Monday, November 26, 2007

In bed with bear

We're in the hotel room, our bodies glowing on the white cotton sheets, Bear so dark, and me so white. He's above me, holding my hands, his mouth on the pink tip of my breast, his long thighs stretched out against my legs, and I open my thighs wide to take him so deep, his cock plunging straight down into me like a pipe in a well, everything so neatly fitted. I know my mouth is open and my eyes glazed as he come inside me over and over, and the feeling of him is so golden, filled with so much pleasure and sweetness, I imagine myself breaking apart.

And then there's the moment where I start coming over and over, gasping for breath as the orgasms hit, and how his cock inside my pussy makes me so wet, I come and come as he's inside me, and he mutters low, in my ear, "That's right, slut, come on my cock. Come on my cock like the hot little slut you are," and those words make me so excited, so eager to comply, I come some more, again and again, and to my surprise I am squirting again, and it's just seconds later, and I am so excited I just never want him to stop, except that what I really want is to squeeze him so hard, to give him so much pleasure, that his body explodes, right at the center of the universe that is my heart, my cunt.

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