Monday, May 07, 2007

Another world, another dimension

It was Friday and the weekend was off to a fine start. Plum and I did some sensual play to start the weekend off.

This weekend was to be a little different than most. Plum was going to spend all weekend with me. Plum and I decidedly wanted to switch speeds a little bit. Friday started off with some tender play, we wanted to have an early night because we had to get up early the next morning.

We had also talked a few times about one area we hadn't explored yet..... anal sex. It wasn't quite that neither of us hadn't tried it with other partners. Rather, it was a different energy, no toys needed, and a use for the trust and power-exchange energy we had built and stored up.

We don't duck big issues, so it wasn't a secret that both of us were interested. No one needed to coax the other. In our typical D/s roles, I think Plum was wanting to give herself to me in this manner, and I was wanting to take her. It was a tender act. So we went slow.

Plenty of foreplay and warm up. I love the snap of latex gloves for hands.... seems to set the mood. We started out with all of the tender foreplay. I full agree with the adage that if it hurts, you're doing something wrong. I placed her ass up in one of my favorite positions. She looked so beautiful in the candle light. So submissive, so playful, so taunting. So haunting.

I gently eased into her with my forefinger. not too much hesitation. I love to take her by surprise. I want her to wonder how deep I will go.

I massaged her in all directions. I paid a lot of attention to massaging her g-spot from inside her nether hole.

Finally I was ready for ME. My cock was hard as a rock. I let Plum play with it, bring it to life, and lube my shaft. She treated it so reverently. It grew to full size and began to throb. I was ready.

Back in spoon position, I let her guide me in. Slowly, I pushed and rested. I knew she needed to stretch to accommodate me. I eased in up to my balls, she had taken me all of the way.

I began to slowly fuck her. I eased out and in very slowly. No pain, but I didn't want to slip out and jeopardize Plum by re-entering her vagina. Playing safely is a goal of ours. My climax was beautiful, it lasted so long, so tender, and so loving.

Our love gets deeper all of the time..............

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