Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sex party redux

What is there to say about rooms full of naked people on mattresses, chairs, and the floor, fucking, sucking, touching, moaning--while others stand around talking and watching, sometimes real close, sometimees from a distance?

The sex party was in the house in the burbs. "They put those red lights outside everytime," my friend said. "Their neighbors must hate it."

There were over 100 people there, way too many.

My friends found some of their friends and I soon met a medly of people who, if I saw them at the office, would never imagine that they had spent part of their weekend swinging at an orgy.

But while it was fun, I never touched anyone--that is if you don't count kissing Kitten, Madelaine, and Mark, the twisted threesome who brought me.
Why not?

Too many people, too many agendas, too much flesh with no energy or intimacy--just didn't happen.

On the other hand, I looked great, felt admired, and would definitely look for a smaller party to play out--with my dear friends, who turned me out just right.

A couple of hot scenes from the party:
Sucking cock: Two girls, white skin,long black hair falling in their eyes, face fucking and sucking two men. The older gent on the right, a black man with a hardtime face, held the girl's head with one hand as he fed her his dick with the other, keeping a steady rhythm that left her no time to breathe. Are you surprised the sound of her choking turned me on? Or that when he took her head between his hands, holding it completely to better use her mouth, I briefly contemplated walking over to the two total strangers and saying, "Excuse me, may I cut in?"

Mark caning Kitten across a bed, the only BDSM moment of the night, the white stick leaving red marks on her tawny flesh as she wiggled under the stick, getting more and more turned on as the pain sent her to sub-space. (And yes, I let him cane me a little too, and it was great.)

A little tiny Asian woman going down on a big fat one who lay back, legs in the air. Two hefty black dudes eating out the Asian, touching and sucking and eventually fucking, shoving right into her as she muff-dove on the big girl.

Conclusion: I would go again, but only to a smaller, more intimate gathering with Madelaine, Kitten, Mark and their friends.


Viviane said...

The parties I've been to have only been small ones and there's a good amount of sitting around and schmoozing before the clothes come off. You should just arrange your own with your friends, and some of their friends.

Marvin said...

A sex party with more than 100 people? Holy Christ. At least you wouldn't lack for partners, I guess, but yes, that sounds like far too many. But kudos to you for going (and having such fine friends).

The Fury said...

Wow that sounds like something straight out of Caligula. If only I could've been a fly on the wall...with dick in hand.

BrooklynRake said...

It is interesting how these parties are often outside of cities. and at the parties that are in the cities, the people are often married couples from the suburbs. Large or small, it appears that "swinging" is not the right term for urban singles.

Does anyone have a theory for this?

Sounds like it was a nice time.