Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A party with D

So D and I went to a party with some of his old friends and I got a glimpse of another world, one I might have lived in in an earlier time if my life had gone a different way. What can I say? The friends wore Victorian silks, sensual lingerie, evening clothes to the party. They hugged and kissed one another and sat close in a way that suggest other--more--private delights. Everyone seemed more vibrant, more sensual that most of my friends.

Later, D and I had an interesting talk about sex. We discussed something I've never experienced--having sex with other people within the context of a relationship. "Think of it as an experience," D said. "Something you do. It's not a relationship, it's an experience." (Of course, I've always approached sex as a relationship and an experience--even if it's a one night relationship, I guess.)

D said something else interesting--We were talking about our sexual fantasies and D said that he thought about he and I making love in front of a group of other people: "We're so hot together, I think about other people watching us and getting turned on," he said. "I could see you getting into that."

Of course, I've never done anything like that--and can't see it happening under all but a few circumstances. It does make me amused that I've managed to snag two sweet, total perverts as my lovers and that we get to have conversations like that, but group, public sex is a bridge I have not yet crossed.. though I suspect it's just a matter of opportunity--and time.

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