Thursday, May 24, 2007

The weekend is at hand........

As the weekend together comes near for Plum and I, and D and his other... I am filled with wonderment. I search for words here because I am not sure where this is all going. The initial invite occurred when I though we all were searching for a way to start a relationship that involved all four of us. That idea seems to have stagnated in the last weeks. Plum and I individually seem to want that, but does D and his other?

Although all four of us are not on board together here yet, one can wonder what the possibilities are. The bedroom accommodations are interesting. The master bedroom has two queen size beds. Of course, one is for Plum and I. D and his other have much smaller single beds in another room. It would be like jumping off a cliff, but what if we all shared the same bedroom? I think if it wasn't for a love aspect to this, it would work OK.

Several points come to mind; Maybe no one would have sex. Maybe each couple would have sex, but what would happen with D and Plum? Both D and Plum would get loved by his other and I. Would either D and Plum get jealous? Do they have a reason to get jealous? Aren't they the secondaries? Do secondaries get jealous? Should they get jealous? If they get jealous, are they disregarding their primary partners who are sleeping next to them? Are these thoughts good poly etiquette? Questions, questions, questions, but no answers.

After some quick thought, Plum and I quickly decided that this was too much too soon. It would be more comfortable for D and his other, but the downside risk was pretty bad, since we hadn't discussed this in advance. Maybe on the next weekend we are all together.

But still, my dream is that we all have a relationship. I'd love to be able to hang out with D and his other, together or separately. I'd like for his other to date me if D is out with Plum. It would make the secondaries get some cycle time instead of sitting home. I've known his other for a few years and have searched for signs of chemistry. Maybe this weekend will be finding the pot of gold.


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

{milla} said...

I think the terminology is so difficult. "Other" (with all its Lost connotations, hehe) "Secondary". It's a real semantic problem. I can see myself getting bogged down in semantics rather than allowing myself to feel. "Stagnating at home". Kinda sounds like a pity mission. But i do understand of course where you're coming from. I'm so interested to read your journey. Maybe you could make a post sometime about language and how you deal with that issue.