Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dinner and dessert

Tomorrow night I am having the long-anticipated dinner with Joannie and Neil, the couple who propositioned me back in the summer. I am going to practice safe sex, but abandon all caution, and I think it will be amazing fun.

Welcome, Fleshbot folks!

Hey there--come and enjoy my stories. Some recent ones:

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Some older ones:
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With Z, touch of his hand on my throat

Spanking the Boy..and then some

He was maybe 35, long lustrous hair, cut to the neck, nice body, friend of a friend and someone else out in the woods for the weekend. Oh, and did I mention that it was the cute little plaid skirt, cut to there, and the long white knee socks he wore that totally got my attention?

Yep, Jeannie was a cross-dresser.

We ended up, during one of the talks, cuddling a bit more closely than friends, and the way his fingers traced a line down my breasts, it was clear he was willing to be good friends, and turned on by a guy in knee socks, a skirt, shaped eyebrows and a cool good ring in one ear, why would I say no?

We ended up in the back room at the place, door shut, exploring one another as everyone else discussed whether to take off their clothes and practice CPR (okay, it was actually orgasmic deep breathing). I found out the Boy, as I like to call him, has this little submissive streak and that because of his love of being dominated and spanking, I was going to get a chance to switch

But of course I didn't know that when we started. I only knew that he wanted to kiss me and touch my breasts and that, when I offered to spank him, he said yes. So then there was the moment I put him across my knee on the bed. And the way I lifted up the little skirt to rub his sweet, hairless ass and swat him with my hand, again and again. And soon the skirt was off, and he was face down on the bed, ass in the air, and I was spanking that sweet air, my hand coming down on the space between the butt and the thigh over and over again, rubbing and kneading his butt as I spanked it hard with one hand.

And then there was the way he went right into subspace, the little cries and moans he made that turned me on just so much, and the way he moaned when I took my fingers and rubbed them across his nipples and took the little delicate pink tip in my mouth, that tiny nib, and bit it, almost hard. And then there was the sound of spanking, and the cries and moans we made, and my knowing that the people in the other room had no idea who was spanking whom.

Can you believe I almost don't remember what the Boy did to me, just that it all felt amazingly good? And that when we took a deep breath and hugged and kissed and went outside, our lovers were lying naked beside one another?

"Faun says I'm too big to fit inside her," Morgan said, and Faun smiled prettily and reached for the Boy. And then there was the moment when I was bending over Morgan, astride his thighs as I obligingly fitted his big thick cock into my cunt, and the moment when I say the Boy bury himself inside Faun and start fucking her hard, just like a bunny rabbit machine, and the moment when I bounced atop Morgan, my big tits bouncing as I felt him pushing right up against my g-spot from the inside, and the idea that this was the first time I was having vigorous, athletic sex in front of anyone else, with the lights on, and with the whole room watching as fucking Morgan made me come over and over, as watching Boy drive himself joyfully and estastically into Faun thrilled me with erotic abandon.

And it was yes, oh yes, and yes again, Molly Bloom for sure as Swordfish says, and Jack Kerouac and angel headed Allen Ginsberg hipsters and the feeling I was in the right place and would keep coming back for more and more and more.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This post rocks!

"I have found that it is much easier to come out as gay than it is to come out as poly.
I am not completely out at work as I was when I lived as a lesbian. There are three people that know about my poly life at work and it took a long, long time for me to discover if I could bring it up. My Mom and sister know about me being poly, but not too many other family members. When I was living as a lesbian, everyone knew. My dad, my bosses, my co-workers, my everybody who came into contact with me knew."

---i, A Poly page for secondaries

Monday, October 01, 2007

Fucking Morgan

We were in bed together at his place. I was lying on my side against his broad thighs, his cock in my mouth, sucking hard as he fucked my face. Wet, throbbing cock pushing into the back of my throat, pushing the air right out of the way, his hips moving as he sought to shove more and ever more of that big thick cock right down my throat, filling it up so I could hardly breathe.

I sucked and sucked till the saliva ran in ribbony threads down the sides of my mouth, till my mouth was so wet I could lather his cock with wet spit, spit so thick it was almost white, as if my mouth had started to cum.

As hard as he was and as big, my sucking made him greedy and with a motion he moved me on top of him. I put that big thick cock in my cunt, knowing without checking that I'd be wet, that all that face fucking and his hand on the back of my neck would have opened my body for him.

And then there was that look on his face, the look of greedy joy I feared and loved, the intent pleasure-seeking concentration I felt so possessed by, and there was the way I wanted to see him feel more of that, to know that I made him feel that way, to feel like his spirit throbbed as he tried as hard as he could to show every bit ohis cock right up into me and then out again, so he could keep feeling me squeeze and rub the tip with the tight muscles of my cunt.

Back and forth we rocked, in and out, for what seemed like a long time, over and over. It was so good, and I cried out, savoring him, but he didn't come. Instead he looked up at me with wicked, sideways smile that was almost a sneer and said "I want my cock in your tight little hole. I want my cock in your ass."

"We could do that, " I said, and then we were doing it, his practiced hands opening me up, making me wet so that big cock could follow, could slide all the way in and find space to move, even as I gripped him tight as anything.

It hurt like a motherfucker as he pushed his way it. It hurt, but I wanted it. A pain I hoped would soon turn to pleasure. He smiled with joy as my tight asshole closed around the head of his cock, as I pumped up and down, working him into me, making myself loose and wet enough to truly fuck, to give him what he wanted and not have it hurt too much.

Up and down we moved, in rhythm, my body balanced over his as he fucked my ass, over and over, an amazing rhythm, an amazing thing, for us to touch in this way, to give one another so much pleasure. "Oh, oh," I cried out, and later, he cried out, too. And then there was the way I pinched his nipple with my thumb, and how I took it in my mouth and pressed it with my teeth at the same time I could feel him gather himself up and just explode.

And damn, it was good.