Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Last night, D stayed over. We'd been talking about something difficult and neither of us felt passionate. But then, as we continued to talk (and share feelings), something shifted. The minute D turned off the light, he was all over me, gathering me up in his arms, kissing me, hugging me, his tongue deliciously pushing into my mouth, against my teeth, with wet, senuous kisses.

I kissed hin back, becoming aroused, and as he kissed me, he positioned himself over my naked body and began to move against me, his full, thick cock pushing against my thighs, growing hard as his tongue explored my mouth and his hands caressed my shoulders. Soon, I could feel myself growing moist, opening as he shoved his cock into me, and then we were fucking, hard,his cock moving in and out of me, slamming against my g-spot, and it felt so good I just couldn't take it and as he leaned down into my body, shoving his cock inside, I threw my head back and shuddered, feeling myself squirting, feeling the wet fluid course out of my pussy, around his cock and right down my legs onto the bed, puddles and puddles of come.

Excited beyond belief, D flipped me over and shoved himself in again as I arched my back against his hips, savoring his balls slapping against my inner thights and his hot cock moving in and out, faster and harder and harder and faster until he shot his come into me, arching his back and leaning in until there was a second where I didn't know where he left off and I began.

"I didn't feel like making love tonight," D said soon after. "I was feeling said."
"Me, too," I said. "--But after we talked, I got over it."

Oh, and did I mention--in case you didn't know--that squirting is one of my very favorite orgasmic things? And that I don't do it all that often--especially with what must have been a fairly limited (but clearly intense) degree of stimulation. Wow!

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ella said...

Aww, spectacular!