Wednesday, August 02, 2006

D, again

"Plum," D says. "I want you to go stand over there and strip for me." He points to the corner of the bedroom."Give me a show."
"Okay.." I tell him, and soon I have some music on and I am taking my clothes off, piece by piece, shaking my ass in his face and staring into his eyes as I coyly seperate my breasts from their coverings.
"Give me a lap dance," he says when I am nude, and I, who have never had a lap dance, try to oblige. I sit on D's lap. facing out, and rub against him, then turn around and grind myself against him, enjoying the heat rising from his skin. His hands close on my breasts, pinching the nipples, and I laugh...Is that allowed?
Soon, I draw him to a standing position and help him take off all his clothes. When he is naked, his thick, stubby cock pointing up at me, I kneel down and take him in my mouth. God, sucking his cock feels so good. And the hand at the back of my head, the one he's learned I like, feels amazing as he shoves himself deeper into my mouth, fucking my throat till I choke and then, still more, past that feeling.
We make love for what feels like hours, until our bodies are slick with sweat and the sheets are wet. We do it doggie style and with me on my back, legs way in the air, and with me on top of him, a cowgirl and her (human) horse. He pounds my pussy with his cock, rubs my g-spot with his fingers, slams himself into me in a way that makes me nuts. I come hard, again and again, marveling once more at how quickly I grow wet and open to him, how totally turned on he makes me, and how much I want to please him.
I also think about how making love with a submissive woman means that some things never change, even if you're not really a dominate, like me, face down in the pillow, declaring between moans, "Do what you want, I'm your slut," and getting all excited when he pins me down hard, knowing that's exactly what I want.

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