Friday, November 30, 2007

Sugasm #106

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5 Advanced Deep Throat Techniques
“Suck your man’s penis into your throat, and, while it is deep in, start to hum.”

MILF = Men I’d Like to Fuck
“He knows my body p e r f e c t l y and knows exactly how to make me squirm with pleasure and always knows the right thing to say.”

Reconciling Desire & Reality (part 2)
“The excitement of sharing her, the excitement of my arousal THEORETICALLY should mean a heightening of our own sex life.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Our fearless leader tells me he’s crazy busy so I’m presenting one from the vaults.
The Six Types of Porn Movie (and How To Get Into Them)

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Reunion with Morgan

We're at my house, and it's after dinner. We've walked, and we've talked, we've cooked, and we've eaten and now Morgan leaves the table and pats the spot beside him on the couch.

"Come sit down," he says, and nodding slightly, a little bit nervous because it's somehow gotten to be two weeks since I've seen him, and I am hoping he's going to want to touch me and to give me a chance to kiss that glorious cock. (Even tho we don't have D/s relationship, I can see the remaining traces of the sub girl inside--I don't often initiate without an invite; I have been conditioned to offer, and to ask.)

He gives me his mouth and I kiss those soft lips, our tongues exploring one anothers' mouths so passionately it makes me want to sing. And then there's the moment I move onto his lap and as he is kissing me, his hands are running over my hips, stroking my butt, my breasts. And then there's how I am grinding against his cock, feeling it growing hard through the think fabric of his pants, feeling his nipple stiffen beneath my hand as I brush my fingers against it, feel my own excitement build.

"Take off your shirt," he says in a deep growly voice, and I look sideways at him.

"Can I take off all my clothes? (Daddy, I almost add)."

"Yes," he says and pulls me back on top of him, his fingers digging into my hips, digging down into the crack of my ass, teasing inside my thighs and the swell of my hips as we kiss and kiss. feeling one another's nipples stiffening through the thin cloth of his shirt.

And then he says it, "How'd you like my big cock in your ass? I want to fuck that tight little asshole," and there's a growl in his voice that makes me want him big cock shoving inside me right now, no matter how much it might (at first) hurt," so I have to say yes, and it's yes that's on my lips as we join hands and go into the bedroom where I know he is going to fuck me silly after two weeks apart, and I just can't wait for it to happen.

Morgan is amazing, he knows how to touch me in all these good ways, how to make me so hot that by the time his hands are rubbing my butt I'm asking for it, and by the time his fingers are in my hole, I'm wiggling so he can get more deeply inside.

"Lube?" he asks, and I practically lunge for it, slathering the massage oil across my butt so he'll have no trouble navigating inside.

And then there's that moment when he's ever so delicately putting his cock inside me, and the amazingly indelicate moment where he shoves the rest of it right in, and the gasping pleasure he feels and the sensation of being so full that make me just nuts, and soon we are moving together as his big cock fucks my tight little asshole and it's so good, it really is, and as I think about Morgan waiting for me, watching porn and planning this, I get excited I start to come and that's the moment when he growls "Now take your thumb and touch your clit."\

As I grind me into me, and feel Morgan slamming into me from behind, I get so excited I come and come, practically howling with the heat of it all, and I know my ass is so tight I am going to wring him dry, that his orgasm is going to be an explosion like fireworks, bells going off in the dead of night, a city colonized with an ocean of come, his cries like music to my ears as our bodies move together, bound so tight until the moment we have to let go and what went in, has to, ever so sadly and gently, come out.

In bed with bear

We're in the hotel room, our bodies glowing on the white cotton sheets, Bear so dark, and me so white. He's above me, holding my hands, his mouth on the pink tip of my breast, his long thighs stretched out against my legs, and I open my thighs wide to take him so deep, his cock plunging straight down into me like a pipe in a well, everything so neatly fitted. I know my mouth is open and my eyes glazed as he come inside me over and over, and the feeling of him is so golden, filled with so much pleasure and sweetness, I imagine myself breaking apart.

And then there's the moment where I start coming over and over, gasping for breath as the orgasms hit, and how his cock inside my pussy makes me so wet, I come and come as he's inside me, and he mutters low, in my ear, "That's right, slut, come on my cock. Come on my cock like the hot little slut you are," and those words make me so excited, so eager to comply, I come some more, again and again, and to my surprise I am squirting again, and it's just seconds later, and I am so excited I just never want him to stop, except that what I really want is to squeeze him so hard, to give him so much pleasure, that his body explodes, right at the center of the universe that is my heart, my cunt.

15 ways of looking at a blackbird (erotica version)

There are so many ways to talk about the time that I spent with Bear this week, I can't just pick one. Instead, let me share some flashes of our precious 12 hours with you like facets of a crystal--or a Wallace Stevens poem.

Sex. Touch. Passion, Imagine making love with someone you haven't seen where it's better than you remembered. In fact, it's amazing. Imagine being so aroused, so wet, that having your lover's cock inside you feels like honey, like molten gold. Imagine the feeling that your bodies were made to be together, that somehow the parts just fit and that in fitting together you were not only reconnecting, but you had to do it, again and again.

Caring. Humor, Friendship. Imagine walking and talking together, a dinner made easy by laughter and sharing. Common insights, warmth, so much to share and say. Listening. Understanding. Alone once again in a city neither of us lived in, Bear and I had what can be only be described as flow, the natural harmony of two people in the zone.

Age. Race. Ethnicity. Class. Did I mention before that I am almost twice Bear's age? Or that while we come from not that dissimilar backgrounds, our color, class, and ethnic identifications are quite dissimilar? And did I mention I am almost twice Bear's ago? Whatever differences are between us, the connection is real--and magic.

Understanding. Acceptance. Love. The first nightI spent with Bear, almost two years ago, the thought went through my mind, "I love this person." Now, in the third winter of our friendship, I know it's true. I love Bear--he's someone the Net brought to me, someone with whom I was pulled together, across all sorts of time and space, to become this very real, very tangible friend--a gift that's very special to me. We have what we have--and it's all good--an amazing present.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad girl in a good place--all without words

It was great to meet this cool friend of a friend the other night and feel the energy flow. And it was even more amusing to not only let the heat rise, but to turn our mutual turn-on into the grown-up version of a junior high-group grope.

Imagine: His hand on my arm, my hand on his thigh as we talk.
Then, his arm around my waist, my body leaning into him.
Soon, his hand on my throat, my tongue grazing the cleft of his ear, his low intake of breath.
Then, his lips on my mouth, tongue flicking inside, the sudden pull of his hand on my hair.

Energy. Heat. Curiosity. Desire.

--And a full-blown surprise for the friends watching in bemusement as discovery turned to touch and the heat rose between us, all without words, the crowd flowing around us as we touched.

Lux Nightmare: Wonderful reading on YouTube

Just came across Lux Nightmare's reading from In the Flesh in NYC this past week.

Wow. Lux's story is about piercing, BDSM, energy exchange, love and feeling--As a piece of writing, it is a amzing; as a set of feelings, I relate to it ore as her personal expression than something I feel in the same way--but that makes it no less beautiful.

YouTube link here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sugasm #105

This Week’s Picks
“I feel him start; then he groans into my mouth, a deep helpless sound, and I know I’ve got him.”

Domme virginity lost
I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. You know that, don’t you, sweet boy?”

Reality Check: Lessons Learned From Clients
“From my conversations I’ve learned a number of things that have helped me, educated me and surprised me.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Belladonna Likes Heroin

Editor’s Choice
Each Mirror has two sides

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Expanding, consciousness

In the past six months, my consciousness about sex, gender and identity has started to expand and it's amazing, perhaps as amazing as connecting with my submissive side and deciding to be a slut. But now I feel like there is so much I want to explore--and write about--that may not fit in this basically erotic blog, and i have to decide what to do about that.

What do I want to explore?

All the layers of sexuality, identity and choice that bisexuality seems capable of embodying, for one thing, and how gender politics fits into things--I want to understand all this better on both a personal and a political/systemic level--and geeze, I have so much to learn.

I need to decide if these entries can fit into this blog, or if they better belong elsewhere. I love writing erotica, and love the stories Plum tells here, but there's alot of growth and consideration going on that also needs voice--I'm just not sure where to put it all.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sex Party in the Hood

We're in a town maybe 20 miles from home, in a set of suites at a commuter hotel, and it's Saturday night and the crowd is dribbling in. Women with big weaves, men in dark pants and knit shirts, the crowd is mostly black, with a sprinkling of others thrown in. Our hosts are Marvin and LaTisha, husband and wife, partners in crime, and purveyors of Saturday Night Roxx, the BBW-friendly, all shapes, all sizes swinger's party Morgan and I are going to.

You'd never know from the crowd around the punch bowl that these folks are all here to get laid in front of one another, to give and receive from people they've probably never met--or only see here. There's Julio from Chile, who travels through the area two weeks a month, and Mark, who has a small child to care for at home, and Lucinda and Mary, demure as can be, who tell me this is their second party and yeah, they had a great time.

No one here is here for a date, I think, they're all here for sex, to get touched, hugged, licked and fucked. It's quite the thought--and then I realize that they are thinking the same thing about me--that even though I am here with a man, there is definitely something I am either wanting to give--or get--that ain't happening at home.

We hang and we chat, drinking water by the punch bowl. People flit in and out of the bedrooms, there's murmurs and noise, and after a while Morgan tugs my hand and says, "Let's go see."

In the back room, on the big bed, there's a woman and a man, and another couple beside them, all tangled together in the almost dark. We stand by the bed as one man eats out a woman's pussy as another plays with her breasts, and then there's the couple right in front of me, fucking and sucking hard and loud.

Morgan says "Take off your dress," and I nod and strip, pulling off the black dress, the high heels, the fishnets, but leaving the black lace demi-bra and panties on. And then he's pushed me down on the bed, down beside the other couples, and it's his hands reaching into my panties to stroke my cunt, pushing the lace aside so his big fingers can enter, kissing and licking my clit, hard, as he shoves more and more fingers inside me, so much intensity and pleasurable pain that I arc against the bed, gasping, eyes shut, imagining without seeing the men standing by the side of the bed, dicks in their hands, watching us go to town.

And then there's the moment when I am sucking his cock, deep as I can, and another mans's hand is touching my breasts, and the moment when I have some stranger's cock in my fist, one I've never seen before tho I am being so very nice to it, but then when the stranger indicates he wants to put it in my mouth, I shake my head and say "No penetration, no fluids," and that's it, touching is all he gets.

And soon we're together on the bed, and Morgan is fucking me, hard and deep, and it feels so good of course, the beast with two backs in front of all these people. But then he withdraws, he stops, and I turn and there's this adorable black man, built like a house, with a kind face, and his cock is right in front of me and damn! it loks good. We play for a bit, and then he says, so seriously, "Can I fuck you?"

And I nod yes, and help him put the condom on, and it's doggy style, like I like it. His cock is thick and long as he shoves it into me, thick and long and hard as he fucks me so hard I buck on the bed, so hard I wonder if I can take all of it it. And then we're fucking and it feels so good, and I am gasping and everyone is watching, but he's too young to realize that I am getting dry and maybe a little lube is in order and I am too shy to say anything, so after I while I just say I want to stop--

--And that is the moment I realize that there are all these men with dicks in their hands standing around the bed, and that Julio and Mark and the others all want to be next,all hope I will just fuck the whole room, one by one, or at least not stop till I finished with them, and that thought freaks me out so much I have to get up off that bed and put most of my clothes on and head into the other room with Morgan where we find a cute girl I spank a little bit but mostly that's it for the night.

"That party was too much about getting fucked," I tell him on the way home. "I definitely got to live out some fantasies, but it seemed like it was a lot about male dick, about paying to get off with someone who wasn't a whore, and that made it less good for me."

Morgan ponders. "I think you can make it anything you want," he says. "Next time you could go there and say you and you and you, and that would be it."

I nod, I consider that, but I know the next time I want to try a sex party--my #2--it will probably be a different one.

Morgan in the morning

He's asleep, sprawled across my bed, legs filling up most of the space, arms hugging the pillow shoved over his eyes.

It's 8 am and I've been awake for a while, we've made love and he's passed out on the pillows, claiming that one last drop of sleep before the day hits.

What is it about this person that takes hold and grabs my heart?

There are moments I appreciate the freedom between us--and then moments I want to hold him and not ever let go.

(And yes, M, I know you are reading this.)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Men are dogs: a fantasy

The nights he's not with me, he's watching porn, lying back in that big bed, those thick hands holding that big cock, stroking it intently as he watches the screen.

There are two women there, taking a walk in the late fall day, one a trim, compact blonde, the other a taller brunette, both looking like, if they took off their clothes, you'd see a track marks and bruises. Pretty, but on the way to being used up.

But the women aren't what interests him. Neither is the director, Slovak or Czech, who's perched just at the edge of the frame, mostly out of camera, his low voice barely audible as the girls' boots crunch the leaves.

His eyes are on the big dog the taller girl walks, the long, rangy Great Dane, his ears cropped high, his flanks a steely gray, who walks placidly beside them. Like two girls in a fairly tale, they walk down the road and deep into the woods, to a leafy clearing where a nest of blankets and throws has been made, a secret place where this movie really opens.

He watches as the blonde girl takes off her clothes and lies down on the blanket, her small breasts raspberry-tipped cones, and as the taller girl kneels down beside the dog, one hand stroking and petting his back, the other reaching down to squeeze his cock, petting and stroking until the dog's flanks start to shiver.

And then there is that moment when the blonde girl bounds up, naked, and holds the dog, and the moment when the taller girl kneels down and takes the dog's cock in her mouth. And then there's the scene where they're both holding and touching him, his cock pulled out and behind his body, impossibly grey-red and long, a glistening bullet-headed tip growing longer and longer.

And his hands go to his cock and his mouth parts and he is breathing hard because he knows what is coming next, the moments that really turn him on, when the blonde girl gets down on all fours and the tall one fits the dog's dick inside her cunt and the dog starts to hump her, harder and harder, fucking the bitch who's a girl shoving her ass at the camera, her partner holding the big dog steady, the animal noises and cries of encouragement rising from both of them, the dog fucking her hard, for minutes, for what treat I can't imagine, but pumping his cock deep into her pussy, the dog knot driving down from the base and right into her cunt.

His face contorts, he's getting off on this, the orgasm about to hit as he connects with the beast within himself, the dog he is, the blind fucking machine ready to shove blindly into anything that moves, any soft object, hot, wet energy always ready to be shoved and pushed, a dog climbing onto any bitch he chooses, any desperate director's crack whore eager and willing and unable (afraid) to refuse.

The cum sprays his belly, the flannel sheets on his bed. He moves a hand, scoops it, up, licks it. And clicks a button, then watches again, And again. And again.