Friday, March 02, 2007

What feels like home

For me, it's his big hands inside my pussy, his fingers thrusting against my g-spot, milking the fluid out as I come and come;

It's his mouth on my nipple, teeth scraping the tip, the pain building as the pleasure tips through my cunt, the whole thing so over the top I can only sob with joy.

For him, it's fucking my face, using my mouth to pleasure his dick, the fat fleshy tip shoved hard against the back of my throat, his hands on my neck as he thrusts into my face.

It's his mouth against the wet soreness of my clit, teeth teasing the pointed red edges of sensitive skin, hands pulling at my pussy lips.

For both of us it's his fingers inside me, two and three and even hour at a time, ramming into my throbbing wet hole like I am his insatiable cumslut, my consciousness exploding in bursts of pleasure.

We fucked today for the first time, and while it wasn't as intense as a full g-spot massage, having him inside me was incredible, wonderful, something I want to enjoy and never regret.

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