Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Ritual

I'm at D's--
We're in the loft --a space with candles, music, pillows, warmth.
We're naked on the futon, glowing in the candle light, as the drug we took kicks in.
Did I suck his cock before he ate me?
Did I wrap my legs around him tight before or after he kissed and bit my breasts?
How about the moment he came deep inside me, hot and wet, and I pushed myself back up against him, feeling my body make room to let him in?
I don't remember what we did when; the night is mostly snippets:
D inside me in the hot tub as we breathed together, looking into one another's eyes.
D behind me, later, on the bed, crying out as he came, and me thinking this feels so good

Later, we were quiet, and lay together and talked.
How we found one another, and how our attachment flowered.
The heart connection between us, the flow of talk and love.

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