Monday, May 28, 2007

Mindblowing, orgasmic sex--and then some

He and I made love over and over again all night, our bodies pushing against one another so hard there was nothing we could do but continue to explode.

I came and came and came again as he shoved his thick fingers inside me, rubbing the g-spot like a drunk ready to stumble but metriclously fixated on the center of life.

And then I was sucking him, taking him so deep and so far back in my throat there was nothing I could do but gag.

"Do you want to get fucked? Are you ready?" he demanded, and there was nothing I could say but yes.

And then there was the moment he shoved his thick, hard cock inside me, shoving and straining against the boundaries of my skin, and the moment I felt him push harder and harder inside me, starting to gasp as the semen just poured right out of him, our bodies still coming even as the passion flowered and drained, the heat we'd shared moving us both along.

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