Saturday, January 06, 2007

A date with the (new) Dom

I am going to call him Andre, obviously not his real name, for reasons of my own, and I want to tell you about the night we spent together this week and what I learned about myself.

First of all, I am truly happy being submissive.

There was nothing in the past six months so sexually delicious as the time we've spent together so recently, and I am amazed to see how much my pleasure is enhanced not just by being pinched and slappped and treated roughly, but by that sense of ownership, of giving and being used.

Our night together was lovely and long and he's talented with his hands just in the way I like.
"Would you like to spank me?" I asked (begging in my brain).

"Oh, yes!" he said, and when I obediently bent over, slightly pushing up round bottom up off the bed, he said, "Oh, that looks so submissive, good," and then he didn't hold back in caressing my skin with his hands in between ever harder, more forceful splaps.

The sound of his hand on my skin was nothing next to the delicious stinging pain I felt as he rained open handed blows on my backside, hips and legs, and the warmth that spread through my body through the pain. Whe he took one one of his big hands and stuck his thumb right inside me, plugging me at the core as his other hand spanked my ass, it was so good I wanted to moan (and I did.)

As he worked me over, I felt amazingly excited, but I also had the thought going through my head This man understands me, he knows what I want.

"Turn over," he said, and then, with his big thumb still inside me, he began to bite and tease my breasts, sucking first one nipple, then the other, and then zeroing in on the sensitive nipples with his tongue and his teeth.

"What's your safeword?"

"Red," I said, and he nodded and then he bit me, grinding the nipple between his teeth until I saw little stars from the pain at the same time that my pussy tightened, grabbing him so tight he yelped.

We went on like that for a while, his mouth on my breasts and his hands in my cunt, and he pushed me to orgasm again and again, controlling my pleasure just the way I like it, pushed and played and exhausted right to the edge.

I think I came at least six times and I squirted at least three, pouring fluid out of myself again, and again, gushing so plentifully when I thought there would be no more that I almost couldn't believe it.

"Suck my cock," he said, and when I kneeled to the task, I had him moaning with pleasure in a way that made me feel great. "Enjoy my cock, explore it, worship it," he said and I opened my mouth and took the whole thing in, sucking and tasting before focusing on the fleshy tip, trying to give him the same degree of pleasure he gave me.

Truth is, though, I wasn't successful. As much as I stroked and rubbed and titty-fucked, and swallowed and so on, he couldn't quite come--we just didn't know each other well enough for him to let go in that way. Finally, he took his own hand and made himself come, and after I licked up the wet bits and shared them with him in a deep kiss (Yes, I am a deliberate and total slut).

He spent the night in my bed, the two of us naked and touching, spooned together with a comfort that's always a great sign of things to come. There was the moment in the night he held me and said "I will keep you safe," and the moment when I turned to him and said "I want you to dominate me, to possess me. I want to give myself to you."

And then there was the moment the next morning when we made love again before it was time to dress and go to work when he grabbed my pussy and held it tight and said those words Doms love:" Mine. Mine."

And I smiled when he said that and thought "He's interested. It is going to begin," and that feeling gave me so much joy.


The Fury said...

Wow. That word slut has been a very popular one in sex blogs this week. Your post was sluterfic. Hot stuff!!

Marvin said...

Love love love this post. Looking forward to hearing more about him, and I have some fun things to tell you about as well.