Monday, November 26, 2007

Reunion with Morgan

We're at my house, and it's after dinner. We've walked, and we've talked, we've cooked, and we've eaten and now Morgan leaves the table and pats the spot beside him on the couch.

"Come sit down," he says, and nodding slightly, a little bit nervous because it's somehow gotten to be two weeks since I've seen him, and I am hoping he's going to want to touch me and to give me a chance to kiss that glorious cock. (Even tho we don't have D/s relationship, I can see the remaining traces of the sub girl inside--I don't often initiate without an invite; I have been conditioned to offer, and to ask.)

He gives me his mouth and I kiss those soft lips, our tongues exploring one anothers' mouths so passionately it makes me want to sing. And then there's the moment I move onto his lap and as he is kissing me, his hands are running over my hips, stroking my butt, my breasts. And then there's how I am grinding against his cock, feeling it growing hard through the think fabric of his pants, feeling his nipple stiffen beneath my hand as I brush my fingers against it, feel my own excitement build.

"Take off your shirt," he says in a deep growly voice, and I look sideways at him.

"Can I take off all my clothes? (Daddy, I almost add)."

"Yes," he says and pulls me back on top of him, his fingers digging into my hips, digging down into the crack of my ass, teasing inside my thighs and the swell of my hips as we kiss and kiss. feeling one another's nipples stiffening through the thin cloth of his shirt.

And then he says it, "How'd you like my big cock in your ass? I want to fuck that tight little asshole," and there's a growl in his voice that makes me want him big cock shoving inside me right now, no matter how much it might (at first) hurt," so I have to say yes, and it's yes that's on my lips as we join hands and go into the bedroom where I know he is going to fuck me silly after two weeks apart, and I just can't wait for it to happen.

Morgan is amazing, he knows how to touch me in all these good ways, how to make me so hot that by the time his hands are rubbing my butt I'm asking for it, and by the time his fingers are in my hole, I'm wiggling so he can get more deeply inside.

"Lube?" he asks, and I practically lunge for it, slathering the massage oil across my butt so he'll have no trouble navigating inside.

And then there's that moment when he's ever so delicately putting his cock inside me, and the amazingly indelicate moment where he shoves the rest of it right in, and the gasping pleasure he feels and the sensation of being so full that make me just nuts, and soon we are moving together as his big cock fucks my tight little asshole and it's so good, it really is, and as I think about Morgan waiting for me, watching porn and planning this, I get excited I start to come and that's the moment when he growls "Now take your thumb and touch your clit."\

As I grind me into me, and feel Morgan slamming into me from behind, I get so excited I come and come, practically howling with the heat of it all, and I know my ass is so tight I am going to wring him dry, that his orgasm is going to be an explosion like fireworks, bells going off in the dead of night, a city colonized with an ocean of come, his cries like music to my ears as our bodies move together, bound so tight until the moment we have to let go and what went in, has to, ever so sadly and gently, come out.

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The Fury said...

damn! another hot post...I'm so happy I found your blog. Inspiring writing!