Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm a squirter

Another new development: Much to Z's delight, I have become a squirter.
During our post-gym love-making this morning, I squirted four times, drenching my panties and my gym clothes (don't ask why I'd kept them on.)
Z was delighted both at the gushing come and the way he totally controlled me; I could not believe how wet I was (and then there was the moment when he put the collar and leash on me and dragged me into the bedroom on my knees--I couldn't believe how wet my mind was over that one.)
Our climax was when, after much cock-sucking and screwing, Z had me get on top of him and I rode him till he came deep inside me, exploding in a way that gave me big orgasm #5 of the day.
We are compatible.

P.S. The collar and leash fantasy was one I've been having about Bear, so it was interesting Z chose it....and yes, it was hot.

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rose said...

congrats on the squirting.....that's my goal, to learn to squirt. i'm envious. enjoy (your squirting and your great men)