Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plum makes me tingle

Plum and I had a date last night. A very ordinary date, but I am always amazed at how we come together and have such great intensity. We've been together heading for six months now. Plum remarked this AM that we have seldom had an angry word for the other, and never an outright fight.

We don't always agree, but we each know the others position. We are equals in our relationship, but sexually we are Dominant and submissive. This usually works for us as Plum letting me use her in any way I want. I don't under-estimate that perhaps Plum likes the way I treat her and wants to be sexually used in the way I use her. Chemistry works in ways like this, and we both get what we want.

My favorite taunt for Plum is that I take orgasms from her. I love to please her and initially she'll have a couple of orgasms real quick. I don't stop playing her, and if she says stop, I will probably take her at least two more times. She loves her g-spot used roughly until she squirts. My biggest joy is to leave her in a sopping pool of pussy juices. I use two fingers and violently treat her as a rag doll.

She has never denied letting me take an orgasm, and I'd be surprised if she ever will. This is the most D/s element of of our relationship. Also, unlike other partners in the past, Plum has less opinions on how we play. While, some play may turn her on more or faster, we probably both know that she will get off and enjoy herself immensely. Our play usually ends in a cuddle puddle as Plum noted in a blog a few months back.