Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plum makes me tingle

Plum and I had a date last night. A very ordinary date, but I am always amazed at how we come together and have such great intensity. We've been together heading for six months now. Plum remarked this AM that we have seldom had an angry word for the other, and never an outright fight.

We don't always agree, but we each know the others position. We are equals in our relationship, but sexually we are Dominant and submissive. This usually works for us as Plum letting me use her in any way I want. I don't under-estimate that perhaps Plum likes the way I treat her and wants to be sexually used in the way I use her. Chemistry works in ways like this, and we both get what we want.

My favorite taunt for Plum is that I take orgasms from her. I love to please her and initially she'll have a couple of orgasms real quick. I don't stop playing her, and if she says stop, I will probably take her at least two more times. She loves her g-spot used roughly until she squirts. My biggest joy is to leave her in a sopping pool of pussy juices. I use two fingers and violently treat her as a rag doll.

She has never denied letting me take an orgasm, and I'd be surprised if she ever will. This is the most D/s element of of our relationship. Also, unlike other partners in the past, Plum has less opinions on how we play. While, some play may turn her on more or faster, we probably both know that she will get off and enjoy herself immensely. Our play usually ends in a cuddle puddle as Plum noted in a blog a few months back.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At the (safe and sensual sex) party.......... The Rest of the Story!


While Plum, Terri, and I had let Marvin go first and get his wish, which Plum had choreographed as an elaborate breast rub. Plum was already spanked, my turn was next. With Terri and Plum so deliciously available, I decided to be somewhat outrageous.

Terri had caught my eye many times in the last few years and secretly played a leading role in my fantasies. An apt description of her would be bawdy, smart, high energy, and always up for a laugh. In a playful spirit, and fresh from being a co-spanker of Plum, I choose a spanking also.

A quick vote in our crowd might label me as a outrageous flirt, quick smiler, and a great guy, but never submissive. I was very turned on by the chance team of Plum and Terri. Marvin in his own diminutive way was just superficial in our little group at this point.

My getting spanked is of course, a rare event. I just passed a milestone birthday and Plum took my birthday spanking at a dungeon during a night of play. My self description is that I am a sensual dominant. I am not pompous about it and refuse to spell dominant with a capital D as some dominants prefer. I am not a He or Master either. There is no need for my submissive partner to genuflect in my presence. Plum does call me Master in play, a term she and I use to describe our roles in private and in play only.

This would not be an over the knee spanking for me. I laid flat in the floor because I would have never fit over Plum or Terri's knee or cross-legged like Plum had for me.

Marvin was a good sport, as he helped Plum and Terri with our groups second spanking. They wailed on me as hard as they could. It felt great, my ass turned pink then red as we all enjoyed ourselves at this unlikely turn of events. I am sure Marvin suffered from envy and dismay that he too could have been spanked by Plum and Terri. Being too eager took that chance away.

Terri took her turn last. The spirit of our group was in high gear. I was proud of Plum for offering her breasts for Marvin's pleasure. We all got to spank Plum and I. Terri , never to miss a good time, also chose a spanking.

I sat cross-legged on the floor and draped Terri over my knee. Her juicy ass raised high as I adjusted her pelvic area to rest on my knee in a classically enjoyable manner. I was amazed at how hard Plum spanked her right cheek as I toasted her left cheek. We both took care to rub and cherish the warmth that we gave her.

Our group ended with a group hug after each of us had gotten our fantasy played out with a little help from our friends.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mindblowing, orgasmic sex--and then some

He and I made love over and over again all night, our bodies pushing against one another so hard there was nothing we could do but continue to explode.

I came and came and came again as he shoved his thick fingers inside me, rubbing the g-spot like a drunk ready to stumble but metriclously fixated on the center of life.

And then I was sucking him, taking him so deep and so far back in my throat there was nothing I could do but gag.

"Do you want to get fucked? Are you ready?" he demanded, and there was nothing I could say but yes.

And then there was the moment he shoved his thick, hard cock inside me, shoving and straining against the boundaries of my skin, and the moment I felt him push harder and harder inside me, starting to gasp as the semen just poured right out of him, our bodies still coming even as the passion flowered and drained, the heat we'd shared moving us both along.

At the (safe and sensual sex) party

So if you know me, you know that I can be both a flirt and a tease when I'm in the mood,which basically means I need to feel safe and have someone to go to work on. I had the perfect chance this weekend, when Andre and myself were at an afternoon party where much of the socializing happened in the nude (or near nude).

There's where a moment when Andre and I were sitting with Terri, a juicy little blonde woman about about age, and Marvin, a dumpy programmer type guy, and we agreed to take turn s satisfying each others' sexual fantasies (nice party, huh?).

So Marvin said he'd go first, and he lay down and said he'd like subtle, but sensual, even a little sexual touch(Marvin, IMHO, is waaay too timid most of the time). Great we said, and proceeded to give the boy some firm rubs and tugs--that is until I took my top off and amused myself by cuddling Marvin and basically rubbing my big round breasts all over his body!

"I was so proud when you rubbed your naked breasts on Marvin," Andre said later.

"I wanted to make his dreams come true," I laughed.

(The reality was that I was using my body to pay Marvin back for something he'd done almost a year ago, when, as we sat at a party together, he went into a detailed list of all the rules he and his partner had for dating others on the assumptionm I was interested in knowing all that--but without really checking in with me that that interest waas there (and it wasn't.)

Later in the party, when it was my turn to ask for something, I said I wanted to be spanked, and I enjoyed mightly getting put over Andre's (giant) knee, having my cute little thong be pulled down and then being spanked--hard--by Andrew and Terri--until I was wiggling from the deilcious, stimulating pain.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The weekend is at hand........

As the weekend together comes near for Plum and I, and D and his other... I am filled with wonderment. I search for words here because I am not sure where this is all going. The initial invite occurred when I though we all were searching for a way to start a relationship that involved all four of us. That idea seems to have stagnated in the last weeks. Plum and I individually seem to want that, but does D and his other?

Although all four of us are not on board together here yet, one can wonder what the possibilities are. The bedroom accommodations are interesting. The master bedroom has two queen size beds. Of course, one is for Plum and I. D and his other have much smaller single beds in another room. It would be like jumping off a cliff, but what if we all shared the same bedroom? I think if it wasn't for a love aspect to this, it would work OK.

Several points come to mind; Maybe no one would have sex. Maybe each couple would have sex, but what would happen with D and Plum? Both D and Plum would get loved by his other and I. Would either D and Plum get jealous? Do they have a reason to get jealous? Aren't they the secondaries? Do secondaries get jealous? Should they get jealous? If they get jealous, are they disregarding their primary partners who are sleeping next to them? Are these thoughts good poly etiquette? Questions, questions, questions, but no answers.

After some quick thought, Plum and I quickly decided that this was too much too soon. It would be more comfortable for D and his other, but the downside risk was pretty bad, since we hadn't discussed this in advance. Maybe on the next weekend we are all together.

But still, my dream is that we all have a relationship. I'd love to be able to hang out with D and his other, together or separately. I'd like for his other to date me if D is out with Plum. It would make the secondaries get some cycle time instead of sitting home. I've known his other for a few years and have searched for signs of chemistry. Maybe this weekend will be finding the pot of gold.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clothespinned in the Dungeon

Do you know that moment when your Dom leans close and you can tell from his eyes it´s going to start to hurt?
Is there a second when he looks in your eyes and you know he knows you want this?
Welcome to my world, where pain is a kiss is pleasure and my lover is a man who know how to hurt me, but just not too much.

It´s Saturday, and the dungeon is filled with couples at play. The cries float over the walls, passion and pain, the hard thwack of a flogger and the snap of a whip, clear over the music.

We´re in that back room, Andre and I, and I´m back against the saw horse, hands held behind behind me in thick leather restraints, breasts jutting forward.

There´s rope on my breasts, rope around my ribs, a thick rope yoke holding me fast and I´m scared, cause I know what´s coming, but I want it, too, and there´s no blindfold to keep me safe, to protect me from what we´re about to do.

"Hold still," Andre says, and I smile at him, this beautiful man, as he takes a clothes pin out of the bag and carefully pinches a pale fold of flesh.

"Again,¨" he commands and I remain still and in place as he adds another to the same breast, and then more and more to that one, and more and more till the other, till I´ve got a halo of clothes pins attached to my flesh, a corolla of biting snappers that hurt like a bitch.

"Mmmn, nice," he says. "Move over so I can get a better look," but when I try to move past him the clothespins brush against his leg and it hurts so bad I scream with the pain, eyes tearing over.

"Tsk,tsk," he shakes his head. "So sad."

We stand together for a moment, gazing into the dim, crackled mirror: A big man and a small woman, one folded into the other, clothespins bristling like porcopine quills from her breasts.

"You know what´s going to happen when I take them off,¨he says.

And I nod, yes.

And then he´s plucking the monsters off my breast, each clothespin, one by one, and it hurts like a mother fucker, enough to see stars, but the rush of blood to the tender spot is so erotic, so hot, it´s a promise of all the pleasure to come, and that´s what keeps me standing.

"Ow! It hurts," I scream, but when it´s all over and there are only the angry red spots on my breasts, Andre takes me down onto the mattress and holds me in his arms.

"Shh, you were so good," he says, and I curl into him and we rest, loving partners in crime.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

It will be a weekend together

Yes, the plans are complete. Plum and I, and D and his other partner will spend the weekend together......... Yeaaaaa.

It will be good for the four of us to get to know each other better as FOUR. Ends some of the mysteries. We can all have fun together. It will be a nice weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plans for a poly weekend.

Plum and I had a conversation this evening about plans for an upcoming weekend. D, his other partner, Plum, and I are probably going to spend the weekend together. We haven't spent a whole weekend together yet. Plum seldom does with them either, and not within recent memory.

Plum and I would like to see an evolution in our poly relationship where we expand to include another couple. Our stated goal is to make the experience additive for all without having to always exclude one or more partners when one dates another. Sort of having it be something for everyone. This is a step closer.

I'll write the invite in the AM, tired now after a long day.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Andre's good with the whip

We're in the dungeon, in a little back room down the hall that's hung with black lace and cracked, dim mirrors.

Andre looks down at me and smiles.

Yes, this is the place.

"Take your clothes off ," he tells me, and one by one the little pleated skirt, the studded black top, the demi-cut black laced bra, the high-cut fishnet stockings and the red and black suede pumps come off, till it's only me and the big O-ringed collar.

Naked, I look up at him and nod.

"Lean over the saddle," he says.

"Master, can I keep my shoes on?"


And I'm draping myself over the leather vaulting bench, ass in the air across from the mirror, my backside displayed for the pleasure of anyone walking past this quiet room, or coming down the hall to watch.

"It's my birthday this month, and you're going to take smacks for me," Andre says, "And if you make any mistakes when you count, I'm going to start over."

"Yes, Master," I respond.

(We've agreed that for this evening, I am going to follow new rules and address him as Master at all times, wait to be spoken to, and let him lead me..a shift from our more usual only in bed D/s dynamic.)

Ohh, he hits me hard! I can feel my ass redden as his big hands rail down.

"Six, thank you, Master....Seven, thank you Master...Eight..."

He's old enough it goes on and on, warming my butt so by the time we stop I know I'm pleasantly red, and so relaxed from the beating I'm open to any new thing.

Soon, the spanking is done and now my legs are spread and I'm bent over the saddle, getting flogged, the floggers and the twigs and the little cane-y thing sending me right into subspace.

Andre's good with the whip, a man who puts thought into his blows, who takes pleasure in the red strips railing down my legs, the pink reddening circle on my ass, the whip marks on my back.

There's a precise poetry in his hands, they get right into the rhythmn, taking me far and away, yet grounding me right here, blow after blow after blow.

Why is it that being hurt in this manner feels so good when someone I care for is wielding the whip?

Why do I crave this feeling of surrender?

Of giving myself over to be used and taken?

Over and over, as Andrew strikes, I feel the power inside myself of giving and letting go, the incredible sexual energy of surrender and it's a white heat of pleasure between us, lust and love and trust.

"Feel how hard I am," he whispers, and he leans over and presses against me and I feel his cock, hard and thick through his pants, grinding into the small of my back, my ass, my thighs, my legs.

Good, oh it's so good, I think, and smile, because I know we're not done.

To be continued...

Monday, May 07, 2007

We're ready for the play party!

Plum and I were away for the weekend. It was a short trip, more utility and raw pleasure. A dichotomy of activities. We found we could travel together and enjoy ourselves and each other.

We tried to check into our hotel early, no go, they said the room wasn't ready because the hotel was sold out the night before. An unlikely story because that night would find a small parking lot pretty empty. Deciding to have lunch, we lulled away a few afternoon hours with a leisurely lunch at an outdoor sidewalk cafe in town. We watched the world go by with a comment about that man or that woman, some speculation about what their life was like. Maybe a dress too tight, cute guy, an unlikely couple, or maybe a cute dog. Light hearted, and easy going.

We found our hotel room to be ready when we went back. Of course, by now we were ready for a short nap after a nice lunch. To get to sleep we had a nice afternoon delight. The bed was just the right height for doggy-style. The difference in our heights make our home beds a bad height for comfortable rear-entry. We made a mental note to measure the height of this hotel bed, it was just right., but we quickly forgot about it in our post-coital bliss. Fully sated we dozed for an hour or two before the play-party that we had arranged to go to with a few local friends.

We found the local dungeon with a little bit of trouble. Dungeons don't usually have big signs in well traveled areas. Our friends were overjoyed to bring us into their world and be hosts to me and especially Plum. I was so proud to have her at my side. She wore a cute little black studded top and a short pleated black skirt that didn't hide much of her black thong or sexy fishnets with a built in garter-belt combo. Delicious.

Another world, another dimension

It was Friday and the weekend was off to a fine start. Plum and I did some sensual play to start the weekend off.

This weekend was to be a little different than most. Plum was going to spend all weekend with me. Plum and I decidedly wanted to switch speeds a little bit. Friday started off with some tender play, we wanted to have an early night because we had to get up early the next morning.

We had also talked a few times about one area we hadn't explored yet..... anal sex. It wasn't quite that neither of us hadn't tried it with other partners. Rather, it was a different energy, no toys needed, and a use for the trust and power-exchange energy we had built and stored up.

We don't duck big issues, so it wasn't a secret that both of us were interested. No one needed to coax the other. In our typical D/s roles, I think Plum was wanting to give herself to me in this manner, and I was wanting to take her. It was a tender act. So we went slow.

Plenty of foreplay and warm up. I love the snap of latex gloves for hands.... seems to set the mood. We started out with all of the tender foreplay. I full agree with the adage that if it hurts, you're doing something wrong. I placed her ass up in one of my favorite positions. She looked so beautiful in the candle light. So submissive, so playful, so taunting. So haunting.

I gently eased into her with my forefinger. not too much hesitation. I love to take her by surprise. I want her to wonder how deep I will go.

I massaged her in all directions. I paid a lot of attention to massaging her g-spot from inside her nether hole.

Finally I was ready for ME. My cock was hard as a rock. I let Plum play with it, bring it to life, and lube my shaft. She treated it so reverently. It grew to full size and began to throb. I was ready.

Back in spoon position, I let her guide me in. Slowly, I pushed and rested. I knew she needed to stretch to accommodate me. I eased in up to my balls, she had taken me all of the way.

I began to slowly fuck her. I eased out and in very slowly. No pain, but I didn't want to slip out and jeopardize Plum by re-entering her vagina. Playing safely is a goal of ours. My climax was beautiful, it lasted so long, so tender, and so loving.

Our love gets deeper all of the time..............

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Looking to La Weekend

I've been in a dungeon once and tied to a cross two times, once at a friend's house and once at a club.

This weekend we're planning to join friends at their BDSM club and I'm imagining myself as restrained, tied up, teased, flogged.

When you're submissive, the fantasy of letting go, of being objectified and controlled by someone you love in a public or semi-public scene, is so delicious, so gratifying--and so far, in my limited experience--it's just as good when it happens--at least with Andre.

Sharing and sharing

Inviting another person, even a close lover, into this blog has changed it for me. I like the intimacy and random energy of another voice, another point of view, particularly someone with whom I am as close as Andre.

But sharing with Andre makes me self-conscious about writing about D. Makes me think about how Andre will feel about my posts. Makes me wonder whether to keep my fantasies going, or shape them to my new man.

It's that very tension that appeals to me, that dynamic of walking an edge I find so interesting, but in the end, the only thing left is to be as truthful and as caring as possible, to recognize that in the end no one can control another and what we say and do and think belongs, ultimately, only to us.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I liked this quote

Ain't it the truth: "No amount of chains, leather, contracts or duty can bind two people more than mutual affection."