Thursday, May 08, 2008

Where I have been, and why I am back

Plum here. Yep, still Plum, still a slut, still exploring.

But I got so busy, I had to take a break.

And then my life changed, and I got tired of writing erotica, tired of describing all those orgasms(tough job, eh?).

So I stepped away, as one can so easily do in the blogosphere, as they call it.

But now I am ready to come back.
So, please bid me welcome.


Liras said...

Dear sweet juicy and ripe Plum. Glad you are back.

Marvin said...

Glad to read and see you here again.

Mitch said...

Welcome back. Your stories are so candid and provide such an insight into your soul. I missed reading them and following your ripening. This next phase that you will be going through sounds just as interesting. I look forward to reading about your continuing journey.