have no way to replace it--and no idea when Z will be able to resume these activities. The lack of this connection leaves an ache inside me.
I didn't know I would miss it so much, fantasize about it, crave it...and I do. If Z was out of the picture completely, I realize I would either have to look for another Dom or try to teach D how to be more truly dominant.
This is out of my control because of the promises I have made to Z, which I will continue to keep.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh God, I miss

Being choked

With Z not available, this is a sub with no dom...(tears)

Monday, May 29, 2006

The quickie, or nap with benefits

I pick D up at the airport. His other partner is out of town. All the way home to his place, I have been hoping we will have sex. Sure enough, as soon as we're inside and he's put the luggage away, he says "Hey,I'm tired, do you want to take a nap?"
"Sure,"I say, and I take off everything but my black lace panties, black lace bra and white wife beater (I think they look hot together). D gets into bed without any of his clothes, so I know this is a nap with benefits.
Sure enough."Your ass is so cold, want me to warm it up?"D says. I hope for a spanking, but no, he's humping my leg, rubbing himself against my curves as he fondles my breasts. I put away my spanking wish (that's what Z would do) and give myself to the pleasure of the moment, to being used by this lovely man and making him feel good.
(D once called me his fuck toy ;I think he meant it, and I do aim to please...)
"Wait,"I say, and I bend over and take him in my mouth so he can fuck my face, thrusting and humping just like my mouth's a pussy, an idea that gets me totally turned on, especially as he grabs the back of my head to shove his cock deeper into my throat. We go like this till I am drooling and choking and wet and he is hot as anything and then he flips me over, doggy style, the way we both like it, and thrusts his cock into my pussy.
"You're so wet," he says, though it feels like only seconds have passed. "Do you like that, do you?"
He fucks me hard, his balls slapping against my thighs, his cock hitting my g-spot till it feels so good. All too soon for me, he is coming, shooting hard into me, moaning and gasping and drained.
"Sorry it was so fast," he says, stroking my side."I was really horny....It's been a week."
"Oh, no worries,"I say, smiling and turning over. "It was good."What I don't say, what I am thinking is I love it that you are so hot for me..I relish the idea you can't keep your hands off me...I want your come inside me so I am your slut...Better you screw me than her...But I don't share any of that, I just smile and say,"Mmmnn, think I am ready for that nap," and when D goes downstairs to make phone calls I put my hand between my legs and masturbate like crazy till I come, hard, imagining all the things I wish we'd done and the things I do with Z I will never do with D. And then, I am relaxed and I go to sleep and when I wake up an hour later I feel great and it's still before 11 am.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A talk with D

So I talked to D about how, on one hand, I loved being with him and Z, and how, on the other, I wanted more chances to experiment, new people, adventure. I told him I didn't feel I had the time to have both without getting less from my relationships...and yet, I thought about all the things I have not yet experience and was curious about. There was no resolution, but it felt good to get the words out.

D and I are together, in my bed

He pulls me atop him and I feel his cock, stiffening and hard against my leg as we kiss. His mouth is a journey and I close my eyes, losing myself in the pleasure of his tongue, our lips, as we touch and kiss. His mouth is a poem and I am a poet, abandoning myself to kisses that feel like words, pure pleasure, a pattern language demonstrating what loving passion truly is.

Of course I suck his cock, and of course I ride astride him, but the magic moment is that now-familar one when I feel D's hard cock come into me from behind, his body slamming into me hard, pushing my g-spot, an electric button of orgasmic joy. I moan and sing with pleasure, the orgasm building into a wave that takes us both, noisy and connected, to another special place that feels so, so good.

And afterwards, we lie together, and we cuddle, and we talk. It's late, but I am too energized from sex to want to go to sleep and the slightly spicy smell of his olive skin when I curl into his arm is so delicious, so nice, I just want to curl up and hold him.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


D and I are in my bed, stoned on the pot we smoked outside. We haven't seen one another all week, and I am so hungry for him, so eager to taste his lips, feel his hands on me, curl my arms around his strong thighs. We hug and we kiss and his mouth is as hungry as mine, reaching inside to tease my tongue.
Soon he is stroking my breasts, and I am curled so he can put his mouth on my pussy as I suck his cock, as he pumps strong and steady into my throat. His tongue and fingers tease my clit, then reach inside to that magic g-spot. I open to one finger and two, and he pumps harder in my throat and I take him down deeper, and his fingers dig into my cunt, hard, more fingers I think, and the stretched-feeling hurts so good, there's such a fine edge.
We fuck and moan and press into one another and he's making me come, over and's so good I want to scream. We make love for what seems like hours, kissing and touching and it's all good.
He flips me over and drives deep into my pussy.I am wet and hot and back up to take him more fully into me, my head slammed down into the pillows as he thrusts, hard, over and over. Soon, he is keening, that high rhythmnic moan that means he is going to come--only this time it goes on forever, so noisy, so raw, it makes me more excited just to listen to him, to feel him shuddering inside me, shaking, after he comes.
(Later, D says that he fisted me, almost, that I was so excited, so open he put five fingers in, the thumb up to the first joint, and I tell his that's amazing, that usually that's far too much for me.)

Polly Peachman: Violence in the Garden

"... But just what a submissive feels, what turns her on, surprises many people. The tediously conventional answer, often said with a snicker in the voice, is “whips and chains,” but for me, the richly idiosyncratic sensations, fantasies, and impressions that excite my erotic imagination and bring my submissiveness to the fore are practically endless in their variety. They include the intoxicating smell of new leather; the sight of someone dressed entirely in black; the thrilling touch of cold steel restraints against my skin; watching a pair of gloves being slowly drawn on; the pungent and humiliating taste of my own juices on a pair of fingers being forced into my mouth; hard, sharp sounds, such as a club coming in contact with a golf ball, which remind me of wood or leather being brought sharply to bear against flesh; the terrifying sensation of blood trickling down the back of my leg; the vision of someone slapping a riding crop rhythmically against his hand; the acidic taste of fear accompanied by a crazy leaping sensation in the stomach; the intent eagle-like expression found in the eyes of certain dominants; a slap on the face; a hand at my throat, gently squeezing, threatening; the sight of a needle as it passes through skin; the unique sensation of lying on the floor with a boot pressing down on my head; an intense, embarrassing, goose-bumpy awareness of one's nakedness in front of a group of fully clothed people; being forced to kneel, crawl, or grovel; being forced to assume the classic slave position of head to the floor, bottom raised to expose the buttocks and genitals for my dominant's amusement; an inability to catch my breath and an aching pain in my mouth that come from giving forced oral pleasure; the sound of my beloved's laughter in response to my screams of agony; the close embrace of a locking steel collar around my neck; the taste of a leather whip that is shoved against my lips to be kissed or licked."

(from Violence in the Garden, a tremendously interesting essay on submission via taken in hand)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It has been so long since we have been together

Z's touch makes me shiver when he slips his hand inside my pants and gently tugs them down. I lean back to give him more access between my thighs, and shiver with excitement as his hand strokes my pussy in ever widening circles, his thumb pushing between the folds, a finger stroking me from the inside.
Soon, I am thrusting against his hand, feeling so good to be touched by him again, and he has turned me over and is spanking my butt, hard, heavy slaps that drive his hand deeper between my legs. It hurts me, he is hurting me , but it feels so good I almost cry. I've waited so long for him to touch me this way, to take control and make me screan and now that it is happening I almost sob with a mix of pleasure and pain.
After a while, Z pushes me down toward his cock and lies back. "Suck me," he commands.
Eagerly, I take him in my mouth, feeling him, long and hard, deep in the back of my throat.
He pushes and thrusts and as I angle to take him in as far as possible, he flips me over and spanks me with one hand, the other probing inside me as I choke and gag.
When I am on top of Z, his hard cock in my wet pussy, he slaps my breasts and holds my throat.
"Ride your Master's cock," he says, and I do, feeling every thrust, every stroke until the moment we both explode, and quiet, then rest.

There is no other feeling like that I have with Z, no one else who touches me in this way.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


So as much as I enjoy my submission to Z, and the aspects of submissive play in my relationship with D, I know I would make a terrible slave. Although I enjoy being dominated, and love the feeling of giving myself over to Z, my submission is really limited to the bedroom and our sexual dynamic. I'm incapable of being a woman whose dream is to perfect her slavery to make her more appealing to a Master--On the contrary, I am so strong-willed I have trouble imagining why I would allow anyone but Z--or someone like him, who earned my trust--the kind of total power over me Z has--and that I love giving.
Before Z became unavailable and our D/s life went on hold, I was looking forward to deepening this part of our bond, but that's pushed off for the moment, leaving me without anyone for whom I could even consider--and then reject--being a slave.

(Of course, I have real fantasies--which I hope to make a reality--of being more submissive to my friend Bear--I love the thought of bending my head to him, letting him dominate me, give over control to that sweet, passionate energy--but besides Z, Bear's the only one I can think of in this way...and he's far off right now.)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wet and Juicy Pussy

When D touches me, my body opens to him. My pussy gets wet and warm and if he thrusts against me in the right way, or shoves his fingers inside me, I get wet enough for him to jam himself right into my center, my core.
We make love, his balls slamming against my hips as he drives his cock into me, and I marvel, every time, at how good it is, how hot it is, at the advanced degree in fucking this man clearly has.
D's other partner said: "Do you and Plum have sex every time you see one another?" and while he said no, the answer is yes, we want to, even if it's not always possible.
Who could not want the heat we have between us, the delicious thrill of his cock fitting into my wet flesh, the pulsing and the spasms we both enjoy. Who could not want to be held down, taken from behind and fucked till limp, till your partner moaned and came into you, again and again until you both were spent (I love that Victorian word).

Missing Z

It amazes me how much I miss Z--there is no one besides him in my life who can dominate and control me the way he does and I miss it so much.
Although I enjoy lots of sexual expression that has little to do with D/s, there's no question but that Z and I have the most powerful connection I've experienced, and our D/s relationship is a strong part of that.
Oh, how I hunger for him to touch me, to hold me down, to push and pull and stroke me, to feel his hand at the back of the neck.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Because of some issues in Z's life, there's been very little BDSM in our life together recently, and not much pain. And not much sex.
I incredibly miss the feeling of Z dominating me...the power of his hand on my throat, slapping my breasts, shoving a hand between my thighs.
For this reason, I have been asking my other partner, D, to be rougher--but good as it is, it is just not the same.
Z, I long for you touching me, mastering me, controlling me.
I miss your touch, your power, your love.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This past weekend: Milestones

  • Had sex in a room with four snoring people
  • Had sex in a room with another couple doing the same thing on a different mat
  • Watched a femdom spank her slave (and god, he is hot!)
  • Watched the femdom, her dominant male partner and the slave work over a cute female submissive--lots of clamps, floggers, lips, tongues, hands involved--the screaming was delicious.
  • Took off my shirt and allowed my bare breasts to be tied in a Shibari-style rope corset and paraded around for an hour or two
  • Fondled by a couple
  • Made out with the (gorgeous) and irresistable male slave
  • Was propositioned by four different men
  • Talked about BDSM and submission with a whole group of people, real time
  • Told people I was D/s submissive with one of my partners (but not the other)

However, I passed on the orgy, heading off for private time with D, instead.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

I feel his erection, hard, against my thigh, as he rolls my nipple between his fingers.
He bends his head and scapes it with his teeth, and shivers go up my spine.
Soon, he's stroking my pussy, pulling the lips apart, circling his finger inside.
The heat rises off me, I want him, and I want him to dominate me, here, right now,
but I say nothing and bend obediently as be pulls off his pants and lies back on the bed.
Without being told, I bend down and take his cock deep into my mouth, take him into my whole, feel him stiffen and grow against the back of my throat.
I let him fuck my face and get really hard, until he says "I want to fuck your pussy and see how many times I can make you come."
And then he does.
And then, I do.
And then...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

What Z said

Z and I are on the phone because we're unable to get together.
Here's what he says to me:
"I'm thinking about you in the camisole and panties I got you and how I want to bend you over the sofa and push the lace of those panties aside and ram my cock into you. I want to feel you squirt all over my cock, and then I want to pull out and spank your ass with my hand, and with the flogger till it's bright red, and then use your come as lube and shove my cock into your ass and fuck you and pull out and come all over your huge tits.
And I want you to wear your collar, and your leash, and I want to pull your head up and around so you have to watch me explode all over your body.
Would you like that? Would you?"

Oh yes, I tell Z, and think Master.
God, I miss him dominating me.

Another night with D

At D's, again, making love at 4 o'clock in the morning. This time he's more dominant; he holds me down, pinning my arms as he thrusts into my hot, wet pussy. "You like that, slut?" he asks. "I'm holding you down so you can't move. I want to feel you come on my cock, I want to shoot my cum inside you..." He's mad passionate, humping away, and, as always, it feels so good and I'm so eager, so aroused, and that moment when he stiffens and arches and comes is just the best thing ever and it pushes me over the edge and makes me come again, and we melt together and collapse, and lie there in an absence of space that is the embodiment of being relaxed, and then we roll away from one another a little and reach for the tissues, but before he can use his, I take his cock in my mouth and lick it clean, one of those true slut tricks I have such affection for.
In a little while, I will be asleep, curled with my ass against his side and his arm draped over my hip, feeling so warm and safe and loved.
Yes, I am a slut. And geeze, it's good.

Seeing Bear

So it's going to happen--I am going to see Bear again, in the not too far off future. I'm always suprised at the chord my brief time with Bear struck in me, and at how connected we seem to be, still, across the distance.

(I spoke to D about my wanting to see Bear, and he said :"I don't believe that any of us can only love one person..if you want to see him, it's fine with me." For a while, it didn't seem like the right time to try to see Bear, but now I am so much looking forward to our reconnecting.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Am I a sex addict--or just having a great time?

Whaddya think?
Sex addict or having fun?

Monday, April 10, 2006


We're in bed, early morning. R's hands creep down my side and stroke my pussy. Gently, he parts my legs, twirls his hand on my pubes and slips a finger inside. Soon, he has three fingers inside me, pounding my g-spot as I open wide, his other hand holding my mouth closed.
Then, he's beside the bed, peeling his pjs off, shoving his cock into my mouth and thrusting against m, hard and fast till I choke.
His hands hold my chin, stroke my throat, angle my mouth so he pushes into my throat deep into the back, the grip my hair as he drives into my tongue, his hard cock fucking my face. When he's ready, he pushes me over and lies back on the bed.
"Ride me," he commands. "Fuck me."
I climb aboard and smile with pleasure as I feel my pussy settle and tighten around his cock. He's throbbing and hard and I'm used and wet and I want to feel him scream and come, knowing how his pleasure will please me.
"Ride me,slut, ride me," he says, and he gasps as I bob up and down, my pussy muscles tightening around his rod, grabbing and clutching in a dance we both feel until suddenly his back arches and he starts to come.
"It's your breasts, "he gasps, as he shoots hot cum deep into my pussy. "Your big, hot breasts bouncing up and down..."
I smile and slip off him. It's my breasts you see, and my hips and my arms, my legs, my neck and my toes. My hair, my head, my hips, my eyes, my mouth, my ass, my toes--You see, the man owns me, he's obsessed with me, addicted, and after a year together there's no place he hasn't come, no hole he hasn't fucked, no way I wouldn't beg and call him Master if he wanted.
There are no markings, no collar, no rules, but we both know I belong to him...and he makes sure I want to always remember, always crave him, always submit.
Words I didn't understand a year ago--words that capped off my transformation into a proud submissive slut, a sweet slut princess, the wanton whore who will give her Master anything he wants.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I'm in D's bed, in his house, with the moon coming in the skylight as the rain beats down.
It's 1 am and he's fucking me, holding my hands down, thrumming against my g-spot as I thust my hips up and moan, as I squirt and come hard on his cock as he's fucking me, as I come and squirt and come again and D moans, low in his throat and comes hard inside me.
And then it's 4 am and we're sleeping naked, under the heavy blanket, on the warm flannel sheets, and I turn in the night and D turns with me and soon I am awake, feeling him growing hard against my leg, and then he's pushed me across the bed and we're doing it from behind and he's talking a blue streak: "Do you like that, do you like it, you cumslut, you? Do you wish you had a big cock to suck as I fucked you from behind? I can see you sucking another cock, and then another, till they cum in your face as I come in your cunt. Would you like that, you cumslut? Would you like that?"
"Is that what you'd like, D?" I say. "Do you want to see your woman suck a bunch of other guys? Is that what you like?"
We're going at it in the dark, and D is wailing away, and I'm smiling inside, thinking about how I've never had group sex, never slept with more than one guy at a time, but I know D thinks I'm so hot, that he's getting off on all the sexual energy his fantasy is generating, and that I'm learning something about him I didn't know before: Baby boy is turned on by the sexual energy of the crowd, he gets off on the multi-layer think, and it could be just a matter of time before these situations come up in real life for us, instead of in the dirty talk of his late night mind.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


"Spank me."
I am with Z, after far too long, in his house, in his bed, my panties off, bottom offered. His heavy hands hold me fast and spank me hard, again and again. It hurts like a motherfucker, but I want it, want his fingers inside me from one hand while he smacks me with the other.
Z, Master of delicious pain, lover and friend--it feels so good to be with him again, to see him get so excited he drags me to the edge of the bed and his cock is thrusting in my mouth as he spanks me more.
Soon, I am on the bed, on my back, legs pushed open, and Z is inside me, his hand on my throat as he fucks me hard, as all his love and his fury about other men slams right into me. "Mine," he growls, pushing inside. "You belong to me."
Later, he gets the lube and comes inside my ass, pushing and thrusting his weight down hard in a way that makes me gasp.
"I own all your holes," he said. "All of them."
"Yes,"I say tenderly."Master."
If only I had more time with him, if only we could be like this more, together, if only his health was better, if only...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Talking dirty

"You horny slut," D says. "You want my hard cock inside you, don't you? You want to come all over my cock, isn't that right?"
D's inside me, thrusting hard, right at the spot where my g-spot goes boing and it feels so intensely good.
"You want to come again, don't you, you slut, you want me to make you come again."
"Yes,"I say, "Yes," and throw my head back and to the side, smiling faintly as he flips me this way and that.
"I like your big, hard cock inside me," I tell him. "Your cock feels so hard, and it's so good."
"I'm going to come inside you," D says. "I'm going to shoot my hot cum all over your pussy."
"Fuck me, fill me up,' I moan and when I feel his orgasm peak I start to come myself, transfixed by how good everything feels, how new it all is, and how happy I am.

A party with D

So D and I went to a party with some of his old friends and I got a glimpse of another world, one I might have lived in in an earlier time if my life had gone a different way. What can I say? The friends wore Victorian silks, sensual lingerie, evening clothes to the party. They hugged and kissed one another and sat close in a way that suggest other--more--private delights. Everyone seemed more vibrant, more sensual that most of my friends.

Later, D and I had an interesting talk about sex. We discussed something I've never experienced--having sex with other people within the context of a relationship. "Think of it as an experience," D said. "Something you do. It's not a relationship, it's an experience." (Of course, I've always approached sex as a relationship and an experience--even if it's a one night relationship, I guess.)

D said something else interesting--We were talking about our sexual fantasies and D said that he thought about he and I making love in front of a group of other people: "We're so hot together, I think about other people watching us and getting turned on," he said. "I could see you getting into that."

Of course, I've never done anything like that--and can't see it happening under all but a few circumstances. It does make me amused that I've managed to snag two sweet, total perverts as my lovers and that we get to have conversations like that, but group, public sex is a bridge I have not yet crossed.. though I suspect it's just a matter of opportunity--and time.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm with the Dom: Sunday family dinner

Yep, last night, Z and I had dinner with his extended family. The delicious irony of sitting in a suburban restaurant with the family of a man who had me tied up a few hours before afforded much amusement--and pleasure.
Z looks so placid, you see--but he is anything but.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Touching Z

When Z walked through the door, he grabbed me, sliding his hands into my shirt, pinching my breasts and kissing me hard. "Bend down and suck my cock," he said, pushing me to my knees.
As Z thrust into my mouth, I moaned with pleasure--this was a fantasy come true for me.
"Take off your clothes and go into the bedroom," he said, and when I did, he joined me, pushing me down to suck his cock some more, to take him into my mouth, deep and hard, until he made me sputter and choke.
Soon, we were on the bed and Z's hand was inside me.
"Look how wet you are," he said, as his fingers moved, opening me up, widening the space, stroking inside until I was ready to scream. "Look at that, you're already squirting," he said, as I came hard against his hand, the liquid gushing out.
Then, "Move over," Z said, as he pushed me back onto the bed, pulled my legs apart, and thrust deep inside me.

Over and over and over again

When I am with D, it feels like our bodies just can't stay apart--we want to make love and be inside one another, touching, feeling, as much as possible.
Last night, at D's, we went to bed and soon made love; again, in the middle of the night, he reached for me, his body turning to mine, his hands cupping me, my body opening to him.
I feel so hungry for him, so good with him inside's a feeling I have trouble putting into words, but I crave it--and I crave being with him.
My magic image of D is sleeping beside him; I love how safe he makes me feel as we nestle together in the night and how my body opens to him, craves him, even as we breathe and sleep.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Freya: Yes, I practice BDSM

Wonderful erotic writer Freya has a super post today about how her interest in BDSM goes beyond theory into practice--and how BDSM can be--and is--practiced by totally "normal" people (normal in the usual societal ways, that is...).
She says: "I do like to think that it's nice to talk in terms of BDSM being more than just what you see on television or on some blogs and that there are as many ways to live a life tinged with BDSM as there are people who do it."

Amen, Sister!

Kai Akemi: So twisted--but so hot

Did you see this? Ethnorotica on Ningyo, and the work of Kai Akemi: Creepy, but hot.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Master and submissive

Brat has an interesting post about Master and submissive and husband and wife--she is both and feels that her Master will probably never say "I love you" to her and that's okay. This interests me, because while I love Z, my Dom, I feel that I am in love with D--and yet, what I have with Z is one of the most special and important relationships I have ever had--and part of that is the D/s dimension between us.

Dominated by D

We're in a hotel in another city, on a big bed, in a white room.
I'm on my knees when D starts to spank me, his hand swatting fast and firm on my ass.
Soon he has some fingers inside me, rubbing my g spot as he swats my ass.
He's hard and forceful and he's dominating me, pushing me to the orgasm he wants me to have, and I can't believe how turned on I am
how good it feels for D to drive me in this way
Later, D and I are making love, breathing together, as I ride astride him.
"Come on my cock, you slut," he says and reaches up and begins to slap my breasts."Let me feel you come."
Dominance is something I hunger for from Z, but it's a small (very small) part of my relationship with D and I can't believe how turned-on I feel, how aroused, how wet.

"It felt so powerful when you dominated me," I tell him. "I couldn't believe how hot it made me."
D smiles. "That's something you do with Z, not me, "he says.
"Yes," I tell him, "But when you do it, it's hot, too."
D nods. "I only do it cause it turns you on," he says, "It's not really part of the way I am wired.
"I know," I say, but what I am thinking is spank me again.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Skin on skin

Skin on skin
our bodies touch
legs, arms, thighs, hips
breasts, necks, heads, lips
Asleep, we spoon together
Awake, we climb one another
crawling into that moment of passion
when two people merge into one
and rest together
content and smoothed out as clean clothes on a line

for D

A date with rope

"Do you think I am the only person at the performance tonight with a buttplug up her ass and a robe harness under her clothes?" I whisper to Z at the intermission of the play we are seeing.
"Absolutely," he whispers back, stroking my cheek in that subtle language I love so much.
At home, there is more rope, more rope than ever--Z ties my thighs and my ankles together, ties my wrists to my ankles, lays me on my back on some pillows and blindfolds me.
I love rope and I love Z and I love being his submissive and feeling taken and overcome and yet knowing it's happening because I give myself, my gift.
Z blindfolds me before we start, so I will have more feeling,more sensation, more giving myself over to him.
We play with a dildo and the buttplug, and he chews my breasts, and soon he's inside my ass, the glass dildo in my pussy and I feel so stretched I scream.
"You love it, don't you?" he whispers at me. "You love being my slut."
"Yes, I do, yes," I say, just like Molly Bloom, until an explosion of feeling overtakes me and I am lost in orgasm land, gone, flattened out in that particular flavor of subspace that has to do with coming till what little mind I have left is crumpled into a ball of wadded up rope and a wet spot I am too high to feel.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I stand still as Z wraps the coiled white rope around my body, across my arms and between my breasts. I stand obediently as he wraps white cord around each breast, pulling the coils tight as he makes a yoke of rope for my throat, a halter that holds my breasts up, apart, bound. I watch in the mirror as he threads the rope, as he ties the intricate knots, as I transform into a naked, bound slut he could let anyone use if he wished.
Soon, I am covered in rope and lying on the bed, posed obligingly , complacent and trusting --and totally at home.
The rope turns me on, it excites me, and I surrender myself to Z and his passions, a bound vessel to be treasured--and used.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

D:" I've used all your holes."

Another night this week, D came over. We just can't keep our hands off each other.
In the parking lot of the restaurant, he told me I had to take my bra off inside before dinner; afterwards, he made me flash him in the parking lot before I got into the car (Yes, I like little games.)
Back at my place, we made love, then cuddled, then later made love again. Almost seamlessly, D moved from being deep in my pussy from behind to being inside my ass. As he fucked me slow and deep, he pushed me down on the bed and held my arms and the thrill made me feel so excited. "I'm fucking you, slut," D whispered as he held me down. "I've used all your holes."
I couldn't believe how turned on this got me--and how much more I came when he washed off and came back inside me, fucking furiously till he exploded and moaned.

Tied and used and dominated

I never knew before tonight that the activity of stripping naked and standing quietly as Z tied my breasts with a rope yoke and collar--making them stand up straight and pink--could get me so hot. Or that the simple act of Z bending me over and shoving his cock into my pussy from behind could make me so wet, so pleasured. Or that Z dragging me to the edge of the bed, flipping me over and shoving his cock in my throat, hard, as he thrummed my g-spot with my fingers, could make me--once again--go completely nuts.
Of course, what I loved best was his hand on my throat, covering my mouth, cutting off my air as he fucked me every which way he pleased.
Why do I love this so much?
The feeling of being dominated by Z is one of the most thrilling--and erotic--experiences I know.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What Z believes to be true

  1. I am his submissive slut, he owns and controls me.
  2. UntilI met him,I did not know the power of my own sexuality.
  3. He set me free.
  4. There are dozens of men I have worked with, all over the country, who would love to fuck me senseless, given the chance.
  5. I love him--and let no one else dominate me.
  6. Meeting me and having me become his submissive is one of the best things that has ever happened to him--we have the most compatible relationship ever.


I wake up, feeling's Zs hands on me, his lips on my breast, nuzzling the nipple, his mouth licks my pussy, chewing the folds as his hands part my flesh for his fingers.
Soon, he is so deep inside me, I twist like a swivel, I moan in the back of my throat.
The way he touches my g-spot makes me crazy, the way his touch is practiced, relentless, driving me to an orgasm I didn't plan and don't really want to feel, to lying impaled on the bed, split on his hand as he reaches so far inside me I feel pulled apart, squirting hard as he gasps in delight, knowing how much I have surrended to his touch, how far gone I am into his world, how much he has taken me over.
I want to rest, but Z flips me over, spreads my legs wide, and drives him self in. My legs are on his shoulders as he plunges deep in and out of my pussy, my body grasping to hold him tight, his legs bouncing against my thighs until the moment he comes, shoots, explodes.
"I'm filling you with my cum, you slut," he whispers. "I'm coming inside you."
A moment later, he whispers in my ear. "I want you to lick your juices off my cock," he says. "Then you can cuddle up beside me."
"Okay," I say, and do as he asks, amazed at what he asks me, amazed at how I obey him.

D/s at the theatre

Z and I are going on to dinner and to a show. I'm wearing my embroidered corset, the black one that shows the tops of my breasts, and a little velvet jacket that keeps it decent enough to go outside. Tight black jeans and high heeled black suede shoes, long silver earrings spilling down my neck.
Before we go out, Z pulls me aside. "How pretty you look. How hot. Will you do something for me?"
Of course, I say. Yes.
Soon I am half naked, on the bed, head on the pillow, ass in the air. "I'm going to put this butt plug in," Z says, "And I want you to wear it all night. If you go to the bathroom and it comes out, you have to put it back in. "
"Okay," I say and put my hand in my mouth as Z delicately oils up my ass, rubbing his finger across the opening, teasing the puckered flesh with his hand. I know the butt plug is big and thick and that there's a moment, everytime, that it hurts like hell when Z puts it in and that moment is going to come and there is nothing I can do.
"Ow," I scream, and he's put the butt plug in my ass, and soon my jeans are zipped and we're heading for a cab and I feel it every step I take and I feel the bones of the corset cutting into my flesh.
Then we're at the theatre and I'm on the edge of my seat. The butt plug digs into my ass, and the corset holds tight against my ribs. Soon, I feel Z's fingers brush against the side of my neck, the gentle curve of my throat, the base of my neck. "I own you," that touch says, only in a language no one else can see--or understand.
I bow my head and rub my cheek against his fingers. "I belong to you,"that touch says, whispered in a language only we speak.
Later, much later, when we are home, Z takes the plug out and fucks me in the ass. It's after the moment where he's spanked me with the paddle, flogged my pussy, and made me squirt three times. It's after he's shoved his cock in my throat and fucked it till I choked. He shoves his cock in my ass and soon he's deep inside me, thrusting as hard as he can.
"You belong to me," he growls, "I own you, I control you, I own all your holes."
He pulls out and comes across my ass, the small of my back, his cock shooting so hard and so long there's a hot puddle of come across most of my hips, the small of my back, the crack of my ass, the warm cheeks joining my legs.
"Did you like that?" he asks.
"Oh yes," I say. "I liked that." And I think Master, his come running down my thighs.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Still thinking

about the moment I lowered myself atop D and the wetness from my pussy was literally dripping down my thighs, I was so excited. I'd never felt quite that wet before and his thrusting inside me felt amazing, so good.
Z is my first Dom, and my first BDSM relationship, and it interests me that while I love that--and Z--the much more straightforward sex I have with D feels so good. Yes, there's more slapping and pinching and biting in it than I might have wanted when I was all vanilla, back in the days of the many-year marriage, but the ropes and clamps and etcs are missing.
Feel lucky to have both.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Squirting and more with D

D was here earlier this week. This man makes me crazy, makes me melt for joy.
He told me in the morning he liked having his cock sucked, but what really turned him on was fucking, and he is mightly talented at it, mmmnnn.
When we made love that evening, D reached inside me and rubbed my g-spot, a well-known method leading to insanity. I was so excited, I squirted twice, and when he came inside me and we starting doing the deed, I squirted when I came again, another first.
The bed was wet, but I was blissful, and D also felt no pain.
We spent the night together, curled up as usual, and it was beautiful to feel the length of his thigh against my hip as I slept. In the morning, we made love again and I went to work with a big smile on my face.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Slutty phone sex with G

So my friend G called tonight as I was doing some work.
G is a former lover who lives on the other side of the country and who is attached to someone else. We have not seen one another since December, but we remain good friends.
After I gave G an update on all the recent drama in my life, he told me he was alone in NY and thinking of me.
"I am horny as hell, with this big erection, wishing you were here," he said.
"Want to have phone sex?" Ms. Adventuous asked.
So I cuddled up on my bed and touched myself as G did the same. It was way more erotic than I expected to remind one another of things we'd done together and tell one another how to touch and where.
Finally, "I want you to come for me, G," I said, feeling somewhat domininant.
And he did, on command.
And then, I did too.
"Nice talking to you, G," I said soon after that. "Would be great to see you. Nite."

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I've been waiting for Z to come over tonight. "I want you to put on something really sexy for me," he said. "Or else, be naked."
I am sitting at the keyboard, typing, in some very sexy clothes: a black fishnet bodysuit, 4-inch black high heels, a sheer chiffon embroidered (black) slip, and a clingy black robe. Any minute, I think, Z is going to walk in the door and look at me.
Only thing is, Z just called--he's not coming over, cause he doesn't feel well.
"I had a bag of things packed with some very specific ideas about what I wanted to do, " he says.
"But I'm not going to tell you because it would spoil them."
"Another time," I say, and think about how I should take off the sexy clothes and put on my jeans and go out in the evening rain and buy dog food. (Arrgghh!)

The Ritual

I'm at D's--
We're in the loft --a space with candles, music, pillows, warmth.
We're naked on the futon, glowing in the candle light, as the drug we took kicks in.
Did I suck his cock before he ate me?
Did I wrap my legs around him tight before or after he kissed and bit my breasts?
How about the moment he came deep inside me, hot and wet, and I pushed myself back up against him, feeling my body make room to let him in?
I don't remember what we did when; the night is mostly snippets:
D inside me in the hot tub as we breathed together, looking into one another's eyes.
D behind me, later, on the bed, crying out as he came, and me thinking this feels so good

Later, we were quiet, and lay together and talked.
How we found one another, and how our attachment flowered.
The heart connection between us, the flow of talk and love.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


The funny thing about being a submissive is that you need a Dom.
Without the Dom, there is no one to be your Master.
Z and I have had some issues to work out the past week, and there has been some major fighting, enought fighting to make me wonder what I would do if we broke up, enough fighting to wonder if I could stand to lose him.
In some ways, I am such an atypical sub--high-functioning in the *real* world, fiesty, smart, but totally into being sexually submissive--and he is such an atypical Dom--romantic, kind, and while a genuis with pain, NOT a sadist.
I don't know if anyone else could touch me with the finesse he has, or inspire the kind of complete giving over of myself Z enjoys.
Fortunately, we seem to have worked our differences out; tonight was a riot of mouths, breasts, thighs , cocks, asses--two people passionate about touching one another with their own form of love.