Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Men are dogs: a fantasy

The nights he's not with me, he's watching porn, lying back in that big bed, those thick hands holding that big cock, stroking it intently as he watches the screen.

There are two women there, taking a walk in the late fall day, one a trim, compact blonde, the other a taller brunette, both looking like, if they took off their clothes, you'd see a track marks and bruises. Pretty, but on the way to being used up.

But the women aren't what interests him. Neither is the director, Slovak or Czech, who's perched just at the edge of the frame, mostly out of camera, his low voice barely audible as the girls' boots crunch the leaves.

His eyes are on the big dog the taller girl walks, the long, rangy Great Dane, his ears cropped high, his flanks a steely gray, who walks placidly beside them. Like two girls in a fairly tale, they walk down the road and deep into the woods, to a leafy clearing where a nest of blankets and throws has been made, a secret place where this movie really opens.

He watches as the blonde girl takes off her clothes and lies down on the blanket, her small breasts raspberry-tipped cones, and as the taller girl kneels down beside the dog, one hand stroking and petting his back, the other reaching down to squeeze his cock, petting and stroking until the dog's flanks start to shiver.

And then there is that moment when the blonde girl bounds up, naked, and holds the dog, and the moment when the taller girl kneels down and takes the dog's cock in her mouth. And then there's the scene where they're both holding and touching him, his cock pulled out and behind his body, impossibly grey-red and long, a glistening bullet-headed tip growing longer and longer.

And his hands go to his cock and his mouth parts and he is breathing hard because he knows what is coming next, the moments that really turn him on, when the blonde girl gets down on all fours and the tall one fits the dog's dick inside her cunt and the dog starts to hump her, harder and harder, fucking the bitch who's a girl shoving her ass at the camera, her partner holding the big dog steady, the animal noises and cries of encouragement rising from both of them, the dog fucking her hard, for minutes, for what treat I can't imagine, but pumping his cock deep into her pussy, the dog knot driving down from the base and right into her cunt.

His face contorts, he's getting off on this, the orgasm about to hit as he connects with the beast within himself, the dog he is, the blind fucking machine ready to shove blindly into anything that moves, any soft object, hot, wet energy always ready to be shoved and pushed, a dog climbing onto any bitch he chooses, any desperate director's crack whore eager and willing and unable (afraid) to refuse.

The cum sprays his belly, the flannel sheets on his bed. He moves a hand, scoops it, up, licks it. And clicks a button, then watches again, And again. And again.

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Marvin said...

Whoa. That just knocked me on my ass, dear. Fierce and lovely.