Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad girl in a good place--all without words

It was great to meet this cool friend of a friend the other night and feel the energy flow. And it was even more amusing to not only let the heat rise, but to turn our mutual turn-on into the grown-up version of a junior high-group grope.

Imagine: His hand on my arm, my hand on his thigh as we talk.
Then, his arm around my waist, my body leaning into him.
Soon, his hand on my throat, my tongue grazing the cleft of his ear, his low intake of breath.
Then, his lips on my mouth, tongue flicking inside, the sudden pull of his hand on my hair.

Energy. Heat. Curiosity. Desire.

--And a full-blown surprise for the friends watching in bemusement as discovery turned to touch and the heat rose between us, all without words, the crowd flowing around us as we touched.

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