Sunday, April 16, 2006

What Z said

Z and I are on the phone because we're unable to get together.
Here's what he says to me:
"I'm thinking about you in the camisole and panties I got you and how I want to bend you over the sofa and push the lace of those panties aside and ram my cock into you. I want to feel you squirt all over my cock, and then I want to pull out and spank your ass with my hand, and with the flogger till it's bright red, and then use your come as lube and shove my cock into your ass and fuck you and pull out and come all over your huge tits.
And I want you to wear your collar, and your leash, and I want to pull your head up and around so you have to watch me explode all over your body.
Would you like that? Would you?"

Oh yes, I tell Z, and think Master.
God, I miss him dominating me.

1 comment:

Master Enigma said...

Domination is such a multi-layered event.

I am glad I stopped by.