Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sex party redux

What is there to say about rooms full of naked people on mattresses, chairs, and the floor, fucking, sucking, touching, moaning--while others stand around talking and watching, sometimes real close, sometimees from a distance?

The sex party was in the house in the burbs. "They put those red lights outside everytime," my friend said. "Their neighbors must hate it."

There were over 100 people there, way too many.

My friends found some of their friends and I soon met a medly of people who, if I saw them at the office, would never imagine that they had spent part of their weekend swinging at an orgy.

But while it was fun, I never touched anyone--that is if you don't count kissing Kitten, Madelaine, and Mark, the twisted threesome who brought me.
Why not?

Too many people, too many agendas, too much flesh with no energy or intimacy--just didn't happen.

On the other hand, I looked great, felt admired, and would definitely look for a smaller party to play out--with my dear friends, who turned me out just right.

A couple of hot scenes from the party:
Sucking cock: Two girls, white skin,long black hair falling in their eyes, face fucking and sucking two men. The older gent on the right, a black man with a hardtime face, held the girl's head with one hand as he fed her his dick with the other, keeping a steady rhythm that left her no time to breathe. Are you surprised the sound of her choking turned me on? Or that when he took her head between his hands, holding it completely to better use her mouth, I briefly contemplated walking over to the two total strangers and saying, "Excuse me, may I cut in?"

Mark caning Kitten across a bed, the only BDSM moment of the night, the white stick leaving red marks on her tawny flesh as she wiggled under the stick, getting more and more turned on as the pain sent her to sub-space. (And yes, I let him cane me a little too, and it was great.)

A little tiny Asian woman going down on a big fat one who lay back, legs in the air. Two hefty black dudes eating out the Asian, touching and sucking and eventually fucking, shoving right into her as she muff-dove on the big girl.

Conclusion: I would go again, but only to a smaller, more intimate gathering with Madelaine, Kitten, Mark and their friends.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sex party--my first

I'm going to a sex party this weekend with some friends.

It's a private group of swingers having a party in one house. Single women (that would be me) are free. My friends I am going with are regulars and will watch out for me.

"There's no pressure to play," they say.

We'll see.

I'm looking for tips and advice from all you readers out there on sex party etiquette--any advice for an newbie?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sugasm #63

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Squirting like never before

In bed with Andre, and he is working me over in a major way.

If my g-spot were a city, it would now be razed, demolished, trashed by the ground zero of sex he's launched at my very center, my passion exploding out from the core so that I squirt over and over, so violently fluid is gushing out, so hard I worry that I am actually peeing, an uncontrollable stream that's just happening and cannot be stopped.

"Oh,oh,oh," I gasp, my voice breaking into a sob, my head thrown back and back arching as I touch the pointed nipples on my tits.

"I want you to squirt," he says and as his hands assault my pussy, I want to scream, to find some release, and then I feel myself opening, my body stiffening as the orgasm builds, and then I am squirting, harder and faster than ever before, feeling the fluid just pour out of my body, in one stream --sort of like pee (only completely different) and then I go limp, sated and drained as Ande leans over, my juices soaking his face.

"That's good, that's good," he says, and then he goes in for more.

The toy bag

We're talking about what we like and what we've done.

He's telling me about rope, about cuffs, restraints, paddles and floggers.

I'm telling him about blindfolds, gags, hoods and bondage.

"I'd kind of like a gag," I hear myself say. "And I love blindfolds...and restraints..."

"Would you like to see my toy bag?" he says.

I agree, and soon I am reviewing a highly impressive set of canes, whips and floggers.

There's the soft suede flogger with the knotted ends, and the harsh leather flogger that must hurt like hell, and the rabbits' fur flogger that could warm things up and the braided leather coil flogger that Andre says he like to use "on pussy."

And then there's the hard plastic flogger that could easily leave marks, and two rattan canes, a bundled sheaf of softer twigs, and a whole assortment of paddles.

And the clover clamps, and the (ugh) clothes pins.

The pervertables--spoons, spatulas and plastic binders--and rope, yards of it, and a wand of cellophane for bondage wrapping.

"Wow," I say, and show him the mask, the butt plug and the dildo I've brought along, just in case.

He smiled and nods appreciatively.

"Just wait, " he says, a glint in his eye, "It is only going to get better."

Dom and Sub: The contract

"Mine." He tugs at the curly hair around my pussy lips, tightening his grip. His wolf eyes hold my gaze, intent, probing. "Mine."

He tugs harder and I feel the hairs stretch in his grip.

"Yes," I answer him. "It's yours, I give it to you."

Later, his mouth is on my breast, teeth gazing the nipple. "Mine."

I lean my head back, nestled in his arms. "Yes, they're yours."

We touch and murmur through the night, my mouth closing tight on his straining cock, his hands shoved inside me until I am wet beyond belief.

"I want to be your slut," I murmur. "I want to give myself to you. I want to feel owned and possessed."

"I want to use you," he says. "I see you naked, in a collar, an equal, but also my slave...."

"Slut," I correct, nestling closer. "I would like to belong to you, to feel possessed, in in time, I will want to call you Master."

We hold together, entwined in the big soft bed, talking of the present and the future about to happen.

It's a contract of sorts, a set of wishes and promises between two seeking people, a Dom looking for a women to possess and a submissive looking for a Master.

As we touch and murmur, my heart starts to race and I see once again how much yearning I have, how eager and hungry I am to give myself over, how much I want to see if this man can be the one.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

With Andre (aka Date with a Dom 2)

We're together again, at his place, away from the city and where the lights shine from the hills into darkness and silence.

We're in his bed and he's holding me down, one hand pinching my nipples as his tongue seeks my mouth. We kiss and play and touch and it's all good, it feels so good, and then there's the sense there could be more.

"Just hurt me a little when you do that," I whisper as his mouth finds my breast. "It will send me right over the edge."

Later, I take his cock in my mouth, running my teeth lightly over the full tip, taking the fleshy bulb deep into the back of my throat, caressing him--really--with the inside of my cheeks. He moans, "Oh, that feels so good."

"Play with it, explore it, touch it," he directs, and I bend my head and work my tongue, my mouth, my throat, my hands, my breasts, all to give him pleasure.

We've agreed, at this early stage, to not have genital sex, so although he's put his fingers and his mouth everywhere on me, I make a little nest for him, slick with lube and juices, with my mouth and my fingers. "Oh, oh," he breathes as he comes, and I kiss him, happy but filled with regret, because I want to feel his cock filling me, feel his length pressed against me, feel his body pushing me from the inside, but we aren't ready to go there, not yet.

Throughout the night we touch, and in the morning, he reaches for me, his hands on my body, demanding and giving, much like R's were, before. We make love over and over again, and each time there is that hint of the D/s, the flower about to bloom, the possession about to take root.

I want to give myself to him.
I want to be dominated, posssessed, treasured and used.
I hope this can happen.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sex with D

He pins me down in bed. His heavy arms holding my shoulders flat against the mattress.
Exuberantly, he kisses me, his lips tight, his body pressing hard against my legs.
"You little slut, you like that don't you," he says as he pushes himself against my legs, his cock growing hard and thick from the friction.

"You like that don't you," he hisses as he holds me down, his legs pushing my legs open, his cock stabbing hard against my lips, seeking entry.

And then there's the moment I sigh and open for him, my body wetting itself, moistening, even with the absence of real foreplay.

I am so conditioned to want him, to feel his cock inside me thrusting hard against my g-spot, buried so deep his balls slap against my legs that I open almost instantly, wet enough and soft enough for him to drive his cock right in.

And then there's the moment when he's holding me down, my legs spread wide, wide open, almost over my head, to give him fullest access and the motions of that hard stabbing cock, that electric energy between us make me want to scream, it's so good, so exciting I get chills as I write this.

"Turn over," he'll say after a while, and flip me onto my front, my ass in the air, so he can pound me doggy-style, his cock driving into me as my pussy squeezes him tight, a wet, hungry red glove, clenching over and over till all he can do is explode, crying as he squirts cum into me again and again, the force of his orgasm clearly taking him out of himself over and over in a series of small, vibrant moments, a passion for my body that never slackens, never abates, never ends.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Where is D?

You may be wondering where D fits into my new Dom joy.
He's still around, still very much my partner and lover and he seems--at this early stage--to understand my wish to have another partner who can entwine with the D/s dynamic I crave.
How will this play out longer-term?
Only time will tell.

A date with the (new) Dom

I am going to call him Andre, obviously not his real name, for reasons of my own, and I want to tell you about the night we spent together this week and what I learned about myself.

First of all, I am truly happy being submissive.

There was nothing in the past six months so sexually delicious as the time we've spent together so recently, and I am amazed to see how much my pleasure is enhanced not just by being pinched and slappped and treated roughly, but by that sense of ownership, of giving and being used.

Our night together was lovely and long and he's talented with his hands just in the way I like.
"Would you like to spank me?" I asked (begging in my brain).

"Oh, yes!" he said, and when I obediently bent over, slightly pushing up round bottom up off the bed, he said, "Oh, that looks so submissive, good," and then he didn't hold back in caressing my skin with his hands in between ever harder, more forceful splaps.

The sound of his hand on my skin was nothing next to the delicious stinging pain I felt as he rained open handed blows on my backside, hips and legs, and the warmth that spread through my body through the pain. Whe he took one one of his big hands and stuck his thumb right inside me, plugging me at the core as his other hand spanked my ass, it was so good I wanted to moan (and I did.)

As he worked me over, I felt amazingly excited, but I also had the thought going through my head This man understands me, he knows what I want.

"Turn over," he said, and then, with his big thumb still inside me, he began to bite and tease my breasts, sucking first one nipple, then the other, and then zeroing in on the sensitive nipples with his tongue and his teeth.

"What's your safeword?"

"Red," I said, and he nodded and then he bit me, grinding the nipple between his teeth until I saw little stars from the pain at the same time that my pussy tightened, grabbing him so tight he yelped.

We went on like that for a while, his mouth on my breasts and his hands in my cunt, and he pushed me to orgasm again and again, controlling my pleasure just the way I like it, pushed and played and exhausted right to the edge.

I think I came at least six times and I squirted at least three, pouring fluid out of myself again, and again, gushing so plentifully when I thought there would be no more that I almost couldn't believe it.

"Suck my cock," he said, and when I kneeled to the task, I had him moaning with pleasure in a way that made me feel great. "Enjoy my cock, explore it, worship it," he said and I opened my mouth and took the whole thing in, sucking and tasting before focusing on the fleshy tip, trying to give him the same degree of pleasure he gave me.

Truth is, though, I wasn't successful. As much as I stroked and rubbed and titty-fucked, and swallowed and so on, he couldn't quite come--we just didn't know each other well enough for him to let go in that way. Finally, he took his own hand and made himself come, and after I licked up the wet bits and shared them with him in a deep kiss (Yes, I am a deliberate and total slut).

He spent the night in my bed, the two of us naked and touching, spooned together with a comfort that's always a great sign of things to come. There was the moment in the night he held me and said "I will keep you safe," and the moment when I turned to him and said "I want you to dominate me, to possess me. I want to give myself to you."

And then there was the moment the next morning when we made love again before it was time to dress and go to work when he grabbed my pussy and held it tight and said those words Doms love:" Mine. Mine."

And I smiled when he said that and thought "He's interested. It is going to begin," and that feeling gave me so much joy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sugasm #61

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  • Polyamory vs. Polyfuckery (“I admire Rachel’s altruism, despite her saying it’s a practical matter of what it takes to get her wet.”
  • A is for Abandon (“The hands pressed into her lower back and she wanted to ask Him if He had felt them but her orgasm overtook her and she lost all conscious thought for a few moments.”
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