Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At the (safe and sensual sex) party.......... The Rest of the Story!


While Plum, Terri, and I had let Marvin go first and get his wish, which Plum had choreographed as an elaborate breast rub. Plum was already spanked, my turn was next. With Terri and Plum so deliciously available, I decided to be somewhat outrageous.

Terri had caught my eye many times in the last few years and secretly played a leading role in my fantasies. An apt description of her would be bawdy, smart, high energy, and always up for a laugh. In a playful spirit, and fresh from being a co-spanker of Plum, I choose a spanking also.

A quick vote in our crowd might label me as a outrageous flirt, quick smiler, and a great guy, but never submissive. I was very turned on by the chance team of Plum and Terri. Marvin in his own diminutive way was just superficial in our little group at this point.

My getting spanked is of course, a rare event. I just passed a milestone birthday and Plum took my birthday spanking at a dungeon during a night of play. My self description is that I am a sensual dominant. I am not pompous about it and refuse to spell dominant with a capital D as some dominants prefer. I am not a He or Master either. There is no need for my submissive partner to genuflect in my presence. Plum does call me Master in play, a term she and I use to describe our roles in private and in play only.

This would not be an over the knee spanking for me. I laid flat in the floor because I would have never fit over Plum or Terri's knee or cross-legged like Plum had for me.

Marvin was a good sport, as he helped Plum and Terri with our groups second spanking. They wailed on me as hard as they could. It felt great, my ass turned pink then red as we all enjoyed ourselves at this unlikely turn of events. I am sure Marvin suffered from envy and dismay that he too could have been spanked by Plum and Terri. Being too eager took that chance away.

Terri took her turn last. The spirit of our group was in high gear. I was proud of Plum for offering her breasts for Marvin's pleasure. We all got to spank Plum and I. Terri , never to miss a good time, also chose a spanking.

I sat cross-legged on the floor and draped Terri over my knee. Her juicy ass raised high as I adjusted her pelvic area to rest on my knee in a classically enjoyable manner. I was amazed at how hard Plum spanked her right cheek as I toasted her left cheek. We both took care to rub and cherish the warmth that we gave her.

Our group ended with a group hug after each of us had gotten our fantasy played out with a little help from our friends.

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