Thursday, January 03, 2008

Skin, breath, desire, rhythm

It's dark in the room, the street lights glowing in ever so faintly. I'm asleep beside him in the big, wide bed, spooned against his side like a long, curvy, pillow, the gentle snore of my breathing rising into the night.

And then there's the moment I pass from sleep to wakefulness.

The moment when I recognize that Morgan is curled against me, his cock tucked against my ass, pushing hot at the cozy nest of my thighs. He pushes and I arch my back, stretching my spine long, responding so that his cock nestles more fully between the twin cheeks of my ass, dips ever deeper. We move together in the dark without words, two sleepers on a swing, poured together like a cocktail of heated skin, breath, and desire.

And then there is the little noise I hear, the licking sound where he gets some saliva on his hand and reaches down to put his fingers inside me. And there's the way I feel myself opening, widening, as he probes me with his fingers, the passages of my pussy unfolding like a stroll down a mossy path. And then there the gentle but forceful way he takes his cock, still not fully erect, and works it inside me, and keeps moving against me, moving inside my pussy and against my skin.

He positions me against his thighs, working the angle so it's good for him, and he bends his knees, and bends me, until I am crouched against him, pinned on his cock, and his fingers are positioning my hips just so, his hands are urging me to meet and respond to every stroke.

I'm a vessel for his cock at that moment, a cum slut for him, someone he can hold and direct and rub inside, creating friction for his cock until it's so intense he explodes, coming in a flurry of touch and lust.

He moves and moves, hips fluid, hands pinning my thighs. His cock is so big, wedged so tightly against my legs that I can feel the big head of it lodge inside against my g-spot. I arch my hips and buck against him, I move and let him go deeper, so deep and it's just so hot, so erotic, it feels so good.

We've made love already tonight and now he's woken from sleep to have me and it's one of the hottest things ever to feel him there inside me, to feel him angle and pump my hips just so, to push so hard to bury himself deep in me, empty himself so hard.

It's intoxicating, poetry, the way his cock is so deep into my center and I'm so liquid, warm cream. It's magic how me pushes against me, uses me, emptying his massive need into my body until he too comes and comes, the orgasm taking him out of himself in a wave of ecstasy that pushes me to come, too.

For the next two nights, I go to sleep alone with my thick glass dildo. With my hands and my toy, I make myself come hard and wet, over and over again, my passion leaving wet spots on the bed as I pretend the dildo's his cock and that he's come up behind me and shoved himself right in.

It's so hot, so good, we each come- we both come -we sigh and cuddle and there's this huge peace.

And the, in the dark, we go back to sleep--Our skin, breath, desire, our rhythm, all turning into the tail end of a dream.


The Fury said...

That was a hot post. I enjoyed the word play and the sexy visuals. Good stuff!

The Fellatio Artist & The Geek said...

nice read, and even the detail of the glass as substitute for him, displays your need for him...nice..

Odoriko said...

Really good writing there. turned me on. well done.

arielariel said...

This was a hot post, and a sweet post, and such a well written post! Thanks for your shoutout. I am excited to keep reading.