Monday, August 28, 2006

On the white sheets: For D

You push me down and kiss my breasts, your tongue flicking, your lips sucking.
We grasp and clutch, on the bed, entwined and kissing.
Two weeks apart, and now we are together.

I am so hungry for you, I lick your skin and suck your cock.
You, so eager for me, your quick hands make me shudder.

What is the best part?
The way you touch me till I moan and squirt?

Or how you plunge into me, deep and hard and deep,
your breath a sigh, screaming as you come,
the two of us so hot together
the white sheets we rest on so wet.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hood, blindfold, collar, leash, you

“Come here,” you say, and I pull the leash.
I come closer, blind, feel my nipples in your hands, feel your teeth scrape the tender skin, feel your mouth give suck as your fingers crawl inside me, a fierce, loving touch.
My knees are on the bed, my hands twisted in the pillows as you come closer and make me suck.
I open to take you all in, to salve that sweet tip, to swallow and gag and be your slut.
“Very good,” you say, “Very good” and you pull me close, again and again, until the saliva dripping from my mouth leaks down your legs.
And then it’s your cock inside me, hard, as you pull the leash on my neck.
Your hands pushing me down as you drive yourself in and plunge down, again and again.
I see nothing, but I feel it all
My head exploding as I come and come
My passion flowering as your hand rests against my neck.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Comming up on Bear

Haven't seen Bear for several months, though we talk on the phone.
Changing that this week.
Hello, bear.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Passion and D

I've been sleeping with D for more than 7 months, and I can feel how my body is becoming conditioned to his. Last week, when we slept together, we hugged and kissed and then, impatient as always, he climbed on top of me and started rubbing his cock against my soft parts, growing hard as the lips parted. Not long after he was inside me, I got so excited, I squirted all over him, come dripping onto the bed.
He's not the most intense lover I've ever had (and I miss the D/s), but he's a master at fucking, a king of cuddling and someone I treasure sleeping with--we just fit. And I love the excitement my body feels when I'm with him, and the passion we share with one another. "We have a real heart connection," D says, explaining why making love together is so good. I know that's true, but I also know that it's the way he rubs my g-spot with the head of his cock, and the way his body slaps into mine, and the way he thrusts himself into me, with that relentless male energy that feels oohh soo good. And then it's the way we cuddle and talk, hug and share, until passion and greed overcome us once more and we want to make love again.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

open to one another this moment and always

D and I were talking in bed a few weeks ago.
"One of the things you told me, that I never forgot, was that I'd never have to ask you for sex; you'd never refuse me," he said. "That meant alot to me, and made me feel really safe with you."
I've thought about that in the past few weeks, how powerful giving myself to him unconditionally has turned out to be, and what a bond that's helped grow between us (and of course, the fact we are both secret wild sluts really helps).
I thought about it again last night when we were in bed, when, after we made love, and I came and came, and then, as I was falling asleep, he couldn't stop touching me.
D ran his hands up my legs, along the curve of my hip, along my breasts, along the muscles of my back and when I woke up he was cuddled against me, touching as I slept.
And then it was later, and he was awakening me again, his touch more urgent across my body as he rolled me over and pushed me back against the pillows, then plunged himself into me, shoving his cock hard into my pussy, and as I woke from sleep, I remembered I'd said he could have me whenever he wanted, and I opened myself to him, embracing that deep touch, curling my arms and legs around his neck as he shoved himself through me and deep into the bed, moving himself to a place we both wanted to be, a place where we could be together whenever we wanted and where we always had the desire to touch and make love.
It was beautiful, sexy, hot, a very good place to be with my lover in the middle of the night, in his room, in the middle of his bed, the skylight glowing deep blue in the 2 am darkness, our touch as silent and secret and velvety as the night, open to one another this moment and always.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dom and slut

"I'd like to see your cleavage," he says, and draws me to him on the couch.
We kiss, and his hand trails down between my breasts, along the silver chain collaring my nexk, the ends trailing down my chest. Soon, his hand is inside my chemise, fingers delicately flicking the nipple, ever so gently appraising its stiffness, its arousal.
"I want you to take off your clothes," he says,and thenI am naked and he is dressed. I stand before him as he sits on the couch and holds my hands behind my back, pinning them down, then puts his mouth on my full breast, biting the nipple with his teeth till I utter a little scream, then moves his attentions to the other one, stillholding my hands back. It is delicious, so good, so nasty.
He puts his hand between my legs, up into the slit, andI learn back to give him better access. "You are a slut," he says happily, his hand working its way between my legs, deep into the tender places
We go into the bedroom and take off all our clothes, and soon he's eating my pussy, rubbing his fingers against my g-spot till I almost squirt.
I've met this man once before, but now we're intertwined, bodies pressed together, partners in crime, touching and talking and sharing and it is good, it's fun, and I'm wondering how long he will interest me before my attention flags.
What if it turns out he is the one? The new dom?
What if he is the one I seek?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

D is for dominant

I am looking for a new one. Not virtual and not through this blog, so don't bother thanks very much.
It's amazing to me how much I miss having someone to whom I can be submissive.
D can do it a little, but it is just not his true talent--and it is something I miss so much.

So, I'm meeting men.
Two new ones this weekend.
What if one of them worked out?

D, again

"Plum," D says. "I want you to go stand over there and strip for me." He points to the corner of the bedroom."Give me a show."
"Okay.." I tell him, and soon I have some music on and I am taking my clothes off, piece by piece, shaking my ass in his face and staring into his eyes as I coyly seperate my breasts from their coverings.
"Give me a lap dance," he says when I am nude, and I, who have never had a lap dance, try to oblige. I sit on D's lap. facing out, and rub against him, then turn around and grind myself against him, enjoying the heat rising from his skin. His hands close on my breasts, pinching the nipples, and I laugh...Is that allowed?
Soon, I draw him to a standing position and help him take off all his clothes. When he is naked, his thick, stubby cock pointing up at me, I kneel down and take him in my mouth. God, sucking his cock feels so good. And the hand at the back of my head, the one he's learned I like, feels amazing as he shoves himself deeper into my mouth, fucking my throat till I choke and then, still more, past that feeling.
We make love for what feels like hours, until our bodies are slick with sweat and the sheets are wet. We do it doggie style and with me on my back, legs way in the air, and with me on top of him, a cowgirl and her (human) horse. He pounds my pussy with his cock, rubs my g-spot with his fingers, slams himself into me in a way that makes me nuts. I come hard, again and again, marveling once more at how quickly I grow wet and open to him, how totally turned on he makes me, and how much I want to please him.
I also think about how making love with a submissive woman means that some things never change, even if you're not really a dominate, like me, face down in the pillow, declaring between moans, "Do what you want, I'm your slut," and getting all excited when he pins me down hard, knowing that's exactly what I want.