Monday, May 07, 2007

We're ready for the play party!

Plum and I were away for the weekend. It was a short trip, more utility and raw pleasure. A dichotomy of activities. We found we could travel together and enjoy ourselves and each other.

We tried to check into our hotel early, no go, they said the room wasn't ready because the hotel was sold out the night before. An unlikely story because that night would find a small parking lot pretty empty. Deciding to have lunch, we lulled away a few afternoon hours with a leisurely lunch at an outdoor sidewalk cafe in town. We watched the world go by with a comment about that man or that woman, some speculation about what their life was like. Maybe a dress too tight, cute guy, an unlikely couple, or maybe a cute dog. Light hearted, and easy going.

We found our hotel room to be ready when we went back. Of course, by now we were ready for a short nap after a nice lunch. To get to sleep we had a nice afternoon delight. The bed was just the right height for doggy-style. The difference in our heights make our home beds a bad height for comfortable rear-entry. We made a mental note to measure the height of this hotel bed, it was just right., but we quickly forgot about it in our post-coital bliss. Fully sated we dozed for an hour or two before the play-party that we had arranged to go to with a few local friends.

We found the local dungeon with a little bit of trouble. Dungeons don't usually have big signs in well traveled areas. Our friends were overjoyed to bring us into their world and be hosts to me and especially Plum. I was so proud to have her at my side. She wore a cute little black studded top and a short pleated black skirt that didn't hide much of her black thong or sexy fishnets with a built in garter-belt combo. Delicious.

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