Thursday, April 06, 2006


"Spank me."
I am with Z, after far too long, in his house, in his bed, my panties off, bottom offered. His heavy hands hold me fast and spank me hard, again and again. It hurts like a motherfucker, but I want it, want his fingers inside me from one hand while he smacks me with the other.
Z, Master of delicious pain, lover and friend--it feels so good to be with him again, to see him get so excited he drags me to the edge of the bed and his cock is thrusting in my mouth as he spanks me more.
Soon, I am on the bed, on my back, legs pushed open, and Z is inside me, his hand on my throat as he fucks me hard, as all his love and his fury about other men slams right into me. "Mine," he growls, pushing inside. "You belong to me."
Later, he gets the lube and comes inside my ass, pushing and thrusting his weight down hard in a way that makes me gasp.
"I own all your holes," he said. "All of them."
"Yes,"I say tenderly."Master."
If only I had more time with him, if only we could be like this more, together, if only his health was better, if only...

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Marvin said...

Love and fury. Domination and freedom. Jealousy and possession. Strength and honor. Sex and Satan.

A wonderful post. And I've posted one today that I think you'll love love.