Saturday, January 13, 2007

With Andre (aka Date with a Dom 2)

We're together again, at his place, away from the city and where the lights shine from the hills into darkness and silence.

We're in his bed and he's holding me down, one hand pinching my nipples as his tongue seeks my mouth. We kiss and play and touch and it's all good, it feels so good, and then there's the sense there could be more.

"Just hurt me a little when you do that," I whisper as his mouth finds my breast. "It will send me right over the edge."

Later, I take his cock in my mouth, running my teeth lightly over the full tip, taking the fleshy bulb deep into the back of my throat, caressing him--really--with the inside of my cheeks. He moans, "Oh, that feels so good."

"Play with it, explore it, touch it," he directs, and I bend my head and work my tongue, my mouth, my throat, my hands, my breasts, all to give him pleasure.

We've agreed, at this early stage, to not have genital sex, so although he's put his fingers and his mouth everywhere on me, I make a little nest for him, slick with lube and juices, with my mouth and my fingers. "Oh, oh," he breathes as he comes, and I kiss him, happy but filled with regret, because I want to feel his cock filling me, feel his length pressed against me, feel his body pushing me from the inside, but we aren't ready to go there, not yet.

Throughout the night we touch, and in the morning, he reaches for me, his hands on my body, demanding and giving, much like R's were, before. We make love over and over again, and each time there is that hint of the D/s, the flower about to bloom, the possession about to take root.

I want to give myself to him.
I want to be dominated, posssessed, treasured and used.
I hope this can happen.

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