Monday, January 02, 2006

NYE: Cum on my face

Z and I had a marvelous New Year's, thank you very much.
And since we can't keep our hands off one another, we had a great time as well.
Some highlights:

  • Z coming against my tits, and asking to come on my face--he did, a first.
  • Z sucking my toes as he fucked me, legs in the air.
  • Z using the paddle--with sandpaper-and the riding crop-on my ass and legs.
  • Squirting with Z--not as much as before, but once again--and Z loved it.
  • Wearing my collar--and hot it looked when Z clamped my nipples and threaded the chains through the collar's O-rings.
  • Our discussion of the hood Z is going to buy me.
  • Sleeping cuddled together and not having to go anywhere New Year's Day, what a nice change...

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