Monday, July 17, 2006

The slut's credo

Always be ready.
If a man I am with wants sex, always provide it.
Let him know I am always open to him, that I will never turn him away.
I can and will be his anytime.
Let him know all my holes are and for the asking.
Enjoy the privilege of being used.
Enjoy the power of my own sexuality and desire.
Own myself, then give myself to my master.
Be a slut--but never a slave.
Live it. Now--and later.


A Sexy Story said...

a very good credo to live by, I think all sluts and subs should kive by that.


serenity said...

well said, my dear. i think the only thing i would add would be... always swallow...

Anonymous said...

thank you...i'm going to keep that with me