Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Last night, D stayed over. We'd been talking about something difficult and neither of us felt passionate. But then, as we continued to talk (and share feelings), something shifted. The minute D turned off the light, he was all over me, gathering me up in his arms, kissing me, hugging me, his tongue deliciously pushing into my mouth, against my teeth, with wet, senuous kisses.

I kissed hin back, becoming aroused, and as he kissed me, he positioned himself over my naked body and began to move against me, his full, thick cock pushing against my thighs, growing hard as his tongue explored my mouth and his hands caressed my shoulders. Soon, I could feel myself growing moist, opening as he shoved his cock into me, and then we were fucking, hard,his cock moving in and out of me, slamming against my g-spot, and it felt so good I just couldn't take it and as he leaned down into my body, shoving his cock inside, I threw my head back and shuddered, feeling myself squirting, feeling the wet fluid course out of my pussy, around his cock and right down my legs onto the bed, puddles and puddles of come.

Excited beyond belief, D flipped me over and shoved himself in again as I arched my back against his hips, savoring his balls slapping against my inner thights and his hot cock moving in and out, faster and harder and harder and faster until he shot his come into me, arching his back and leaning in until there was a second where I didn't know where he left off and I began.

"I didn't feel like making love tonight," D said soon after. "I was feeling said."
"Me, too," I said. "--But after we talked, I got over it."

Oh, and did I mention--in case you didn't know--that squirting is one of my very favorite orgasmic things? And that I don't do it all that often--especially with what must have been a fairly limited (but clearly intense) degree of stimulation. Wow!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New experience 2: The nudist colony

So I spent the weekend at a nudist resort (Yes, D went with me).
If I was going to chart my exposure to groups of naked bodies, this might be the apogee of my bell curve--from taking my clothes off in a group to jump in D's hott tub with a group of people, to dancing naked at my new community event, to stripping down in from of dozens of (naked) strangers in a closed setting, I'm certainly moving down the modesty continum--the next step will mostly likely be taking it all off in a more public setting, like a local nude beach.

Of course I enjoyed ogling some of the beautiful bodies, and the endlessly interesting array of cocks, breasts, asses and tattoos, but it was a chaste as could be, at least in public--which meant that I took great pleasure in yowling behind closed doors--specifically, as D and I screwed in our corner room overlooking for swimming pool, I gave myself the pleasure of some heartfelt--and loud--screaming and moaning as D fucked me silly, pounding his cock into my pussy doggy-style, just the way we both like it--deep, rough, and hard.

Nothing like imagining the whole pool area--and the single guys lingering alone below--as my screams floated out over the pool area, letting everyone know someone was getting it, and getting it good.

New experience 1: The sex club and the girl

This past week, I went to a munch and then to a sex club. I dressed carefully, in an outfit that allowed me control over what I kept on/took off--black high heels(a comfortable pair), a low-cut black bra and a black g-string, a sheer, pretty black slip with an embroidered bra top, jeans and a black wrap top.
The dinner was nice: a motley crew of couples (I knew one couple), a lesbian triad, a stunning dominatrix, tall and red-headed, visiting on her honeymoon from out of town with her (gorgeous) submissive husband, a trannie and her boyfriend, and a chubby, super-cute young woman named Vanessa, who sat beside me and spent much of the night talking to us.
After the meal, we tripped off to the (public) sex club and headed down to the dungeon where the dominatrix stripped the clothes off her boy, put him on a horse, snapped down the cuffs, and proceeded to give him the most amazing and controlled flogging, brushing his ball and ass in the most elegant, sexual way, punctating the play with hard little smacks on his ass and pointed, but quiet directions.
A the same time, Marta and Cory, the BSDM couple I know, got busy with a big cross, fastening Marta against the pegs and getting into flogging.
D and Vanessa and I sat on the couch, watching, commenting on the play. Soon Vanessa turned to me: "Would you mind giving me a back rub?"she said.
"Sure, " I answered, and starting giving this adorable 21 year old with long shiny hair and a self-professed preference for women a nice, slow back rub, making sure to put her pressure into my strokes, leaning into her back so she could feel the warm of my breasts behind my hands. She arched her back with pleasure, graceful and cool, as I grinned over her head at D, watching hungrily as I stroked the pretty girl.
"Hey, would you like D to take over for while, or should I just keep going?" I asked in her ear.
"Oh, you should keep going," she answered, and I nodded assent and mouthed at D "She likes girls!"
Did I have fantasies of taking Vanessa home with me and D and doing the nasty with her?
And did I wonder if this sweet--but clearly brave and passionate-young woman was actually a baby dominate? (After all, my fantasy was to kind dominate her.)
Anyway, nothing happened...the sex club was filled with prowling single men, cruising and watching hungrily as other people had their fun, and it creeped me out in a major way. I went off in a corner, in my slip and panties, and instructed D in how to give me a proper flogging--something he persisted in, but didn't do as well as I had hoped.
And the side notes:
--The top, AGI, observing that Vanessa had beautiful eyes, and my retorting "Are you sure it's not just that she's 21?" as the trannie snorted with laughter.
--The lesbian twosome strapping down their third over another horse, and going to work, hard with a set of floggers.
--The couple fucking out in the open on a big red bed as the Japanese tourists and cruisers crowded hungrily around, then splitting after they were done.

Conclusion: Vanessa was hot, the munch was fun, but the sex club is only good for the f0llowing things:
--Dominants with subs they want to humiliate, particuarly with trannies and ugly single male strangers
--Exhibitionists of every single stripe
--Single, horny tourists hoping to get lucky

Monday, July 17, 2006

The slut's credo

Always be ready.
If a man I am with wants sex, always provide it.
Let him know I am always open to him, that I will never turn him away.
I can and will be his anytime.
Let him know all my holes are and for the asking.
Enjoy the privilege of being used.
Enjoy the power of my own sexuality and desire.
Own myself, then give myself to my master.
Be a slut--but never a slave.
Live it. Now--and later.

The Love Doctor is in

D and I are in bed at his house. "Let me message your legs," he says.
"Sure," I say,
He puts the message oil on his hands and greases up my legs.
Soon, he is rubbing the long muscles in my legs with his strong hands,
moving his fingers up my thighs and pressing the knots smooth,
working his hands along my hips, touching the soft flesh of my ass
on his way to my lower back.
As he rubs the muscles, he presses my whole body down into the bed
so I feel his strength on me, the long strokes of his hands holding me
down into the mattress. I feel his cock hanging, hardening between my thighs
as he works his strength along my back, feel the hard stiffening as his hands warm my flesh,
feel him grow erect and I want him inside me.

And then there is the moment I raise my hips ever so slightly as he scours his hands on my
muscles, and there is a push and he is in, inside me, moving hard, his cock beating inside my flesh like another bit of my skin, pounding softly into me, hot and wet, as I feel so liquid with him.

We fuck like two happy animals, softer and gentler than sometimes, but with the greed of two people aroused and attuned to one another's flesh. He pulls me up, hips in the air, and we do it doggie style like we both love and it feels so good as I come and come, and as he shoots himself into me, squirting and squirting like a goddamned gush, an explosion of joy and come.

And then we lie together and rest, hold one another after we clean up the wet. I love the smell of him, love the feel of his heavy arm thrown across my chest, love the way he curls into me as we get ready to go to bed and I just feel so happy, so lucky, so wanted by him and as I fall asleep I think "I want to do this again."

A new Dom

Drinks last night with a potential new man.
A new Dom.
Dinner to follow later this month.
He's older, a scientist, smart, funny and dominant his whole life, tho he didn't know what that means for a while.
After we met, I went home and thought about him, imagining us together, imagining him mastering me, and I got really turned on.

There was a time, I thought I'd never *really* do D/s with anyone but Z...not anymore.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

4am, in bed with D

His hands are on my breasts, his mouth is against my neck, and he's spooned into me, cock hard, the front of his body fitted around my back. Is it possible to sigh with pleasure in your sleep?
To awaken thrilled and aroused by a loving touch?
Soon, I can't take it any more and I turn my my back, needing him inside me, needing to feel that hard cock hitting my g-spot from the inside, to feel his skin warming against mine. "Are you going to come again, you slut? Come on my cock?" he says, and I feel my body madly tighten as he speaks, wanting only to feast and please.
"Oh, it feels so good," I whisper as he pounds into me, feeling every last thrust and buckle, every second his hard cock pulls in and out.
We make love for an hour, smothering one another with kisses, slamming our bodies together in flurry of warm love, then curl back together, cuddled, and spend the next 2 hours talking.

And then it's morning, and then, he leaves, and all day I think about about us, awake in the night.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The woman

I met a woman today who totally caught my attention. Starfire is perhaps 40, slim and dark, with spiky hair and white teeth...She's Francois, a designer, once married and now with a female lover...and into BDSM. I found her entrancing...charming...and have been imagining whether there's anywhere this might go--and hope the answer is yes.
I've never slept with a woman, you see, not even in my HS days, when I tried to have sex with a female friend and flipped out over it. Lately, women have become more interesting to me, but I haven't met anyone that struck a chord--not till Starfire.
God, she is fine!
Small round breasts, lean thighs, beautiful, greedy energy--feeling and lovely and bright.
And she's madly in love with a FemDom--but not in a way that stopped her from giving me--and a couple of other folks--some lovely kisses. Lovely warm kisses.
Maybe she will be the one..or not--I hope to get to know her better either way-she could be a wonderful friend.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Horny, and then some

Did I have a chance to mention the endless horniness I have been feeling?

Having sex with D once or twice a week just isn't enough, especially since we typically make love, exhaust ourselves, and then just cuddle and touch the next morning.
But Z is not available, and involving someone else in my life just seems too complicated--I wish there were a friend with benefits nearby, someone I didn't feel obligated to tell D about.
Meanwhile, I think about sex much of the time.
I feel my pussy tingling and ready, but for what?

And of course, that isn't even getting into how much I miss being dominated, or how long it has been since I've had a good spanking. And it's been months since I squirted(and I REALLY, REALLY miss that).

For someone who wanted multiple lovers, my options seem to have dwindled..And yet, unless I end things with Z, I won't have the space for anyone else--not unless anyone has some advice I am not seeing (Note: I have cyber sex so that doesn't help...)