Sunday, January 08, 2006

The sweetest thing

He's dark, trim, dominant. Smart, funny, sincere.
We met through blogging and we met up this week in a city neither one of us lives in, to spend a night talking and making love.
Bear is the first black man I have ever slept with and the youngest--25--but neither of those facts has any bearing on the amazingly delicious way he kissed me, or the thill I felt as he ran his fingers down my back, against the curve of my hip, or the way he gently bit my breasts as he breathed softly into my neck, or the electricity we generated as I kissed and licked his long, curved cock, taking it deep into my mouth and down my throat with the heartfelt passion of a tongue kiss.
We didn't know one another--but we knew one another--touching and laughing
and talking and touching.
Hot and sweet we said, and hot and sweet it was, hot and sweet we were.
There was the moment he teased me with the paddle, going from soft rubs to hard slaps, and my excitement as he smacked my ass, his fingers deep inside me, probing and teasing till I moaned and came, grinding against the tips.
And the moment when he lay atop me, brushing his body against mine until I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside me, to enjoy the feeling of him filling me up, wanting to close down around him until he had to explode.
And then there was the back rub he gave me, and the butterfly kisses I gave him, and the way we cuddled and talked, almost as easy if if we'd hung out before.

Bear, I've been thinking about you since you left.
About how sweet we were together, and how hot, and how I'd so very much like to spend time with you again, to see what kind of darker edge we could draw as we teased and held one another.
"I don't want another girlfriend," you said, when I called and read you this."But it kind of felt like that in some ways."
"We're lucky," I said when you told me that."I'll never be your girlfriend, and yet, we have something good together."

Bear, I think of what we had as something without a name,
a connection that just was,
without a label.
I think of us stepping outside our lives and finding a place to meet
and enjoy one another--
And then I think about how good it felt when you were inside me--
And I want to do it again.

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