Sunday, April 09, 2006


I'm in D's bed, in his house, with the moon coming in the skylight as the rain beats down.
It's 1 am and he's fucking me, holding my hands down, thrumming against my g-spot as I thust my hips up and moan, as I squirt and come hard on his cock as he's fucking me, as I come and squirt and come again and D moans, low in his throat and comes hard inside me.
And then it's 4 am and we're sleeping naked, under the heavy blanket, on the warm flannel sheets, and I turn in the night and D turns with me and soon I am awake, feeling him growing hard against my leg, and then he's pushed me across the bed and we're doing it from behind and he's talking a blue streak: "Do you like that, do you like it, you cumslut, you? Do you wish you had a big cock to suck as I fucked you from behind? I can see you sucking another cock, and then another, till they cum in your face as I come in your cunt. Would you like that, you cumslut? Would you like that?"
"Is that what you'd like, D?" I say. "Do you want to see your woman suck a bunch of other guys? Is that what you like?"
We're going at it in the dark, and D is wailing away, and I'm smiling inside, thinking about how I've never had group sex, never slept with more than one guy at a time, but I know D thinks I'm so hot, that he's getting off on all the sexual energy his fantasy is generating, and that I'm learning something about him I didn't know before: Baby boy is turned on by the sexual energy of the crowd, he gets off on the multi-layer think, and it could be just a matter of time before these situations come up in real life for us, instead of in the dirty talk of his late night mind.

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