Friday, November 09, 2007

Sex Party in the Hood

We're in a town maybe 20 miles from home, in a set of suites at a commuter hotel, and it's Saturday night and the crowd is dribbling in. Women with big weaves, men in dark pants and knit shirts, the crowd is mostly black, with a sprinkling of others thrown in. Our hosts are Marvin and LaTisha, husband and wife, partners in crime, and purveyors of Saturday Night Roxx, the BBW-friendly, all shapes, all sizes swinger's party Morgan and I are going to.

You'd never know from the crowd around the punch bowl that these folks are all here to get laid in front of one another, to give and receive from people they've probably never met--or only see here. There's Julio from Chile, who travels through the area two weeks a month, and Mark, who has a small child to care for at home, and Lucinda and Mary, demure as can be, who tell me this is their second party and yeah, they had a great time.

No one here is here for a date, I think, they're all here for sex, to get touched, hugged, licked and fucked. It's quite the thought--and then I realize that they are thinking the same thing about me--that even though I am here with a man, there is definitely something I am either wanting to give--or get--that ain't happening at home.

We hang and we chat, drinking water by the punch bowl. People flit in and out of the bedrooms, there's murmurs and noise, and after a while Morgan tugs my hand and says, "Let's go see."

In the back room, on the big bed, there's a woman and a man, and another couple beside them, all tangled together in the almost dark. We stand by the bed as one man eats out a woman's pussy as another plays with her breasts, and then there's the couple right in front of me, fucking and sucking hard and loud.

Morgan says "Take off your dress," and I nod and strip, pulling off the black dress, the high heels, the fishnets, but leaving the black lace demi-bra and panties on. And then he's pushed me down on the bed, down beside the other couples, and it's his hands reaching into my panties to stroke my cunt, pushing the lace aside so his big fingers can enter, kissing and licking my clit, hard, as he shoves more and more fingers inside me, so much intensity and pleasurable pain that I arc against the bed, gasping, eyes shut, imagining without seeing the men standing by the side of the bed, dicks in their hands, watching us go to town.

And then there's the moment when I am sucking his cock, deep as I can, and another mans's hand is touching my breasts, and the moment when I have some stranger's cock in my fist, one I've never seen before tho I am being so very nice to it, but then when the stranger indicates he wants to put it in my mouth, I shake my head and say "No penetration, no fluids," and that's it, touching is all he gets.

And soon we're together on the bed, and Morgan is fucking me, hard and deep, and it feels so good of course, the beast with two backs in front of all these people. But then he withdraws, he stops, and I turn and there's this adorable black man, built like a house, with a kind face, and his cock is right in front of me and damn! it loks good. We play for a bit, and then he says, so seriously, "Can I fuck you?"

And I nod yes, and help him put the condom on, and it's doggy style, like I like it. His cock is thick and long as he shoves it into me, thick and long and hard as he fucks me so hard I buck on the bed, so hard I wonder if I can take all of it it. And then we're fucking and it feels so good, and I am gasping and everyone is watching, but he's too young to realize that I am getting dry and maybe a little lube is in order and I am too shy to say anything, so after I while I just say I want to stop--

--And that is the moment I realize that there are all these men with dicks in their hands standing around the bed, and that Julio and Mark and the others all want to be next,all hope I will just fuck the whole room, one by one, or at least not stop till I finished with them, and that thought freaks me out so much I have to get up off that bed and put most of my clothes on and head into the other room with Morgan where we find a cute girl I spank a little bit but mostly that's it for the night.

"That party was too much about getting fucked," I tell him on the way home. "I definitely got to live out some fantasies, but it seemed like it was a lot about male dick, about paying to get off with someone who wasn't a whore, and that made it less good for me."

Morgan ponders. "I think you can make it anything you want," he says. "Next time you could go there and say you and you and you, and that would be it."

I nod, I consider that, but I know the next time I want to try a sex party--my #2--it will probably be a different one.


Monk said...

Sex parties can be fun. I also don't know how to handle the lack of intimacy and sheer animalness, but also the low-key lack of drama is fun and perhaps just enjoying the energy and doing your own thing in the midst of the orgy is the way to go.

Busty Gal said...

how did it feel to be the object of so many mens' desires?

The Fury said...

I've never been to a sex party (my only chance ended up my forgoing it for a threesome) but one in the hood is particularly interesting to me. Even just to watch. You definitely must've put on a great show to have so many men wanting to get at you. Hot entry...standing ovation;-)

Abby said...

Did your guy watch you two at all??? It sounded extremely sexy, but I doubt I'd ever be brave enough to try ;)