Monday, January 22, 2007

Squirting like never before

In bed with Andre, and he is working me over in a major way.

If my g-spot were a city, it would now be razed, demolished, trashed by the ground zero of sex he's launched at my very center, my passion exploding out from the core so that I squirt over and over, so violently fluid is gushing out, so hard I worry that I am actually peeing, an uncontrollable stream that's just happening and cannot be stopped.

"Oh,oh,oh," I gasp, my voice breaking into a sob, my head thrown back and back arching as I touch the pointed nipples on my tits.

"I want you to squirt," he says and as his hands assault my pussy, I want to scream, to find some release, and then I feel myself opening, my body stiffening as the orgasm builds, and then I am squirting, harder and faster than ever before, feeling the fluid just pour out of my body, in one stream --sort of like pee (only completely different) and then I go limp, sated and drained as Ande leans over, my juices soaking his face.

"That's good, that's good," he says, and then he goes in for more.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful?


Marvin said...

I'd whimper if I weren't so turned on. It's so wonderful to succumb, to feel oneself slipping over the edge, to give in to the annihilating passion that reduces us and explodes us -- mind, body, and soul. A wonderful sub you are, my dear.

The Fury said...

hell yeah! squirt it1 It's wonderful when a woman can let loose.

Lil_Bit said...

It's an awesome experience. It's like ripping open a bag of M&M's so violently they explode everywhere. LOL, sorta like that.