Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sexual milestones: 2005

What to look back on:
Breaking up with my partner--good bye to 20 plus years of sex with just one person, help to opportunity. --And from that:

  • First (disasterous) real world date
  • Lingerie--lots of it--and corsets--and high heels
  • First BDSM experience
  • Meeting-and steering clear of--a sadist
  • Rope, restraints, shibari
  • Finding the g-spot--and g-spot vibrators
  • Nipple torture--clamps and more
  • Butt plugs and anal sex (but not enough of it)
  • First affair with a married man
  • First date with a poly guy
  • The joy of being spanked
  • And flogged, paddled and yes, whipped
  • Domination and submission, as in having a master/feeling owned and digging it
  • Squirting, twice in the past 24 hours (!)
  • Deep throating and face fucking (yep, never really did that)
  • Starting this sex blog
  • Sex blog buddies and support
  • My collar(s) --and leash
  • Fashionistas--the hottest DVD
  • Becoming a naughty little pervert--and loving it

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