Monday, February 27, 2006

Slutty phone sex with G

So my friend G called tonight as I was doing some work.
G is a former lover who lives on the other side of the country and who is attached to someone else. We have not seen one another since December, but we remain good friends.
After I gave G an update on all the recent drama in my life, he told me he was alone in NY and thinking of me.
"I am horny as hell, with this big erection, wishing you were here," he said.
"Want to have phone sex?" Ms. Adventuous asked.
So I cuddled up on my bed and touched myself as G did the same. It was way more erotic than I expected to remind one another of things we'd done together and tell one another how to touch and where.
Finally, "I want you to come for me, G," I said, feeling somewhat domininant.
And he did, on command.
And then, I did too.
"Nice talking to you, G," I said soon after that. "Would be great to see you. Nite."

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I've been waiting for Z to come over tonight. "I want you to put on something really sexy for me," he said. "Or else, be naked."
I am sitting at the keyboard, typing, in some very sexy clothes: a black fishnet bodysuit, 4-inch black high heels, a sheer chiffon embroidered (black) slip, and a clingy black robe. Any minute, I think, Z is going to walk in the door and look at me.
Only thing is, Z just called--he's not coming over, cause he doesn't feel well.
"I had a bag of things packed with some very specific ideas about what I wanted to do, " he says.
"But I'm not going to tell you because it would spoil them."
"Another time," I say, and think about how I should take off the sexy clothes and put on my jeans and go out in the evening rain and buy dog food. (Arrgghh!)

The Ritual

I'm at D's--
We're in the loft --a space with candles, music, pillows, warmth.
We're naked on the futon, glowing in the candle light, as the drug we took kicks in.
Did I suck his cock before he ate me?
Did I wrap my legs around him tight before or after he kissed and bit my breasts?
How about the moment he came deep inside me, hot and wet, and I pushed myself back up against him, feeling my body make room to let him in?
I don't remember what we did when; the night is mostly snippets:
D inside me in the hot tub as we breathed together, looking into one another's eyes.
D behind me, later, on the bed, crying out as he came, and me thinking this feels so good

Later, we were quiet, and lay together and talked.
How we found one another, and how our attachment flowered.
The heart connection between us, the flow of talk and love.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


The funny thing about being a submissive is that you need a Dom.
Without the Dom, there is no one to be your Master.
Z and I have had some issues to work out the past week, and there has been some major fighting, enought fighting to make me wonder what I would do if we broke up, enough fighting to wonder if I could stand to lose him.
In some ways, I am such an atypical sub--high-functioning in the *real* world, fiesty, smart, but totally into being sexually submissive--and he is such an atypical Dom--romantic, kind, and while a genuis with pain, NOT a sadist.
I don't know if anyone else could touch me with the finesse he has, or inspire the kind of complete giving over of myself Z enjoys.
Fortunately, we seem to have worked our differences out; tonight was a riot of mouths, breasts, thighs , cocks, asses--two people passionate about touching one another with their own form of love.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

With Z--touch of his hand on my throat

It's been too long since Z has been in my bed.
We kiss and hug and he pushes my head down to his cock.
It's so long, so hard and dark pink, I want to take it in my mouth and do what he wants: lick and suck.
The back of my throat feels raw as he pushes against me
I think about the hood and think about my mouth
I know my pussy is hot and wet, dark red and hungry.
Soon enough, he is inside me.
"After you come, get off me and suck the juices off my cock," Z says.
I ride and bounce, but we come together, his explosion setting off my own.
"I was going to come in your face," Z whispers, "But I just couldn't wait."
I bend over and daintily clean his cock with my tongue.

Later, Z enters me with his fingers. As he begins to touch me, I quiver, already aroused,
conditioned to want more when I feel his hands slipping up my thighs,
He pushes against my g-spot and I feel my pussy literally split open under his hands, hotter and wetter until the moment I squirt and come, and then the next moment when I do it again, and the third time, when I gush til everything feels hot and soaked.

There's nothing else like what I feel when you touch me like that, I tell him. It feels so good, but what I think about as we lie there together is the touch of his hand on my throat, signal of his dominance and my release.

D inside me

D--The last time we were together, I thought about it all week till I saw him again.
When we make love, I feel so present, so connected to him; there's a heart exchange that is sooo sexy, and makes me feel soooo good.
We sleep spooned together, and in the night, he'll throw his hand over my shoulder and cup a breast, or shift, and cuddle against my hip.
Yesterday morning, very early, we were nestled in bed. It was too early too get up, but not too early to enjoy the feeling of his body warm beside me. As I lay there, I wanted him so badly, but I didn't say anything. Then, I remembered: I'm not submissive to him--I can do anything I want!
I leaned over and say "I have to have you..I want you so badly..right now."
D chuckled. "Can you feel how hard I am already?"
It was glorious making love, and he made one of those little cries again when he came that just move my heart.

Some quick updates

Haven't posted here much because there have been issues kicking in with Z, have started to limit (seriously) my openness to new people, and have been swamped at work--but no worries, lots more coming up.

Monday, February 13, 2006

With D

I am in love with D. He's attached to someone else, but I love him.
I keep thinking of what it felt like the last time we were together, and the time before, and
the time before that.
I keep thinking about the way he likes to rub his body against mind, seeking the right places, rooting and rubbing to come inside, and how welcoming I feel when he does.
"Ride that cock, ride it," he pants sometimes as I plunge astride him. "I want to feel you come."

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Z and I , together in bed, Saturday morning. I like the curve of my hip against his thigh, the feel of his hand caressing my waist. We kiss and cuddle, enjoying skin on skin, but soon Z puts his hands inside me, his finger finding its way inside, more fingers following till I feel myself shifting from dry and tight to soft, wet and open.
It's my g-spot again--every time Z works it, I just go nuts--It feels so amazing to have his hand working inside me, pushing my orgasm harder, making me so excited I just can't stop.
He thrusts, and I open, and in the excitment, I go from two fingers to three to four to five--
"I have my whole hand inside you!"Z exclaims. "I can't believe it!"
It's only a moment, cause it hurts, but it's a first, another first, from a woman who never thought she'd squirt--or be fisted--to her Dom.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

D is now for Dom

D and I originally met online because he wanted to explore his dominant side and needed a BDSM pal. I felt the terms of my agreement with Z allowed me to play at spanking etc with a partner, but not to get into the intense control games Z and I play.
In the time I have been with D, D/s has been a smal percentage of how we spend our time, but the night we spent together this week was different--we started playing as soon as we went into the bedroom

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A fantasy for Bear

We are together again in another city, another room.
We stand at the window together looking down at the streets,
the small cars moving far below.
Your hand on my neck, you push me down till the thick carpet rubs my breasts.
Then kneel and take my face in your hands, moving your tongue in my mouth.

As we kiss, I touch your thighs, the long slender bones that join to your hip.
I stroke your leg as you pinch my breast, the other hand holding me tight.
We lie on the floor together, beside the bed, and I put my arms around you as you twine your legs around my ankles and bend my toes.

There is the moment when you spread my legs, put your hand in deep,
and touch me till I sob, a soft, quiet scream.
And the moment when I suck your cock, your black curve deep in my throat
and the moment when we both see white as our orgasms explode.

Yes, I miss you.
Yes, I think about you.
I imagine myself saying, Ohhh, please
and the smile on your face as you say Yes.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

BDSM Batman

Another striking image.
Who knew the Bat was a spanko?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The travelling erotic art show

Check this out-- The Travelling Erotic Art Show is live on the web and perhaps coming to your town.
This picture is by the thrilling James Mogul.

In R's bed, early am

Spent the night at Z's.
In the morning, as the alarm went off, Zand I turned to one another and began to make love once more.
What can I say about the moments he jammed his fingers inside me, making me squirt three times?
Or the way he bit my breast as he stroked me, his fingers curling gently inside my ass?
And the way he spanked me as I sucked his cock, the way he used my mouth like a pussy, the way he moaned and held my head, and the way as he held me down, hit me and controlled me, I went nuts with joy, amazed that this was so much the right thing.
"Master," I said, thinking I want to be mastered.
"My big breasted cock slut," he said, and then,"Oh, I love you so much."