Sunday, February 19, 2006

D inside me

D--The last time we were together, I thought about it all week till I saw him again.
When we make love, I feel so present, so connected to him; there's a heart exchange that is sooo sexy, and makes me feel soooo good.
We sleep spooned together, and in the night, he'll throw his hand over my shoulder and cup a breast, or shift, and cuddle against my hip.
Yesterday morning, very early, we were nestled in bed. It was too early too get up, but not too early to enjoy the feeling of his body warm beside me. As I lay there, I wanted him so badly, but I didn't say anything. Then, I remembered: I'm not submissive to him--I can do anything I want!
I leaned over and say "I have to have you..I want you so badly..right now."
D chuckled. "Can you feel how hard I am already?"
It was glorious making love, and he made one of those little cries again when he came that just move my heart.

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