Sunday, July 23, 2006

New experience 1: The sex club and the girl

This past week, I went to a munch and then to a sex club. I dressed carefully, in an outfit that allowed me control over what I kept on/took off--black high heels(a comfortable pair), a low-cut black bra and a black g-string, a sheer, pretty black slip with an embroidered bra top, jeans and a black wrap top.
The dinner was nice: a motley crew of couples (I knew one couple), a lesbian triad, a stunning dominatrix, tall and red-headed, visiting on her honeymoon from out of town with her (gorgeous) submissive husband, a trannie and her boyfriend, and a chubby, super-cute young woman named Vanessa, who sat beside me and spent much of the night talking to us.
After the meal, we tripped off to the (public) sex club and headed down to the dungeon where the dominatrix stripped the clothes off her boy, put him on a horse, snapped down the cuffs, and proceeded to give him the most amazing and controlled flogging, brushing his ball and ass in the most elegant, sexual way, punctating the play with hard little smacks on his ass and pointed, but quiet directions.
A the same time, Marta and Cory, the BSDM couple I know, got busy with a big cross, fastening Marta against the pegs and getting into flogging.
D and Vanessa and I sat on the couch, watching, commenting on the play. Soon Vanessa turned to me: "Would you mind giving me a back rub?"she said.
"Sure, " I answered, and starting giving this adorable 21 year old with long shiny hair and a self-professed preference for women a nice, slow back rub, making sure to put her pressure into my strokes, leaning into her back so she could feel the warm of my breasts behind my hands. She arched her back with pleasure, graceful and cool, as I grinned over her head at D, watching hungrily as I stroked the pretty girl.
"Hey, would you like D to take over for while, or should I just keep going?" I asked in her ear.
"Oh, you should keep going," she answered, and I nodded assent and mouthed at D "She likes girls!"
Did I have fantasies of taking Vanessa home with me and D and doing the nasty with her?
And did I wonder if this sweet--but clearly brave and passionate-young woman was actually a baby dominate? (After all, my fantasy was to kind dominate her.)
Anyway, nothing happened...the sex club was filled with prowling single men, cruising and watching hungrily as other people had their fun, and it creeped me out in a major way. I went off in a corner, in my slip and panties, and instructed D in how to give me a proper flogging--something he persisted in, but didn't do as well as I had hoped.
And the side notes:
--The top, AGI, observing that Vanessa had beautiful eyes, and my retorting "Are you sure it's not just that she's 21?" as the trannie snorted with laughter.
--The lesbian twosome strapping down their third over another horse, and going to work, hard with a set of floggers.
--The couple fucking out in the open on a big red bed as the Japanese tourists and cruisers crowded hungrily around, then splitting after they were done.

Conclusion: Vanessa was hot, the munch was fun, but the sex club is only good for the f0llowing things:
--Dominants with subs they want to humiliate, particuarly with trannies and ugly single male strangers
--Exhibitionists of every single stripe
--Single, horny tourists hoping to get lucky

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