Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Plum and Andre: 3 months strong

So I've been seeing Andre for about three months.

3 months of learning how to please a new man thrilled by my submission and determined to take my orgasms and give me boundless pleasure, three months of a new lover marvelling at how I give myself to him, how he can fuck and touch me at any time and I am always receptive, never say no.

In the vanilla world, we make a nice couple, an older man and his (slightly) younger girlfriend, the quieter man and the vivacious woman, so clearly happy and in love.

In the BDSM world, we're a Dom and his submissive slut, an interesting pair.

Both ways, it's good.

Andre shoves it right in

He's learned the joys of my sucking his cock, taking the tip far back in my throat, rubbing the mushroom head against my larynx until I basically choke, then doing it again and again as my fingers tease his balls and scratch and stroke the sensitive skin.

I've learned what his fingers feel like inside me, those big thumbs that enter my pussy and rub, that turn me into a wet puddle of gluey cum, over and over again, as predictable as a wind-up toy.

We touch one another, and please and tease, run and stroke, until the moment I turn over, obediently, for him to put his cock in me and he shoves it right in, his hand almost delicately touching my thigh as his hips pump against me, in and out.

"Oh that feels so good," he sighs.

"Yes, it feels good," I agree, enjoying the throb of his hard cock inside me, enjoying his hand on my hip holding me down, enjoying the way he can rub right up against my g-spot and make me so god damned wet.

We come together when we fuck, we come together after I've sucked him down whole and he's made me squirt buckets of wet onto a towel.

His ass rubs against mine, his cock slides between my legs and down into my flesh, into the dark wet hole my submission has become.

As he thrusts against me, his hand pinning my legs, I feel my body open to him, the soft wet flesh pulsing against his skin, the head of his cock pinned inside my cunt just like my thighs are pinned by his hands and our orgasms bloom, one after the other, our gasps and crying making a song that resonates in the spent silence.

Later, we sleep, and when I wake up in the middle of the night, on the edge of the early morning light, I realize that I am sleeping against him, curled into his tall length and that his leg is thrown across my body, holding me down, keeping me tucked against him as we sleep.

"I can't get away," I think, "He's captured me," and as I am wondering why this truth strikes me as both good and bad, I wriggle free of his leg and go back to sleep.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fabulous Monkey Sex

He said "We had fabulous monkey sex last night" and laughed--and I shut down.

It's true, we did have fabulous monkey sex, the two of us soaked in sweak and stinking and slimy with lube and come, but I was trying to have a tantric spritual connected experience--and we were both just too eager and greedy to pull that off.

Nevertheless, when he implied our coming together was just so much casual fun (which maybe it is), I flinched. And got off the phone. And sulked.

And then, when I called him back to explain how I felt and that his comment had put me off, he seemed unreceptive. I felt awkward, not reassured.

And now I am about to go to bed and make love with my hand and think about whether I should try to meet someone else and forget this.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sex with D--and Andre

So while my body is still as wet and juicy and receptive of D as ever, the shifting dynamic of my BDSM lover is definitely taking some of the charge out of the wild fucking I do with D.

I admit it, it turns me on to have a lover who holds me down, rubs himself against my body, and as soon as I am moist, shoves his super-hard cock right into the soft pink, slamming over and over into my pussy and against my G-spot as he whispers the filthiest stuff into my ear.

On the other hand, those pleasures pall a bit when I've just spent the previous evening being tied down and cuffed so that I could have two big meaty hands explore me, thrumming my G-spot over and over until I came so hard I squirted buckets all over an already drenched towel until Andre felt ready to play with my clit, his mouth sucking and biting my breasts as his hands plucked the stiffening flesh and grabbed the soft, hairy mound skin.

And then there was the moment Andre shoved himself in my mouth, fucking my face in a way that doesn't particularly turn Wash on (except for the sheer sluttiness of it), the fat tip of his cock pressing against my lips and making me droll as he shoved hard, right to the back of my throat.

I recognize this is a higher order problem to have, that making love with both D and Andre are true pleasures, but as the world's biggest G-spot slut (I think), the way Andre can push that magic button every time makes me just beside myself--and when you add some good spanking to that--I'm all for it.

Observations: Me & Andre

Andre and I have several weeks of dating history now, and while the let's see how many wet squirting orgasms I can give Plum before she can't move hasn't abated, we're starting to recognize that maybe we don't have to be quite so greedy and rushed about our pleasures.
Having said that, and recognizing that I do have another lover (and Andre has two), we're also thinking about what's next.

We're both into BDSM and I know there will be more public play in our future, but we're also talking about threesomes, couples and swinging...stuff neither of us have as of yet explored.
At the same time, I'm also getting a better sense of Andre as a Dom.

Some observations about him:

  • He is truly dominant, but he's not particularly into pain.
  • Or, he is into giving pain from an erotic perspective, but doesn't get much of his own sexual thrill from causing it.
  • He's a giver, but he likes feeling in control.
  • He loves it when I take control for a bit--which is atypical for a Dom--but we've talked about how much fun it would be for me to learn CBT--and use it on him for exquisite thrills, sometime.
  • He'll never want to humilate me, share me if I don't want to be shared, or push me beyond my pleasure--in some ways--it will be easy to top from the bottom with him--because his true desire is to make me/keep me happy in his arms.

Some observations about me:

  • I want to feel owned, controlled, possessed and cared for.
  • In some ways this is more important than feeling loved (tho I feel loved).
  • I am probably potentially more hard core than he is--which means he's a good choice--since I like to manage my edges.
  • The pleasure of dating someone dominant who outweighs me by a good 100 pounds is something I am going to remember--it adds special fillip to being held down.

Friday, March 02, 2007

What feels like home

For me, it's his big hands inside my pussy, his fingers thrusting against my g-spot, milking the fluid out as I come and come;

It's his mouth on my nipple, teeth scraping the tip, the pain building as the pleasure tips through my cunt, the whole thing so over the top I can only sob with joy.

For him, it's fucking my face, using my mouth to pleasure his dick, the fat fleshy tip shoved hard against the back of my throat, his hands on my neck as he thrusts into my face.

It's his mouth against the wet soreness of my clit, teeth teasing the pointed red edges of sensitive skin, hands pulling at my pussy lips.

For both of us it's his fingers inside me, two and three and even hour at a time, ramming into my throbbing wet hole like I am his insatiable cumslut, my consciousness exploding in bursts of pleasure.

We fucked today for the first time, and while it wasn't as intense as a full g-spot massage, having him inside me was incredible, wonderful, something I want to enjoy and never regret.