Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hood, blindfold, collar, leash, you

“Come here,” you say, and I pull the leash.
I come closer, blind, feel my nipples in your hands, feel your teeth scrape the tender skin, feel your mouth give suck as your fingers crawl inside me, a fierce, loving touch.
My knees are on the bed, my hands twisted in the pillows as you come closer and make me suck.
I open to take you all in, to salve that sweet tip, to swallow and gag and be your slut.
“Very good,” you say, “Very good” and you pull me close, again and again, until the saliva dripping from my mouth leaks down your legs.
And then it’s your cock inside me, hard, as you pull the leash on my neck.
Your hands pushing me down as you drive yourself in and plunge down, again and again.
I see nothing, but I feel it all
My head exploding as I come and come
My passion flowering as your hand rests against my neck.

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