Monday, January 02, 2006

"I am never going to let you go..."

Things got a little intense over my 24 hours with Z.
Now that we're using the M word, it's clear his secret self is in thrall not only to me, but to his mastering me, which elicted heat of passion comments like the muttered "I love you so much, I am never going to let you go..." and the equally uncomfortable "I am your Master," which makes me think, every time, of Darth Vader and StarWars, a very unfortunate--and funny--comparison.
I don't like this stuff coming out--it's nice to be treasured and even obsessed over, but sheesh, some things should remain private...only with the very forthright Z, they won't be--and I can live with that--and with the knowledge I found those particular comments a little frightening and that's why they bothered me.

Oh--and did I mention he called me at 7am today, chirpily announcing his 2006 resolution was to get up early--but he hadn't gone to sleep? Yeah, a tad manic, IMHO.

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