Thursday, February 23, 2006


The funny thing about being a submissive is that you need a Dom.
Without the Dom, there is no one to be your Master.
Z and I have had some issues to work out the past week, and there has been some major fighting, enought fighting to make me wonder what I would do if we broke up, enough fighting to wonder if I could stand to lose him.
In some ways, I am such an atypical sub--high-functioning in the *real* world, fiesty, smart, but totally into being sexually submissive--and he is such an atypical Dom--romantic, kind, and while a genuis with pain, NOT a sadist.
I don't know if anyone else could touch me with the finesse he has, or inspire the kind of complete giving over of myself Z enjoys.
Fortunately, we seem to have worked our differences out; tonight was a riot of mouths, breasts, thighs , cocks, asses--two people passionate about touching one another with their own form of love.

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lolalane said...

A gf of mine in the kink talks about how the D/s relationship is frequently reversed in the real world. In a relationship born out of need for balance, often subs are high functioning and agressive in the "real" world and often Doms are laid back, even unassertive.

I think you are perfectly normal. Congratulations on the make-up festivites.