Sunday, May 18, 2008


"Suck my cock."

We were hanging out on the couch when Morgan turned to me and unzipped his pants.

Soon, I was kneeling between his legs, my mouth stroking his big hard cock, pushing the fat tip far down my throat, deep against the back of my neck. I looked up at him as I sucked, enjoying the pleasure on his face, the half-closed eyes, the open mouth.


Opening wide, I took him down as far into my throat as I could open, enjoying the choking feeling as he hit the back of my throat and droll ran out the sides of my mouth.

His fingers are inside me, just the way I like it. It hurts when he touches me this hard, hurts in this way that resembles an itch I am just burning to scratch.

It feels so good as he pushes and probes, stretches his hand out wide, pulls the lips broad, pushes his hand inside me hard, deeper, deeper, until I'm dripping wet, my wetness, my smell running down the inside of my legs, coating his hand.

And then he flips me over and I'm on my knees, bent over the chair, and he shoves it right in, big and hard and fast, just the way it feels so good to me, and I come and come, his hard cock pushing against my g-spot from the inside, my joyful screams a special grace floating in the air.

He's an ass man the most, loves it, dreams about it, shuts his office door and beats off thinking about it, about shoving his big hard cock into a woman's secret place, that deep inside hole of secrets he likes to force open and maintain.

We do it in all these positions: bent over the chair, on the sofa, in the bedroom bent over the pillow.

"I want my baby to come and come," he says, and I do, coming hard, the orgasms making me scream with pleasure.

And then there is the moment I am so high, just sex-stoned like you wouldn't believe, a well-used up fuck toy and little rag doll, bent over in the same position as the last earth-shattering come, but ready to do whatever he wants, to make the pleasure lasting and shared.

So when he rolls me over, takes my ass, positions it high in the air, and works his big, hard cock right up inside me, I am right there., As he holds my hips back so he can slam it into me, over and over, deep and hard, I' m right there. I'm so nuts for this man, so high on sex, I just arch my back and meet him every time, so steady he thrums like a bass chord deep inside me.

And then there is the moment I come again, and the Nth time. And the moment when he finally comes, and the moments after when we touch and hold each other, that deep chord we played together thrumming on and on.

"You are my darling, special angel, my love," he purrs as I move against his chest and curl into the crook of his arm, the hot, sweet sweat almost a mist on his skin, both of us wet and slick with love.


Lolita said...

Thanks for including me on your blogroll. I am no longer updating at blogspot. My new blog is now at

Please, can you change your link?

I am sorry to be writing to you here but I had no email address for you.


max said...

this one gets me there. wishing i was there with you.

Golden Malicious said...

Hi I don't know if you have seen they are a bit like myspace but for adults, without the endless porn and spam. You can post your blog and link to your blog pages, they just have a no uncovered genital rule.

goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

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