Thursday, March 08, 2007

Observations: Me & Andre

Andre and I have several weeks of dating history now, and while the let's see how many wet squirting orgasms I can give Plum before she can't move hasn't abated, we're starting to recognize that maybe we don't have to be quite so greedy and rushed about our pleasures.
Having said that, and recognizing that I do have another lover (and Andre has two), we're also thinking about what's next.

We're both into BDSM and I know there will be more public play in our future, but we're also talking about threesomes, couples and swinging...stuff neither of us have as of yet explored.
At the same time, I'm also getting a better sense of Andre as a Dom.

Some observations about him:

  • He is truly dominant, but he's not particularly into pain.
  • Or, he is into giving pain from an erotic perspective, but doesn't get much of his own sexual thrill from causing it.
  • He's a giver, but he likes feeling in control.
  • He loves it when I take control for a bit--which is atypical for a Dom--but we've talked about how much fun it would be for me to learn CBT--and use it on him for exquisite thrills, sometime.
  • He'll never want to humilate me, share me if I don't want to be shared, or push me beyond my pleasure--in some ways--it will be easy to top from the bottom with him--because his true desire is to make me/keep me happy in his arms.

Some observations about me:

  • I want to feel owned, controlled, possessed and cared for.
  • In some ways this is more important than feeling loved (tho I feel loved).
  • I am probably potentially more hard core than he is--which means he's a good choice--since I like to manage my edges.
  • The pleasure of dating someone dominant who outweighs me by a good 100 pounds is something I am going to remember--it adds special fillip to being held down.

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