Sunday, February 05, 2006

A fantasy for Bear

We are together again in another city, another room.
We stand at the window together looking down at the streets,
the small cars moving far below.
Your hand on my neck, you push me down till the thick carpet rubs my breasts.
Then kneel and take my face in your hands, moving your tongue in my mouth.

As we kiss, I touch your thighs, the long slender bones that join to your hip.
I stroke your leg as you pinch my breast, the other hand holding me tight.
We lie on the floor together, beside the bed, and I put my arms around you as you twine your legs around my ankles and bend my toes.

There is the moment when you spread my legs, put your hand in deep,
and touch me till I sob, a soft, quiet scream.
And the moment when I suck your cock, your black curve deep in my throat
and the moment when we both see white as our orgasms explode.

Yes, I miss you.
Yes, I think about you.
I imagine myself saying, Ohhh, please
and the smile on your face as you say Yes.

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