Sunday, May 18, 2008


"Suck my cock."

We were hanging out on the couch when Morgan turned to me and unzipped his pants.

Soon, I was kneeling between his legs, my mouth stroking his big hard cock, pushing the fat tip far down my throat, deep against the back of my neck. I looked up at him as I sucked, enjoying the pleasure on his face, the half-closed eyes, the open mouth.


Opening wide, I took him down as far into my throat as I could open, enjoying the choking feeling as he hit the back of my throat and droll ran out the sides of my mouth.

His fingers are inside me, just the way I like it. It hurts when he touches me this hard, hurts in this way that resembles an itch I am just burning to scratch.

It feels so good as he pushes and probes, stretches his hand out wide, pulls the lips broad, pushes his hand inside me hard, deeper, deeper, until I'm dripping wet, my wetness, my smell running down the inside of my legs, coating his hand.

And then he flips me over and I'm on my knees, bent over the chair, and he shoves it right in, big and hard and fast, just the way it feels so good to me, and I come and come, his hard cock pushing against my g-spot from the inside, my joyful screams a special grace floating in the air.

He's an ass man the most, loves it, dreams about it, shuts his office door and beats off thinking about it, about shoving his big hard cock into a woman's secret place, that deep inside hole of secrets he likes to force open and maintain.

We do it in all these positions: bent over the chair, on the sofa, in the bedroom bent over the pillow.

"I want my baby to come and come," he says, and I do, coming hard, the orgasms making me scream with pleasure.

And then there is the moment I am so high, just sex-stoned like you wouldn't believe, a well-used up fuck toy and little rag doll, bent over in the same position as the last earth-shattering come, but ready to do whatever he wants, to make the pleasure lasting and shared.

So when he rolls me over, takes my ass, positions it high in the air, and works his big, hard cock right up inside me, I am right there., As he holds my hips back so he can slam it into me, over and over, deep and hard, I' m right there. I'm so nuts for this man, so high on sex, I just arch my back and meet him every time, so steady he thrums like a bass chord deep inside me.

And then there is the moment I come again, and the Nth time. And the moment when he finally comes, and the moments after when we touch and hold each other, that deep chord we played together thrumming on and on.

"You are my darling, special angel, my love," he purrs as I move against his chest and curl into the crook of his arm, the hot, sweet sweat almost a mist on his skin, both of us wet and slick with love.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Plum: The slut's anatomy

I think one of the reasons I stopped posting was that I lost faith in non-monogamy.

I mean, I am still a slut, but I don't know that I find polyamory very meaningful right now except as a way to justify having more sex with multiple people, something I don't need to justify if I feel like doing it.

Or, to put it another way, I'm not as interested in having multiple partners to have sex with. I'm interested now in having one partner and having sex with people I feel like having sex, either with my partner, or without.

And I've passed up some chances to have some interesting sex, because, well, I just don't have enough time right now, and spending time with Morgan is more important than some of the people who run through my passing parade.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't have adventures, or that I am not going to tell you about them, it just means that things here are going to be a little bit different, and maybe some new readers will join in.

Where I have been, and why I am back

Plum here. Yep, still Plum, still a slut, still exploring.

But I got so busy, I had to take a break.

And then my life changed, and I got tired of writing erotica, tired of describing all those orgasms(tough job, eh?).

So I stepped away, as one can so easily do in the blogosphere, as they call it.

But now I am ready to come back.
So, please bid me welcome.

This speaks to me

"Being a sex radical means being defiant as well as deviant. It means being aware that there is something unsatisfying and dishonest about the way sex is talked about (or hidden) in daily life. It also means questioning the way our society assigns privilege based on adherence to moral codes. If you believe that inequities can only be addressed through extreme social change, then you qualify as a sex radical, even if you prefer to get off in the missionary position and still believe there are only two genders."

- Pat Califia, From her book, Public Sex - 1994

Thursday, January 17, 2008

the world of becoming

A few nights ago D was here; I showed him how to use the rope he bought and put myself in a harness with a breast yoke, leash and rope down through my clit. (It was amazing how turned on I got from just feeling the rope.) I then had him out restraints on my wrists, cuff them together, and tie me down on the bed. He added a blindfold, did some flogging and light whip, and by the time he put his hands in me I was so wet I squirted all over the bed.

Tonight, Morgan is here, after some time apart. I'm treasuring the thoughts of climbing on top of him and putting his big cock inside me. Of him cuddling against me, inserting his cock in my ass and murmuring "Mnnnnn, smooth as silk," of us cuddling together, my body folded into his like I am nestled in a cave.

And then there's the really cute girl I met, the young one, who I'd like to spend more time with, but who I shouldn't try to take advantage of (some great fantasy material there). And my friend Andromeda, the goddess, and...yes, without any idea of how to go get one, my latest playtime interest is a girlfriend, or at least, someone with soft bits and breasts, maybe short cropped hair--only I have no idea how to meet this person, truly. (advice welcomed).

I love this post

And this is the way my world is becoming, one moment at a time--and it feels so right.
Ariel, this is beautiful writing about a kind of openness too few people know.

"They are, formally, monogamish. Monogamish enough to make room for your hijinx; monogamish enough that there’s a point where you have to stop and pull away, adjust your shirt, her skirt, your pants, refasten bras, and remember that you only get to go so far. Monogamish enough that even though this is hot and you trust her affection you have to remember: they are not just primary partners in the practical way, the checkbook brushing teeth together way. They are actually in love, incredibly in love, stunningly in love, right down to the bottoms of their soles. You are secondary only because everyone is secondary — secondary not as a judgement. Just as a statement of fact.There is no etiquette guide for this. Anywhere. There is no instruction manual for how you stop making out with your friend at a party and turn to have a conversation with her fiance."

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sugasm #113

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“At one point she was straddling Girlfriend’s right leg, grinding her thigh against Girlfriend’s clit through her jeans.”

Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge
Her comments were something to the effect of, “No one wanted to see me twirl with tassels ~ on fire or not ~ when some girl was going to sit on stage and insert things into herself.”

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

More now this is hotness: Bitchy Jones

Bitchy Jones: "....there’s a little cruelty about using handcuffs rather than well-executed rope bondage or those soft leather cuffs that buckle and lock. They say: I care about my convenience more than I care about you not getting very uncomfortable in a little while. They say: I’m not going to waste any time on making your bondage nice or easy. Handcuffs are the quick and dirty way to get to where I want to be - which is the point where you’re getting hurt and I’m getting wet.

Selfish cruelty turns me on. (Surprised?)"

2007 round-up: My year in sex

Yep, it's that time, time to look back at the lovers and the fighters, at least the ones I am allowed to write about. Here's the month by month chronicle of the hit parade:

January 2007--Andre: Six intense months with sweet Dom Andre kicked in right after New Year's Eve, at the same time that I continued my relationship with the attached D. Life with Andre included a visit to a play party, grinding with a drunk chick, and discovering A could make me come oh, about 18 times in a row, and leave me in a wet, limp puddle.

May 2007--June 2007--Broke up with both the fellas, more or less and got to know my hand a whole lot better.

July 2007: Met Magic and Morgan and decided to broaden my horizons a bit and check out group sex, women, and playing the field.

October 2007: First orgy, first group sex, more fun with girls. Tried swinging with M. Oh, turned into one happy switch.

November 2007: Bear!

December 2007: Switch, switch, it possible to love holding down my sweetie? I do.
(And love it when he Daddies me.)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A man with wings; aka this boy is an angel

The shock of these beautiful wings!
This picture of MayMay is amazingly evocative and hot.
I like to think of his mistress running her nails down his spine.

Thanks, dude.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Skin, breath, desire, rhythm

It's dark in the room, the street lights glowing in ever so faintly. I'm asleep beside him in the big, wide bed, spooned against his side like a long, curvy, pillow, the gentle snore of my breathing rising into the night.

And then there's the moment I pass from sleep to wakefulness.

The moment when I recognize that Morgan is curled against me, his cock tucked against my ass, pushing hot at the cozy nest of my thighs. He pushes and I arch my back, stretching my spine long, responding so that his cock nestles more fully between the twin cheeks of my ass, dips ever deeper. We move together in the dark without words, two sleepers on a swing, poured together like a cocktail of heated skin, breath, and desire.

And then there is the little noise I hear, the licking sound where he gets some saliva on his hand and reaches down to put his fingers inside me. And there's the way I feel myself opening, widening, as he probes me with his fingers, the passages of my pussy unfolding like a stroll down a mossy path. And then there the gentle but forceful way he takes his cock, still not fully erect, and works it inside me, and keeps moving against me, moving inside my pussy and against my skin.

He positions me against his thighs, working the angle so it's good for him, and he bends his knees, and bends me, until I am crouched against him, pinned on his cock, and his fingers are positioning my hips just so, his hands are urging me to meet and respond to every stroke.

I'm a vessel for his cock at that moment, a cum slut for him, someone he can hold and direct and rub inside, creating friction for his cock until it's so intense he explodes, coming in a flurry of touch and lust.

He moves and moves, hips fluid, hands pinning my thighs. His cock is so big, wedged so tightly against my legs that I can feel the big head of it lodge inside against my g-spot. I arch my hips and buck against him, I move and let him go deeper, so deep and it's just so hot, so erotic, it feels so good.

We've made love already tonight and now he's woken from sleep to have me and it's one of the hottest things ever to feel him there inside me, to feel him angle and pump my hips just so, to push so hard to bury himself deep in me, empty himself so hard.

It's intoxicating, poetry, the way his cock is so deep into my center and I'm so liquid, warm cream. It's magic how me pushes against me, uses me, emptying his massive need into my body until he too comes and comes, the orgasm taking him out of himself in a wave of ecstasy that pushes me to come, too.

For the next two nights, I go to sleep alone with my thick glass dildo. With my hands and my toy, I make myself come hard and wet, over and over again, my passion leaving wet spots on the bed as I pretend the dildo's his cock and that he's come up behind me and shoved himself right in.

It's so hot, so good, we each come- we both come -we sigh and cuddle and there's this huge peace.

And the, in the dark, we go back to sleep--Our skin, breath, desire, our rhythm, all turning into the tail end of a dream.