Monday, May 28, 2007

At the (safe and sensual sex) party

So if you know me, you know that I can be both a flirt and a tease when I'm in the mood,which basically means I need to feel safe and have someone to go to work on. I had the perfect chance this weekend, when Andre and myself were at an afternoon party where much of the socializing happened in the nude (or near nude).

There's where a moment when Andre and I were sitting with Terri, a juicy little blonde woman about about age, and Marvin, a dumpy programmer type guy, and we agreed to take turn s satisfying each others' sexual fantasies (nice party, huh?).

So Marvin said he'd go first, and he lay down and said he'd like subtle, but sensual, even a little sexual touch(Marvin, IMHO, is waaay too timid most of the time). Great we said, and proceeded to give the boy some firm rubs and tugs--that is until I took my top off and amused myself by cuddling Marvin and basically rubbing my big round breasts all over his body!

"I was so proud when you rubbed your naked breasts on Marvin," Andre said later.

"I wanted to make his dreams come true," I laughed.

(The reality was that I was using my body to pay Marvin back for something he'd done almost a year ago, when, as we sat at a party together, he went into a detailed list of all the rules he and his partner had for dating others on the assumptionm I was interested in knowing all that--but without really checking in with me that that interest waas there (and it wasn't.)

Later in the party, when it was my turn to ask for something, I said I wanted to be spanked, and I enjoyed mightly getting put over Andre's (giant) knee, having my cute little thong be pulled down and then being spanked--hard--by Andrew and Terri--until I was wiggling from the deilcious, stimulating pain.

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The Scowling said...

Aww, these are just cruel. Dozens of really hot posts describing your breasts and not one photo?

Don't get me wrong Plum, you've got a cute, very fuckable little ass and I love that photo, but I still feel like I'm missing out.