Sunday, February 12, 2006


Z and I , together in bed, Saturday morning. I like the curve of my hip against his thigh, the feel of his hand caressing my waist. We kiss and cuddle, enjoying skin on skin, but soon Z puts his hands inside me, his finger finding its way inside, more fingers following till I feel myself shifting from dry and tight to soft, wet and open.
It's my g-spot again--every time Z works it, I just go nuts--It feels so amazing to have his hand working inside me, pushing my orgasm harder, making me so excited I just can't stop.
He thrusts, and I open, and in the excitment, I go from two fingers to three to four to five--
"I have my whole hand inside you!"Z exclaims. "I can't believe it!"
It's only a moment, cause it hurts, but it's a first, another first, from a woman who never thought she'd squirt--or be fisted--to her Dom.

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brat said...

Oh YAY! :) I have only been fisted once by a woman, Oh my! what a delicious feeling.

Never been brave enough to try a mans fist.